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THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 5



(She’s my girlfriend)

😍Alex’s POV 😍
I gulped repeatedly as I continued watching them both.

They clearly didn’t mind that others were starring at them as they kissed whole heatedly.

By now I’ve forgotten the meal that I was eating.

I noticed the girls there frowned there faces.

I continued watching them as they kissed for minutes.

Hold, don’t tell me she’s Andrew’s girlfriend.

Wait, does he even have a girlfriend? I wondered.

👤That bitch is here again to ruin our moods, I heard a female voice say and the person stood up and left the cafeteria.


She stood up from his laps and sat down beside him.

The lady she came with also sat down and starred at me but I wasn’t starting at her.

“Hey handsome, have you missed me cause I have?” She said softly biting her lower lip as her hand trailed to his chest.

“Come on babe, that enough” Andrew hushed.

“Why don’t we continue this in your dorm then? I’ve really missed that man down there” she giggled and I saw her hand go to his d**k.

I gasped as my mouth fell open. I wanted to slap some senses into her.

First. Why is she touching him that way in my presence.

Second. Didn’t she recognize that someone else is sitting down here?

Third. Doesn’t she know that his my crush?

What the f**k is wrong with her? I thought angrily holding tightly unto the table.

“Um..not now babe, maybe some other time” he replied and kissed her nose.

She giggled and finally turned to look at me.

I’m sure my body has hardened due to anger. I was ready to kill her right there but had to keep my cool.

I freed my hold from the table and resumed eating.

“Sweetheart, who is he?” I heard her ask Andrew.

“Well, you can call him my new buddy. We stay together and he helps in doing stuff” Andrew replied her.

“Uhmm…alright babe, but listen.. you” she pointed now referring to me.

I raised my head and looked at her.

“Yes” I answered behaving like she was nothing.

“Hey don’t reply me that way. Anyways I want you to take care of my baby, don’t try bringing girls to the dorm or else I’ll have to kill you” she said in not so serious tone.

But, I’m really angry at what she did so I rolled my eyes and hissed loudly.

“What? Who is he? How dare he?” The silly girl questioned.

“Alex, she’s my girlfriend. Don’t disrespect her, please” Andrew chipped in and my anger increased.

What if she’s your girlfriend? Does she have to make me jealous? I thought and fisted my hand again.

“Hmm he looks really handsome. Why don’t we date handsome?” The girl that came with Andrew’s girlfriend asked and I choked on my food.

“Oh my! I’m so sorry baby, it must have been shocking to you” the girl said offering a bottled water to me.

Andrew and Andrew’s girlfriend were starring at us both.

Gosh. I over hate this.

“Thanks, I don’t need it” I rejected her drink and continued eating.

“I’m sorry if I surprised you tho. Guess a girl have never asked you out before” she said and I slammed my both hands on the table.

“Can’t you stop talking? I hate hearing your voice” I hushed really angry and the girl stood up and ran out of the cafeteria.

F**k! What is happening? This can’t continue happening to me, I thought and sat down back.

Andrew and his girlfriend were not the only one starring. Other students there were also starring.

👤Gosh, he has such a temper but he looks more handsome when angry, I heard a female voice say.

👤Yes, I wish I could just get a kiss from him, another female voice came out.

“Geez, you’re so mean with girls Alex, please don’t change my baby with that your attitude alright?” The silly girl said but I ignored her.

“Hey Alex, aren’t you hearing me?” The girl questioned and made to touch my shoulder.

“Mia, that’s enough. Leave him be, not everyone likes girl” Andrew said.

“Oh, is he a gay then?” The mia girl chuckled.

“Come on, let’s go” Andrew said and stood up holding her arm.

“Meet me at the dorm when you’re done. I need you to do a few things for me” he said in his usual voice and left with mia who was clinging unto him.

I turned and looked at them as they left the cafeteria together and felt more angry.

Damn it!

A girl ran and sat at the position Mia’s friend was formally sitting on.

“Hey cutie, I’m here for you if you need me” she cooed and gave me a puppy face.

I scoffed and stood up.

This sh*t has to stop!!! I thought loudly.



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