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THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 6



(Half narked)

Alex’s POV
I stormed out of the cafeteria ignoring what that strange girl just said.

I was on my way to the dorm when I bombed into Stephen.

I stopped walking immediately and looked down on the floor.

His hands were tucked into his trouser pocket and he walked stylishly with Bob and Levi.

He got to me and stopped.

“Why are you looking sad? You should be happy that everyone is now talking about how you defeated them?” He said in a very hard voice.

I then looked at him.

“Why don’t you like me? Why did I ever do to you?” I asked.

“You don’t know? You don’t no then you must be kidding, well this is just the beginning anyways” he replied and walked pass me, brushing my shoulder in the process.

I stood for a minute and watched him leave. Student there were just starring at me both the boys and the girls.

I sighed pathetically and continued on my way.

But I thought his a very cool guy, why does he have to dislike me? I also like him after Andrew because he also have skills and his also very handsome.

Unfortunately I don’t think we can ever get along even as a guy.

I walked sullenly to the boys dorm constantly receiving winks and seductive smiles from the females which I of course ignored.

But come to think of it I won’t as a female throw myself at a guy like that but what is their deal?

Why are they behaving bit**y? I thought as I got closer to the dorm I shared with Andrew.

I got to the door and stopped starring at it.

Then I heard voices, voices from inside.

Those voices belong to Mia and of course Andrew.

Then slowly I opened the door and got in to see mia lying on top of Andrew.

Andrew was lying down on the lower bed while she was on top of him.

They both looked at me when I got in.

I cleared my voice and made to ignore them even if I was hurting on the inside.

“Hey” I heard Mia’s voice.

“Aren’t you gonna arrange his dresses?”

“You have a lot of things to do yunno” she spoke out.

“Why don’t you do them yourself since you’re his girlfriend?” I mumbled.

“What did you just say?” She questioned but I ignored her.

I went into the bathroom and washed my face clean. I starred at myself in the mirror wondering how I’ll cope as a guy in this institute.

How the hell will I cope with all that is happening? This is just my second day and I’m becoming popular all thanks to Andrew and Stephen.

“Are you gonna stand there forever?” I heard Andrew’s voice and jerked.


He was leaning on the door starring at me.

“Um…no” I replied and faced him.

“Then, what have you been doing? You can come out, she’s gone” he said and left the bathroom while I followed him.

“I need you to arrange my wears. Classes are resuming tomorrow you’ll have to go collect my uniform from the school laundry after that” he explained showing a bag full of clothes.

“Alright” I replied and set to work arranging all his clothes.

He sat down and brought out his phone.

After I was done arranging it I left for the school laundry. I’ll have to collect my uniform too before I forget.

Damn I also have to arrange out what I’ll be needing tomorrow.

I got to the school laundry after much difficulty and collected his uniform. I collected mine afterwards and left for the dorm.

I got to the dorm to see Stephen coming out.

He gave me an eye and left.

Huh! What did I do now? I thought starring at him.

“You don’t have to mind him” I heard Andrew say and I took my eyes to him.

He was smoking from a cigarette.

“His just being jealous” he added.

“Jealous?” I was forced to ask.

How on earth will Stephen be jealous of me? I mean why? I thought.

“Yes, his jealous that I might like you more that him” he answered.


“Well, that’s funny. If only he knew he couldn’t have being jealous of me” I mumbled but he heard me.

“Knew what?” He questioned.

“Um..nothing, I’ll just keep your dress” I replied.

“Which class are you in?” He asked.

“Well, I think we’re in the same class” I replied and heard him sigh and wondered why he did that.

I kept his uniform in a good position and also kept mine.

Funny that I’ll be putting on a trouser and shirt instead of a skirt.

Well, I kinda of like it because I’ll get to see Andrew everyday.

I might even peep into his face in the middle of the night, I thought and giggled.

Funny me!

“Hey, why did you act like that to that girl by the way?” He asked and I turned and looked at him.

“Mia’s friend, she clearly likes you. Why did you treat her that way?” He asked and I swallowed.

“Well…I..I..I..didn’t mean to” I stammered.

“Apologize to her when you see her, that isn’t a way to treat ladies” he cooed and lie down on the bed.

“Alright, I will” I replied and bite my lower lip.

Next day.

I opened my eyes and came down from the bed.

I looked around the room but couldn’t find Andrew.

Perfect time to shower, I thought and ran into the shower.

I locked the door and did my thing real quick.

I put on a short and came out then wore my uniform hastily.

Hah! My heart beat went back to normal immediately I was done.

I was scared that I was gonna get caught but where is he?

Where did he go to early that morning? Or didn’t he sleep here? I wondered.

Yesterday after doing a lot of things I slept off and didn’t know what the did.

The door opened as I was still dressing the wig properly and I turned to see him.

He came in so sweaty.

Huh! Did he exercise or did he shower with his dress on.

“You’re awake” He said more like a statement.

“Yes, what happened to you?” I asked starring at him.

“Don’t you exercise? That’s what I just did” he replied and went into the bathroom.

I stayed there waiting for him after I was done with everything and shortly he came out with a towel tied on his lower body revealing his manly chest.

“What??” I shrieked and covered my eyes immediately.

I removed my hands from my face and starred at him again.

What the f**k!

I covered my face again.

How could he come out like that?

How could he come out half narked? I thought with my hands still on my face.

“Hey” I heard him call at a close range and removed my hands from my eyes to see him standing in front of me.

Sh*t, just put on a f**k*ng shirt.



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