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THE GIRLS CLUB – Episode 5




On Philomena’s first day at the girls club, she met some ladies in the girls club admiring and wishing to be like her. She hardly say a word during their meetings and some thought that she was probably trying to show off because she was a celebrity.

To make matters worse, Lawrence came over during one of their hangouts. To have a public display of affection. He fed her and displayed all sorts of affection that got the other ladies jealous. While some thought that she was just too lucky and blessed in life. No one knew how much scars and pains she was trying so hard to hide under that pretty smile.

One of the members of the girls club who was extremely jealous and envious of Philomena was Natasha. Natasha was known as the queen of the girls club but Philomena’s arrival took away her shine and she was ready to do anything to make Philomena look bad in everyone’s eyes.

There were 10 ladies in the Girls club. And each of them, had their own share of secrets and pains that they all wished to hide. The Girls club was just a hideout to some of them like Philomena. It was just a place to have fun and get distracted from your personal problems. They were free to smile, party and speak like they desire.

One night during one of their hangouts, Philomena felt pressed and was on her way to the bathroom when Natasha blocked her path.

“Excuse me? What’s the meaning of this?.” Philomena asked confused.

“Wow. So you can actually talk?.” Natasha said folding her hands.

“And…what’s that supposed to mean?.” Philomena asked confused.

“Well, Philomena I just want to make something clear today. The fact that you are filthy rich and have a rich boyfriend, does not make you the star of the Girls club. I have always been the star here and I believe you wouldn’t want to compete with me.” Natasha said.

“Really? do you girls also compete here?.” Philomena asked looking lost.

“I beg your pardon. Don’t give me that look of pretence like you don’t know what I’m talking about.” Natasha said.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you sweetheart. I’m not here to compete with anyone. I’m just here to cool off. I already have a lot going on in my life Natasha. So please don’t add to my headaches. I’m just too young for all these dramas.” Philomena said.

“Keep pretending and acting like you aren’t showing off or trying to steal my spot in this group. Cause I will definitely fix you into where you belong bitch. I’m not called Natasha for nothing. I am the face of the girls club and I will not let anyone steal my spot.” Natasha said.

“Wow! You know what? It seems like you won’t believe me even if I keep telling you that I have no intention to drag whatever you are dragging with you. How about I drag this out with you for real?.” Philomena said puffing her cigarette on Natasha’s face.

“It’s your audacity for me Philomena. Go and ask about me. I’m always the wrong person to mess with. Cause I will so treat your fuck up that you will end up begging me to let go.” Natasha said taking a few steps closer to Philomena who puffed more cigarette on her face.

“Sorry to disappoint you sweetheart. This girl you see here has endured things more worse and fierce than you can ever imagine since she clocked 18 years till date. So nothing scares or gets to her easily. So quit ranting like a loosed puppy and go get a life outside the girls club. The fact that I’m always silent does not make me a weakling. Do not mistake my calmness and generousity for stupidity and weakness Natasha. So if you would excuse me, I have urine to let out of my bladder. You wouldn’t want me to do that on your face though.” Philomena said pushing her aside. With a mischievous smile, she made her way to the restroom.

Stepping out of the restroom, she found Cynthia a member of the Girls club popularly known as Cynthy. Cynthy was sitting outside all alone lost in thoughts.

“Hey.” Philomena called out to her.

“Philo baby.” Cynthy replied waving at her.

Philomena walked up to where she was seated and sat beside her.

“Do you care for a smoke?.” Philomena said offering her some cigarettes.

“Nah…I’m good.” Cynthy replied.

“Okay then.” Philomena said lighting one more cigarette for herself.

“You seem to enjoy smoking.” Cynthy said.

“Not really. I do everything I do these days not because I love and enjoy them, but because they serve as a distraction for me. They help me clear my head from things that bothers me.” Philomena said puffing her cigarette.

“That’s strange. Who would have thought that someone as beautiful and rich like you would have a problem? You are just so lucky Philomena. You have a very rich man who loves and treats you right. If I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t be bothered about a thing cause you have everything other women wishes for.” Cynthy said.

