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Joshua was still trying to figure out which of the police station that Philomena was heading to and what happened while they were on phone. He quickly brought out his ear phone and listened to the voice note which made him angry at Lawrence and sad for Philomena. He kept trying her number when his boss walked into the office and asked.

“Why are you all still here?. Haven’t you all heard the news? Why has none of you gone out to get the full details of the incident?.” He asked with an Angry tone.

“What news?.” One of his colleagues asked.

“And you call yourselves reporters?. Yet none of you cared to be the first to get the full details of the news that is all over the place?.” He shouted reaching for the TV remote. He grabbed it and turned the TV on switching to the news channel. Just then, it was revealed on the news that the beauty goddess, popular brand influencer and face of the girls club got into a serious accident in the early hours of the day.

Immediately Joshua saw the news, and blurred image of Philomena on the screen, he sprung up from his seat and dashed out of his office to go in search of Philomena.

“And where is he rushing off to while I’m still talking?.” His boss asked his other colleagues who shrugged in cluelessness.

Joshua kept dialing Philomena’s number as he drove to the accident scene. But when he finally got there, Philomena’s body was no longer there as it has been moved to a nearby hospital. He quickly drove to the hospital where he saw her unconscious body lying in the pool of her own blood. He quickly went to the doctor and pleaded with him to commence treatments on Philomena as soon as possible. And when asked what his relationship with her was, he claimed to be her relative and that every monetary charges should be directed to him.

Joshua sat and waited for the doctor’s report after which he came out and told Joshua that he was afraid for Philomena had sustained internal bleeding from the accident and there is a 50 to 50 percent chance of her surviving from it.

“The trauma of the crash has caused her blood vessels to rupture. This has made her blood vessels to be unable to clot and repair themselves. So she has to undergo an emergency Surgery to stop the bleeding and repair the blood vessels as she has developed a cardiac ailment called Takotsubo cardiomyopathy which is a broken heart syndrome. This stress induced heart incident can cause chest pains and shortness of breath even in people with normal healthy hearts with no history of heart disease. And she has a 50 by 50 percent chance of survival. We need you to sign the surgical consent papers and as well make the necessary deposits so we can commence the surgery as soon as possible. As any form of delay would be very dangerous for her at this point.” The doctor said.

“Please do everything in your power to save her. I’m ready to pay anything to keep her alive. I beg you doctor.” Joshua pleaded.

After a successful surgery, the doctor came out and met Lawrence still waiting impatiently outside.

“Doctor. How did it go? Is she now okay?.” Joshua asked curioused and worried.

“It’s our duty and responsibility as doctors to fight to save lives by giving it our best shot. So basically, we’ve done our best and our part as humans. The surgery went well. And her pulse and breathing are back to normal. But she’s still unconscious and has gone into coma. I’m afraid the coma might last for weeks or months as we can’t actually tell when she will be waking up. The rest is left for the heavens to decide. Cause sometimes, even a successful surgery does not determine whether a patient will come out of this condition dead or alive. Just continue putting her in your prayers. For what she needs now, are your prayers.” The doctor said tapping him on his shoulder. He shook his head and walked away leaving Joshua heartbroken and confused.

“Please Philomena. You can do this. Please don’t die on me and every one you sincerely care about. You have to be alive to witness the downfall of Lawrence. I promise you this Philomena. I will make sure to reveal everything to the world. The whole world must know about the evil and wickedness that you have endured all through the years. This I promise you.” Joshua said in his heart with tears rolling down his cheeks.

Philomena was transferred to a private ward where she was placed under a ventilator machine to aid her in breathing. Seeing her laying motionless on the hospital bed got Joshua really angry and furious.

He went back to his office and told his boss the entire situation and the evidences he had in his possession to back up his claims. The boss was glad to have been the first to lay his hands on the gist. He gave his full approval and Joshua went ahead and published the entire story. The story went viral as it spread through different blogs, social media and news broadcasting stations. People started suspecting that Philomena’s accident could have been caused by Lawrence in order to stop her from voicing out.

