(Kingdom In Chaos☠️)



Settings; Nigerian Epic Drama

Written By: Author Kelvin✍️

A River is a placed where they fetch water but in the case of Mazzuna river, it was different.

Mazzuna river is known as a river that no one goes in and come back alive except the person is a Virgin.

Seven rings are located in this river and no one tries to touch it except you want to end your live.

It is a river located far away from Oshogo Kingdom.

It all started when Men and Women began to die in the Land of Oshogo.

The king was very worried and curious to know the reason why they were all dying in the land.

It got to a point that the Onowa told all the Chiefs and The King to consult the Village Priest to know what was happening in the Land which they did.

The Priest named Marcus consulted the gods and told the King and the Priest feedback saying The reason for the recent death in their Kingdom was because someone insulted the gods.

So, the gods became angry and dicided to punish the Village but it was all i lie.

They asked him if there was anything to please the gods for their forgiveness and the Priest said that the only way the Village can be free is for five (5) Virgin Maidens to go to the Mazzuna river and bring back the seven rings located at the centre of the river.

At first they dissagreed with the Priest but when they saw that the Deaths increased rapidly, they were foced to agree with it by sending five Virgin Maidens of the lands to Mazzuna River.

Who are the Five Virgin Maidens?

Meet Ada Emeka, a black but beautiful girl, her father was the Onowu of the village and she is still a virgin.

Meet Chiamboi Eze, a black girl who is ugly, her father was the poorest man in the village because he is lazy. She is still a Virgin because no one like her.

Meet, Amanda Osinachi, a beautiful girl who was everyon’s man dream, she has a good morals and people love her for that. She volunteered to look for the ring because she loves her kingdom.

Meet Nnenna Nonso, an orphan, who was rejected my everyone because they considered her a witch, the only person she talks to or who agrees to talk to her is Amanda, they’re besties.

And finally, meet the last Maiden, Ngozi Okeke, a queen or her own world, beautiful girl, she is a princess, a daughter to the king, she was sent to follow them by the priest, Amanda was more beautifull than her making her jealous and plan to kill Amanda someday.

What happened when they jouneyed??

Did they all survive??

Did they all die??

Will they quarell or seperate??

Find out in this interesting story!!!!!

Genre: Love, Jealousy, hatred, crime, pain, death, Victory.

Don’t miss this story grab ya popcorn cause it’s gonna be fun.

A sixth story by Author Kelvin✏️

Brought to you by Author Kelvin✏️

Love You All❤️❤️


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