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THE GIRLS CLUB – Episode 4




Philomena reluctantly followed the young man home with her belongings. When they got to his estate, Philomena was wowed to see how beautiful and big his estate was. The young man showed her to her room and showed her round the rooms and every corner of the house.

“Thank you sir.” She said dragging her bags to her room.
The young man collected the bags from her and helped her carry them to her room.

“You can call me Lawrence. So what’s your name?.” Lawrence asked dropping her bags on her bed.

“My name is Philomena sir. Sorry, Lawrence.” She said.

“Such a beautiful name. So what about your sisters? What are their names?.” Lawrence asked.

“I never told you that my younger siblings were girls. How did you find out about that?.” Philomena asked surprised.

“Madam Flora told me about them.” Lawrence said.

“Ooh! There names are Vera and Luisa. Mentioning them now makea me miss them.” Philomena said.

“Don’t worry. I will grant your desires.” Lawrence said.

“What desires are you talking about sir? Sorry, I mean Lawrence.” She asked.

“You told me you came to the city to look for a good paying job so you can train your siblings in school right?.” He asked

“Yes sir.” Philomena said shaking her head vigorously.

“Fine. I will see them through school. I will sponsor them through any level of education they wish to attain in life. As long as you remain my property. And do my biddings.” Lawrence said.

“Anything to keep my sisters in school. And give them a comfortable lifestyle. I’m ready to do it sir.” Philomena said.

“Fine then. Take your time and prepare your mind to satisfy me one of these days. You can’t remain a virgin forever. And I want to be the first man to taste your honey pot. I’m sure you are old enough to understand my language.” Lawrence said.

“Yyyyes sir..” Philomena stammered.

Two nights later, Lawrence came into Philomena’s bed and after much struggles, he ended up breaking through. That very night was the beginning of poor Philomena’s Afflictions in the hands on Lawrence. It was like her mother’s pains came back to her.

Lawrence was a drug addict and drug trafficker. He was also into car importation and exportation business. Being the outcast in his family, Lawrence wanted to be loved and accepted the way he was. He was too possesive and jealous when it comes to women. Just like Philomena’s late step father, he loved rough sex. And enjoys inflicting pains on his sex partners. Sometimes he chains Philomena hands and legs while roughly having sex with her. Philomena has never for once enjoyed sex and the thought of it makes her heart skip in fear. Since her late step father and her master Lawrence were both lovers of rough sex, Philomena then thought that that must have been the normal way of love making.

Philomena was beaten, raped and drugged by Lawrence on different occasions. But she dared not to speak out because he was training her sisters in school.

At the age of 23, Philomena had become a celebrity. She became a posh lady with class and sauce. Her facial beauty and body shape was a total killer. So many young ladies aspired to be like her due to the flashy cars she drives and the beautiful pictures she uploads in social media.

Her sister Vera was now 21 and in her third year in the university where she was studying medicine. While Luisa was 19 and in her first year in the university where she was studying Law. Philomena was so proud that her sisters got to further their educations through her sacrifices. She was ready to give up her life to make sure her sisters does not beg for bread or pass through all the things she passed through to keep them in school.

Philomena became a brand influencer to different products. Money was not her problem as Lawrence made sure she lacked nothing financially. He became her manager and no deal was signed without his approval. Philomena was so scared of Lawrence because of his two faced attitude towards her. He was always smiling on cameras but back at home, he would turn her to his sex slave treating her like a dog. He dare not see a guy smiling at her. All payments of deal signed, are transferred to Lawrence’s account. Philomena had no say in her life. She wished to be free while other girls on social media wished to be like her. No one knew the pains she hid inside. No one knew the frown behind her smiles. People only see her beautiful smile and so they thought she was living the best of her life with a supportive boyfriend by her side.

Not knowing that Lawrence made her do lots of disgusting things behind doors all in the name of love making. But Philomena hid her pains with a smile.

While in search for a distraction, she came in contact with an all girls group called The girls club which involved classy, influential, and independent ladies who came together to showcase wealth and class.


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