The news went all over the place. So many girls who had used her relationship with Lawrence as a yardstick to measure theirs, where disappointed and heartbroken. As they finally got to realize that not all that glitters is gold. And of course, not everyone believed her story as there were some who ended up judging and asking if her claims were true, why then would she stick with him for five solid years without complaining? Others were like it’s like he stopped giving her money which was why she has decided to castigate him. Some said maybe it was a prank. Some said they would be a fool to fall for her cheap lies. As they knew that she was lying on Lawrence or possibly chasing clouts.

After listening to the voice record, some still doubted if it was real. But that didn’t stop Joshua from seeking for Justice for Philomena.

Vera and Luisa were in school when they stumbled on the video and the voice record that has been making headlines.

That was when they both knew and understood the pains and sacrifices of their sister. Vera felt so bad for saying those hurtful words to her sister the day she came to their school.

“I didn’t know Philomena was going through all these mess. If i knew how much she has been enduring for our sakes, I wouldn’t have jumped into sudden conclusions and judgements. I went too far by using those harsh and hurtful words on her. Luisa what do I do now? Do you think Philomena would be able to forgive me?.” Vera asked sobbing bitterly in regret.

“I’m sure big sis love for us supercedes every anger that is in her heart. Watching her interview and listening to that voice record, made me understand how much of a mother and a caring and selfless sister she has been to us. I wish she didn’t have to go through hell just to give us a better life.” Luisa said feeling heartbroken.

“I even told her that she was too selfish and self centered to be our mother. How heartless and thoughtless of me to have said those dehumanizing words to my own sister.” Vera cried.

“Let’s use the money she sent us to trace her to the city. She needs us now more than ever. She’s currently in a Coma and we are the only family members she have.” Luisa said.

“You are right. I’m just ashamed of going close to her. I feel like I don’t deserve to be next to such a selfless soul. I have been stupid and clueless all these while.” Vera lamented.

“Save that for whenever she wakes up. For now, let’s go and be by her side like she has always been by our side regardless of any situation we found ourselves in.” Luisa said.

They both went to the city and traced Daily news magazine office where they met with Joshua who finally led them to Philomena who was still unconscious and in a coma in the hospital.

* * * * * * * * *

Lawrence drove to Madam Flora’s home and badged into her sitting room where she was seated Watching a movie. He was breathing heavily when he entered.

“Lawrence what happened? Why are you breathing this fast? Who is after you? And where is Philomena?.” Madam Flora asked all at once.

“Mom we need to leave this place as soon as possible.” Lawrence said.

“Why?.” She asked confused and curioused.

“Haven’t you heard or watched the news? Mom my picture and that of Philomena are all over the place as we speak. It has spread both on social media and all over the states. People are beginning to demand Justice for Philomena.” Lawrence said.

“What Justice? What happened? Don’t tell me you did something stupid to her when you went after her to convince her to hand over the voice record to you.” Madam Flora asked.

“Mom I went to stop her but knowing fully well that she won’t easily bulge in to my pleas, I had to devise another means to silent her. So I knocked her off with my car which got her into a serious accident. I did that in order to prevent the voice record from getting out to the public but right now, the voice record is all over the place. I don’t know how it happened mom. She even went as far as making a video explaining everything that has happened so far to the media. Mom if we should waste more time here, you and I might probably end up in police custody as they are already working on the case.” Lawrence said.

“My goodness! Lawrence has finally killed me.” Madam Flora said placing her two hands on her head.

“This is not the time for you to get unnecessarily sentimental. We have to leave this place. Go get your stuffs. Let’s hurry off to the airport. Cause I’ve already booked flight for the both of us.” Lawrence urged.

Immediately they stepped out, they found out that police men were already at madam Flora’s mansion with an arrest warrant.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.