THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 9



(His a girl?)

Alex’s POV
I moved nervously as he took steps that seems deadly to me.

How did he get in? I thought I locked the door?

“You..” he paused and scoffed.

Then he turned back and made to leave but I stopped him.

“How did you get in?” Was the only foolish question on my mind.

He turned back and looked at me.

“You..” he paused again.

“I’ve been coming into this room way before you got here. Is that a question?” He scoffed.

I blinked repeatedly thinking of what next to do.

“Um…I..I…can explain” I stuttered as he continued starring at me from head to toe.

“Step..Stephen..I..” I continued stuttering helplessly.

“Meet me outside” he said after a while.

I bite my lips in frustration.

I think I’ll get kicked out tonight.

He doesn’t even like me from the very beginning.

Will he agree to keep it a secret? I can’t believe this is really happening.

Oh gosh!

Please I wanna just disappear right now.

I picked up my towel and dried my hair then I wore the clothes I selected with my wig already on I left to the room to see him sitting down with a cigarette fixed in between his fingers.

I sat down calmly as he didn’t spare me a glance.

My heart was beating so so fast.

Lord please help me through this, I prayed silently.

He continued smoking while I starred at him.

Both of us weren’t talking then after a long while he said something which made my heart skip.

“You’re a girl” he spoke so calmly.

I bent my head and bite my lower lip again.

“Ye…yes” I replied.

“What are you going here then? Pretending to be a guy. What are your motives?” He asked at once.

“I..I..its not intentionally actually” I mouthed.

“Then what is it? Why do you deceive people with that appearance?” He asked his tone getting louder.

“I’m…sorry but its actually the woman that registered me. She came up with this idea and I had no other option but to accept it” I explained.

“So, you decided to deceive people? That was your best decision?” He snapped.

“Stephen, I know its bad but I had to” I replied immediately.

“I couldn’t go back home that way” I said.

“What of the females dorm?” He asked.

“Well, its occupied, there was no space for me there” I answered.

I heard him sigh deeply and immediately he stood up.

I also stood up with him.

He made for the door and touched the handle but I stopped him.

“Are you gonna tell on me? Are you gonna also tell Andrew?” I inquired.

He paused and looked back at me.

“Lemme think about it first” he replied and left.

Oh gosh! My heart beat reduced when he left but I couldn’t help but panic.

What is gonna happen now? He looked really serious.

Who won’t be serious in his shoes?

Oh gosh.

😐Stephen’s POV 😐

I got outside the dorm and chuckled.

So his a girl? I thought and laughed.

This is so interesting and I was here disturbing myself about him or I mean her but he appeared to be a girl?

Just a girl?

Gosh. So interesting.

Andrew’s POV
I put on my shirt ready to leave when she suddenly hugged me from behind.

“Why don’t we do it one more time? Please baby?” She asked and kissed my neck.

“Cassy? Cassy stop, I’m tired” I said and made her leave my body but she back hugged me immediately.

“Andrew please? Just one more then you can go. I’m I that bad in bed? Why are you disagreeing?” She asked.

I removed her from me and turned to look at her.

“You are good baby but I’m just so tired right now. I need to sleep so I won’t fall sick alright” I replied and kissed her cheek.

“I’m sure you give that little brat more than you give me. You love her more than me don’t you?” She pouted.

“Cassy? I don’t love her more than you so you don’t have to worry and go ahead with your wedding plans. Get married” I replied.

“Hmm you’re even pushing me away. I’m way more beautiful than that brat, I wonder why you’re dating her even if its fake and I won’t marry alright. I’ll wait for you till you’re done then we will be together” she ranted.

“Okay then, you can wait” I replied and picked up my wallet and phone leaving her alone in the room.

I got to my room and saw him on the upper bed pretending to be asleep.

I ignored him and did my dues and laid down afterwards.

Next morning

Alex’s POV
After the early morning preparation we were set to leave.

My mind is still not settled.

I wonder what his reply is gonna be.

Oh good lord!

I did everything nervously until I heard his voice.

Stephen’s voice outside the room.

Andrew was already standing outside.

I locked the door and met him there.

“Let’s go” Andrew said and started leaving but I didn’t follow him.

I stopped to hear Stephen replies.

“Stephen, your answer” I said and he smirked.

“You wanna know my answer?” He asked and I nodded immediately.

“Okay then, listen up.”


TBC Andrew.
What will his answer be?


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