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THE GIRLS CLUB – Episode 3




Philomena was shocked beyond words when she realized that Madam Flora was into Prostitution and human trafficking business.she had lots of customers who patronizes her and she had lots of young girls who are her goods and commodities. She give them out to men, and they reward her handsomely. Philomena was given the opportunity to go back to the village and continue labouring from working on people’s farm lands to doing laundries. Or, to remain in the city and get into a cool cash fetching business that involves opening her legs to different men.

It took Philomena three days to finally make up her mind to get into the business of selling her body to different men to earn cool cash. Since she was already naturally beautiful, Madam Flora had less work to do on her. She just did a little touch up here and there and boom, Philomena was looking breathtaking.

The day finally came for Philomena’s first assignment. Philomena was scared for it was going to be her first time to experience sex at the age of 18. She was literarily shaking as she kept trying to suppress her fears and worries.

The night finally came and it was work time. Madam Flora led her to a tall, young, dark skinned, handsome and wealthy looking man in his early 30s. Madam Flora negotiated with him and collected her payment. She then tapped Philomena on her shoulder and said.

“Give it a nice shot. Don’t disappoint me.” She said.

Then she walked away leaving Philomena alone with the young man. A shudder of fear came upon Philomena as her entire body was filled with goosebumps. The young man noticed how uncomfortable and scared she was. And asked her to sit on the couch that was beside his bed.

“Please have a seat.” He said pointing at the couch.

“Ttttttthank you siiiir.” Philomena stammered sitting on the couch.

She kept bitting her lips in fear and confusion of what to do next. The young man got up from where he laid and walked up to Philomena. He slowly ran his hand through her sexy breast that was revealing in the dress she wore. Philomena held herself tight as she prayed unto the heavens to help her out of the mess she has gotten herself into.

The young man didn’t stop there. He slowly slipped his right hand under Philomena’s short dress straight into her panties feeling her womanhood. That was when Philomena pushed him off.

“What do you think you are doing?.” She asked shaking in fear.

“What’s that supposed to mean? Don’t you know the work you are supposed to do? Didn’t madam Flora enlighten you on what your job fully entails? Look. I’m not in for jokes at the moment. As you can see, I’m fully aroused and needs to be satisfied right now.” He said without a smile.

“Please sir. Today is my first time into this business. I haven’t done this before.” Philomena pleaded with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Well, there is always a first time in everything and for everyone. But practice makes you perfect.” The young man said.

“No you don’t understand. I’m a virgin. I haven’t had sex in my entire life. Please be understanding.” Philomena pleaded.

“What? A virgin? Is that your own way of getting away from performing your job?.” He asked not believing his ears.

“I swear on my late mother’s grave. I’m telling you nothing but the truth. I followed madam Flora to the city to get a good paying job that I can use to sponsor my younger siblings in school.” Philomena revealed.

“Younger siblings? What about you? Why aren’t you in school? Infact, how old are you?.” He asked curioused.

“I’m eighteen sir. And I just graduated from secondary school.” Philomena said

“Then why is an eighteen years old girl talking of sponsoring her younger siblings in school when she’s supposed to be in school herself?.” He asked surprised.

“Because we have no one to help us. My mom and dad died thesame day. We started living with my grandmother in the village. I work on people’s farm lands and sometimes, I do laundry to earn money for our upkeep. You can ask madam Flora. She picked me from the village so she knows the entire story.” Philomena said.

“Hmmmmmm.” The young man said loosing interest in the whole stuff. “I will be taking you back to Madam Flora to get the full story. Just pray to God that your stories are true if not, I will so sex you hard and rough till you beg God to take your life.” He threatened.

When they finally got back to madam Flora’s mansion, the young man sat with madam Flora and after a lengthy discussion, they both came out smiling. Philomena’s mind was about relaxing when madam Flora said,

“Philomena. Go in there, pack your things for you are going home with this young man.” She said.

Hearing these, Philomena’s heart sanked.

“Maaa???.” She asked not believing her ears. “But why ma?.” She asked.

“Well, as a matter of fact, he made a complete payment for you. It seems he likes you a lot
Or maybe your moves back there drove him crazy. So he has paid to be in charge of you as long as you live.” Madam Flora said.

“Did you just sell me off to a total stranger? A man I barely know? Don’t you have any atom of conscience in you?.” Philomena raged with tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry. In business, there is nothing like sentiments. Please take good care of our client. And don’t give him any reason to return you here.” She said with a smile.

“Why am I so unlucky in life?.” Philomena thought to herself as tears dropped helplessly from her eyes.


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