(She hates him)

Episode 1

By: Eunice Nwodu (please don’t copy🙏)

The dining table got so quiet and lonely that I could hear myself chewing down the pancakes.

I thought I had gotten used to the loneliness. Why does it seem to affect me so much this morning???

Oh! Now I get it. Mom and dad promised to join me for breakfast since it’s the first day for the semester.

I should have known it was a promise that they weren’t willing to keep.

I don’t blame them either. They’re the busiest human beings I’ve ever come in contact with since 16 good years of my life.

They get so busy that they couldn’t even give me a sibling. Not one, not two, none at all!!!

At least, I have my two best friends – Zoe and Alex to comfort me in that sad reality.

Oh! And my dog as well.

Her name is Pineapple and she keeps me company whenever I get bored of my phone and laptop.

And during this summer vacation, we’ve gotten very close that she follows me everywhere.

Suddenly, storming footsteps emerged from the fleet of stairs and mom’s voice arguing followed.

He’s your best friend’s son for God’s sake. Caleb has always been by your side till the day he died!

I was a bit surprised to hear mom yelling. She’s really sweet and rather smiles in silence than to argue.

But for the fact that she’s sounding so defensive, it must be something important and she’s definitely gonna persuade dad.

I got up from the seat and reached for my bag on the other seat.

Next, dad came down holding his briefcase while mom scuttled after him.

They were already dressed up for work in a blue matching suit.
I’d say adorable but I’m sure they’re just wearing it to impress people.

“Good morning mom” I greeted as we half hugged.
“Morning dad” I muttered waving three fingers at him.

He smiled and settled down at the dinning table.

He picked up a short bell and shakes it. Immediately, one of the maids came rushing in.

“I’m sorry we didn’t come down earlier to have breakfast” Mom said with her hand still on my shoulder.

I released a wry smile.

“It’s alright. Maybe another time” I shrugged hopefully.

“Okay sweetheart and we can also go to the salon and have a mother and daughter time this weekend” She beamed.

“Yes, mom. That would be awesome” I chimed in.

“Alright ma’am. I’m going to school now” I said and she bids me off.

I got outside our huge house where the SUV that takes me to school every morning was waiting.

I was about to approach the car when something held me back, or should I say someone.

I turned to see my dog – pineapple clutching tightly onto my legs.
Aww, I knelt on the floor and rubbed it’s fur.

“I’m gonna be back later, okay?” I cooed touching him all over.

My personal maid had arrived and she took the dog from me.

“Make sure you feed it and give it a long warm bath, alright?”.

“I’ll do just that, ma’am” She stated.

I smiled and entered the SUV. Pineapple kept barking as the car drives off. We were followed by another car filled escorts.

Dad’s a politician so you could say we are pretty wealthy.

It’s a short ride to school and the moment I see the tall sophisticating fences of the school, I quickly put a sunshade glasses on.

(Juvenile detention center)

I sat on the bare floor staring at the it. I could hardly see it because of the darkness that engulfed me but I had already stitched the images to my mind.

I’ve been here in a juvenile detention center for three years and just yesterday, some lawyer told me I’ll be released soon.

I scoffed. I thought I would stay here till I turned 18. I still have a year to go…

I wish I can close my eyes and open them back at the house in Korea. With my parents and best friend.

Things would have been better if my dad didn’t die.

The cell door creaked and soon noises of keys dangling filled my ears.
I looked up blankly to see the jailer and ‘that’ lawyer standing behind the door.

“Get up Asian!” The jailer yelled opening the door. I stayed put with my eyes piercing into his. He knew very well that I wouldn’t flinch.

He sighed and moved into the cell.

“Get up. It’s time for you to go” He stated with his arms folded.

My eyes drifted to the lawyer who wore a big smile.

I stood up and followed them out of the cell. As we walked along the hallway, all eyes from the other juvenile inmates steeped on us.

The same question was written on their faces.
I could tell.

We got to the office where my things were first taken from me.
A fresh set of clean clothes and shoes were handed to me.

“Congratulations Mykel, you’re free to go” The chief inspector said wearing a smile.

I stared at them for some seconds including the lawyer.

Then, I was able to find my voice again;

“Who had me released?” I asked calmly.

“Your late father’s best friend. He’s a politician – one of the wealthiest in America” He replied and I nodded perfunctorily.

“Once you’re done dressing up, you’ll be taking to his mansion where he lives with his family” The lawyer added and I couldn’t help but cringe.

Why would he release me after three f***king years? After he left my father to die? What’s his deal anyway?!

I’ll just keep the anger aside.
First, I need to leave this place.

I’m back o😍
With another fascinating story.


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