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THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 3



(Test him)

Alex’s POV
We arrived at the big shopping mall few minutes later and came down from the car.

“Hey, follow me, don’t get lost into the crowd” he commanded and started going.

Lost? How come I possibly get lost when I’m not a kid, I thought and followed him.

Immediately people caught sight of him they started rushing towards him.


But luckily some of the guards at the mall came to us and prevented those people from touching him.

A lot of people wanted to touch him, flashes of light from their different camera was seriously blinding my eyes.

I open my eyes and close them at interval and before you know it I found myself far from him.

Damn! No wonder he said I shouldn’t get lost in the mist of crowd.

Well its a good thing actually. I’ll get to get a few things I need here since I’m here with cash too.

I’ll just go look for him later.

Then I turned and went to a clothing section. I selected a lot of male clothing. Even tie, I can’t risk it.

A lot of baggy skirts were there.

I won’t really have to worry about my breast because its not big anyways. One won’t really notice.

And aside that I’ll continue wearing big tops.

Where the hell will I get a wig? I can’t seriously cut my long hair, I’ve been growing it since I was a baby, I can’t cut it, I thought and turned confusedly.

“Young sir” I heard a female voice call and turned to see an attender.

“You seem confused, do you need direction anywhere?” She inquired.

“Yes, please where can I get a guy’s wig?” I asked.

“This way please, we do sell those stuff” she replied smiling and I smiled back in happiness and followed her.

We got to the place and there weren’t much people there.

Which one should I pick? I wondered going through them.

“This should fix you more” she said handing a brown coloured wig which I collected.

There aren’t much people here, lemme just try it on. She doesn’t no me or where I school so it won’t be a problem so I brought down my cap and my hair fell to my back.

She looked surprised at first but smiled again.

“You look like a lady anyways, I was wondering how a guy could be so beautiful” she said and I chuckled and put it on and surprisedly she offered to help me with it so I sat down and faced the mirror watching her as she tied my real hair properly. She put on the wig afterwards and used a tiny pin to hook it together making it look so perfect.

“Wow! You are an expert” I beamed and she smiled more broadly.

“Why do you wanna act like a boy?” She asked as I was putting back my cap.

“Well, I can’t tell anyone and thanks for your help” I thanked and she nodded.

“Um..just help me pay for the wig” I said and fixed some cash into her hand and left to look for the almighty Andrew.

Due to his popularity it wasn’t easy to find him and when I found him I stood behind him immediately pretending to have been there.

He was sitting down on a couch starring as two different attenders brought clothing and other stuff to him.

So, he isn’t even the one shopping, they are shopping for him.

He turned immediately and looked at me.

“Where the hell have you been?” He asked coldly scaring the sh*t out of me.

“Um…I just went to get a few things too” I replied showing him my bag of clothing.

“Why didn’t you inform me? Trash them, you won’t get to wear them anyways” he said coldly and my heart beat stopped.

“Trash them?” I asked almost whispering.

He used his eyes to commanded a guard standing close to me and the guard walked up to me and dragged the bag away from me.

“From now on, you’re my responsibility so I won’t let you dress poorly. You can goan select things from there” he said and looked at my shocked face.

So, he thought I bought cheap clothing? So his mind told him that I’m that poor?

He must be crazy to think like that. Even tho his a wealthy man son he shouldn’t act like that, I thought and looked down at him.

He used his eyes to command me to start going and I nodded and left to do what he wanted.

We came down from the school garage and I had to carry a lot of shopping bags.

Thank goodness I have already worn the wig if not it would have been trashed alongside the clothes.

There were a lot of buzz from the students as usual and the walk to the male’s dorm was too tiring.

We finally arrived and I kept the bags by the corner.

Stephen immediately rushed in alongside the boys that’s always following him.

“I’ve been thinking about it Andrew. This guy is not actually a guy but a girl, he doesn’t even behave like a he so I’ve decided to put him to test” he announced and my eyes widened.

“Okay, what do you want him to do to prove that his a guy?” Andrew replied him and he smiled mischievously making shivers ran down my spin.

Please, don’t tell me this is truly happening.

What the hell is he planning on doing??



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