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THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 7




😍 Alex’s POV 😍

“Are you alright? Alex?” He called again when I covered my face.

I stood up and turned around.

“It’s nothing, my eyes is just inching me” I lied.

“Your eyes is inching you? Why?” He questioned still standing behind me.

“Why don’t you go put on a shirt, I’ll be fine” I said still backing him.

“Hmm” was the reply I got and felt him go to the over side of the room.

After putting on his school wears I turned to look at him.

Wow! His so dashing, just like a prince, I thought and smiled.

“Hey, why are you starring at me that way?” He asked and I realized I’ve been drooling on him.

“Um…nothing, I’m just admiring your school wears” I lied again.

“Come on, get the bags, let’s go out. The basketball training resumes today as well and I want you to be around me in case I need anything alright” he said walking out of the room.

“Yea” I replied taking his and my bag and followed him.

I locked the room as instructed by him and ran up to meet him.

I sighted Stephen waiting at the far end of the corridor and reduced my pace.

So his just being jealous that I might steal his friendship away. Silly, I thought and giggled.

I’ll just find a way of assuring him that that won’t happen. I seriously don’t want him hating me because it might affect my stay here greatly.

I walked few steps behind them as they talked about random things.

Well for him to be jealous that means he doesn’t wanna loss his friend and that’s good of him tho.

We got to the school premises and the girl’s started with their screaming, gathering us as if we were bees.

Gosh, this is too much. All for a guy or should I say two guys?

We walked for a while and finally got to the cafeteria.

They both ordered coffee. Well I on the other hand ordered for tea and I didn’t wanna sit on the same table with them because of Stephen.

I wanna create a space between us both for a while. The eye his being giving me can seriously kill.

“Hey, Alex?” I heard Andrew call and looked at him.

“Come on here, you should always be by my side” he said from where he was sitting.

I pointed at Stephen who wasn’t starring us so he could know my reason but he seemed not to care.

“Come on, come over here” he insisted and I carried my plate of breakfast and went to sit beside him.

Stephen didn’t spare me a glance until we were done.

We left for the school after a while.

Wow! The classrooms are so very beautiful.

Gosh! So beautiful.

We all got in and the female students there screamed and came to us. It was Bob and Levi that even prevented them from pushing us down.

This is crazy.

Andrew and Stephen sat at the last sit but I went to the front to sit.

I love front sits.

I brought out a book and pretended to be reading so as to avoid the girls starring at me.

Soon, I heard someone’s voice from outside.

I looked up to see mia and her friend. The one who had ran away that day.

Mia immediately ran to where Andrew was and I removed my eyes from them in order to to get too angry.

And surprisedly Mia’s friend came to meet me again.

What? Gosh! Hasn’t she learned her lessons? I thought and focused more on the book I was holding.

I wasn’t even reading anything. I was just starring at the book.

I don’t no how that Mia’s friend did it but she chased the female’s sitting beside me and took their position.

“Hi” I heard her say softly but of course ignored it.

This is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.

Just so unbelievable.

“Alex?” I heard her call as she took the book away from me.

I looked up at her and felt like screaming.

Leave me alone bit*h! But couldn’t because of Andrew.

I looked back and notice he was even starring at me.

I cleared my voice and collected the book from her.

“Hi” I muttered and heard her giggle.

“Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you replied my greetings Alex. I’m so so happy” she beamed.

“Yea” I replied flatly again.

I coughed and adjusted on my sit.

“I…I wanna apologize about what happened the other day” I mumbled but of course she heard me since she was starring into my face as if watching a TV program.

She shrieked immediately making my heart almost fly out of my chest.

“Really? You’re apologizing?” She exclaimed happily.

Everyone was already starring at us both.

Gosh! This is so so embarrassing.

The worst day of my life.

She grabbed one of my hand immediately but I pulled away from her.

“The teacher is here” I pointed out as a female teacher step into the class.

Hah! Thank goodness.

Thank you teacher for saving me from this girl.

“Morning class” she greeted with smiles.

“Morning miss” the students replied her greetings.

So she’s not married. She looks really beautiful and young tho.

I looked at her and found her eyes where Andrew was sitting.

I looked at Andrew to be sure and yes. He also returned her stares.

Huh! Weird.

Other student didn’t seem to notice at all.

“Can you spare me a minute guys” she excused herself and went out.

And immediately Andrew stood up and left the class.

Hmm what’s happening? I thought and also stood up.

I saw Andrew enter a room and I ran and went to place my ears on the door.

“Hello handsome” I heard the teacher’s voice but didn’t hear that of Andrew.

Wait, did she just call him handsome? I wondered and peeped through the hole on the door.

My eyes dilated in shock at what I saw.

What? They…they were kissing?

I looked away and placed my hand on my beating chest.

A teacher?

She’s kissing her student? And Andrew for that matter? I thought and peeped through the hole again.

I looked away as I suddenly felt anger building up in my system.

This is sh*t!

What was that? 😱

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