(She hates him)

Episode 58


By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

……….Rissa’s pov……..
In the cold night, my heart raced as things went by, cars, houses, people. A wish was enough to stop the holes being created in my heart. Mykel was right beside me but it still felt so far away..
It’s like standing next to a riff.
The taxi stopped us before grandma’s gates and we came out with drunk Alex. She couldn’t even get on her feet.

I didn’t know she reacted this way to alcohol.
At least, Lucas was doing a good job holding her.

I reached into my purse to get some money so I could the taxi driver for the ride.
But, Lucas had already brought out some cash and so did Mykel…Geez!!!

“Don’t worry, I’ll…I’ll handle it” I stated but Lucas scoffed.

“That’s nonsense. Today was your graduation day – save it for college” He said giving the taxi man the money.

Mykel also stretched his hand gave it to the man who took it marveled.
I just didn’t feel at ease, yet.

I decided to give the driver my own money as well and the expression on his face was that of shock and amazement.

“Thank you all so much!” He exclaimed before driving away.

Lucas and I chuckled as we headed inside.
Grandma should be asleep by now or am I wrong?

I took everyone upstairs to the guest room where it would be more comfortable for them. There was two large beds and fluffy pillows. There was television too and air-conditioning. A mini refrigerator too.

I would have loved to bring in Alex to my room but she looked like a mess.
Well, Lucas was willing to take good care of her.

There was an aura in the room that I couldn’t explain. Being reunited with my friends again. Though Zoe isn’t here but I still felt great. Today turned out good after all except for the fact that dad’s companies got destroyed.

Mykel had gone into the shower so I retired to my own room. My awards and presents were lying on the bed and I guessed it was grandma who dropped them.
She have been taking care of me better than my mother ever did. She let’s me talk to her about my problems and gives me good advise and to cap it all, I told her about Mykel.

After getting dressed for bed, I left to see if my guests needed anything. I ordered the maid to bring them fresh blankets.
Strangely, Mykel wasn’t into the room with the others. I left to look for him without letting anyone know.

I went downstairs searching checking room but he wasn’t there. I went to the garden to see if perhaps, he was there and luckily, he was.

Just alone staring at the floor.
His hair was still nice and curly.

It took time for me to find my voice. I felt numb all of a sudden like I was starting to fear him. He lifted his face and slowly got up from the lounge chair. “What are you doing here?” I finally asked with a cracked voice.

“I needed some air…I couldn’t sleep. Can you please let me sleep beside you?” He asked and took both hands.

“There’s something you should know, Mykel. I don’t love you anymore. I no longer believe in this kind of love. I’m sure you understand” I blurted not wanting him to go too far with me.

“Really?” He asked gazing into my eyes.

I nodded fervently and whispered “please”.

Slowly, his two hands slid to hold the back of my waist and he guided me close. We were so near to each other now.

“Mykel…” I called helplessly.
I no longer love him, so what’s going on???
“Stop, please” I whispered not sure of myself.

He brushed his lips softly on mine and I opened up immediately. I thought I was quite sure of myself…
That the feelings and emotions had disappeared but here I am succumbing to a mere kiss.

“Can you please let me sleep beside you, tonight?” He asked with my hand behind his head and his grip still on my waist.


He couldn’t stop. Neither could I.
We kissed passionately as time went by.
It’s like I couldn’t get enough of him.

I was exploding with emotions and more desires.

With me on the bed and him on top of me, we devoured each other lips and embraced our warmth.

Suddenly, I felt his hand slid under my night dress and pull my pãntie.
Fear gripped me immediately. What’s he trying to do??..

I held his wrist and gently pushes it down. He noticed and unlocked from the kiss.

“I’m sorry, Riss—”

“It’s okay. I…I’m the one to be blamed. I opened my legs too much” I stuttered not knowing what else to say…
“What now?? You’ll run of to Korea tomorrow morning. Why to you always do this to me, Mykel?!!” I peeved despondent.

“You’re coming with me tomorrow. I want us to spend two weeks together” He interrupted lying next to me on the bed.

“Mykel…how can I follow you there?? What about my grandma?!!” I questioned finding the whole thing absurd.

“I’ll be outside the gate once it’s 9am. I’m willing wait for two hours. If you don’t show up, I’ll leave and never come back. Goodnight, Rissa” He stated and closed his eyes.

I batted my lashes. I wasn’t expecting that at all. He sounded so serious and in charge.
What the he.ll am I gonna do now???

<<~~~~The next day by 10am~~~~>>

………Mykel’s pov……….
My driver and I were outside the gate in one of the cars he was able to buy. It’d take us to the airport.

Edward’s two companies got blown up yesterday. This is just the beginning for him.

“Sir, it’s almost 10:30. We’ll be late for the flight if we keep waiting..” The driver said and I took in a deep breath.

“Fine, start the car” I ordered and sat properly – no longer staring at the big gates.

I’m afraid it had to turn out like this.
Goodbye Rissa…

The car was about to move when the gate opened.

“Wait!”…I asked the driver.

Next, Rissa comes out carrying a huge bag. God! Are we taking all that??

I climbed out from the car to meet her.

How’s the two weeks gonna be?🤗


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