“How I wish that was the case for me. I’m literally in a deep shit hole. Trying to force a smile because I have two angels to protect. The only reason why I’m still enduring and holding on, is because I want to give my sisters a comfortable life. If it were for me, I would have given up on myself long before now.” Philomena said puffing more cigarettes with tears in her eyes.

“Too bad. You sound depressed. I hope all is well with you?.” Cynthy asked feeling concerned.

“Yeah sure. I’m good. So tell me what’s bothering you? Why are you seated outside lost in your thoughts?.” Philomena asked.

“A lot is on my mind.” Cynthy said

“Would you mind sharing it with me? I’m a good listener.” Philomena said.

“Well, it’s my boyfriend.” Cynthy said.

“What about him?.” Philomena asked.

“He is everything I want in a man but he is not rich and influential enough for someone like me.” Cynthy said

“How? What do you mean by he is not rich and influential enough for someone like you?.” Philomena asked confused.

“Philomena. He is not like your Lawrence. The other day I watched Lawrence feeding and pampering you before us. He is rich, handsome and romantic at thesame time. That’s what I want from my man. But he is not a lover of public display of affection. He hardly takes photos. Like he is just not it.” Cynthy said

“Then he must be a good guy. Cause I won’t even wish Lawrence kind of person for my enemy.” Philomena said.

“You don’t get it. We all in this girls club are known for being classy and posh. Which means, our partners are supposed to be in thesame level or in a higher level. I wouldn’t want to be laughed at for having a boyfriend that is not social, posh and filthy rich. My Joshua is just concerned about his job and no social gatherings. Honestly girl, your Lawrence is every woman’s dream.” Cynthy lamented.

“Cynthy. What’s wrong in dating a guy who sincerely loves and treats you right just because he doesn’t like showing off on social media? As for me, I see nothing wrong with it. As long as he is hardworking, as long as he sincerely loves and treats you right, I will advise you to stop comparing him with other guys. And it’s best you stop using other people’s relationship as a yardstick to measure the success of your own relationship. You don’t know what the other person is going through in their own relationship. The fact that we upload cute and beautiful couple pictures online does not mean that we are truly happy behind closed doors. Okay let me ask you. Does he beat you?.” Philomena asked.

“Not at all. Joshua has never laid his hands on me.” Cynthy said.

“Good. Then has he ever raped you or inflict pains on you when having sex with you?.” Philomena asked.

“Not at all. My Joshua is a good Rider and not a beast.” Cynthy said

“Good. Has he ever drugged you and made you have multiple sex rounds with him and his friends?.” Philomena asked.

“God forbid!. Who does that?.” Cynthy said feeling disgusted.

“Well my dear. Your almighty Lawrence does that to me. That’s the kind of man you want your boyfriend to become? That’s the kind of man you compare your boyfriend with? That’s the kind of man you wish and pray for. Cynthy all I have to say is, learn to appreciate what you have. Stop wishing to be someone else. Stop comparing your partner with other couples you see online simply because they posts cute couple pictures online. You don’t know what the other person is enduring. You can’t even take half of the shit the person is taking. You should be grateful for being you. Cause we only get to post our smiles online. But the real pains and tears aren’t always disclosed. A word is enough for the wise.” Philomena said.

Cynthy was speechless as she couldn’t believe what she just heard.

Philomena was driving home that same night when she stopped her car by the road side and broke down into tears.

“Mom…..I’m really holding on right? I’m perfectly being a big sis and a mother to my sisters right?…I miss you mom…I just wish there was someone I can open up to. I just wish there was someone who will understand me and come to my rescue cause I’m gradually drowning in this mess.” She cried out in pains.

Just then, she heard a knock on her car window. She quickly wiped off her tears and whined down the glass of her car.

“How may I help you?.” She asked the young man.

“I’m a reporter from daily news magazines. I’m here to interview you on something really important.” He said.

“And you are???.” Philomena asked looking at him from head to toe.

“I’m Joshua. But you can call me Josh.” He said with a bright smile.

“Why have I been hearing the name Joshua today? Are you in any way related to Cynthia from the girls club?.” Philomena asked.

“Yes. She’s my girlfriend.” He said smiling.


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