THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 2


(Shopping with him)

😍 Alex’s POV 😍

“Have you lost your tongue or you are you deaf?” He snarled coming closer to me.

“I….um…I..was assigned here” I managed to voice out when he got really close to me.

He scoffed and puffed out smoke from his nose and mouth.

“Assigned here? Are you blind?” He growled still moving closer and I found myself shaking.

Why is he so scary? I’ve always crushed and love to meet him personally.

Reasons why I insisted on attending crystal high.

But, why is he so scary? I thought now pressing my back on the bed.

He kept moving closer to me and the smell of the cigarette got into my nostrils.

I held my breath and tried not to shake.

I’m a boy right? Why should I be afraid of a fellow boy?

No, no I shouldn’t act this way. He might suspect that I’m actually a girl, I thought and freed myself and looked at him.

He was still taking slow deadly steps towards me.

His aura is quit dangerous.

He placed one of his hands on the iron holding the bed together and looked at looked at me.

I gulped nervously.

God please don’t let him punch me, I might end up fainting if that happens tho I know a little bit of fighting.

I still don’t think I stand a chance against him because aside from being a basketball player his also a fighter.

I heard he knows different skills of fighting but his major is playing basketball.

He looked into my face as if trying to see inside me.

I folded my lips and looked down at the floor as he did that.

He took his cigarette to his mouth and puffed in smoke, then puffed it out on my face making me wanna go blind.

“Yea, I think a need a assistant anyways so you’ll do.”

“Stay, I’ll allow you since I need an assistant badly” he said husky and took few steps back.

“Than…thank you” I thanked but he ignored and went into the bathroom.

I climbed up to the upper bed and laid on it.

Geez, he almost gave me heart attack there.

I laid down there and didn’t know when sleep overtook me.

Next day

I felt someone tap me and I opened my eyes to see a few boys there.

I sat up and looked down on them properly.

They were three and they were all starring at me.

F**k hope my cap hasn’t fallen off this one that they are starring at me weirdly.

“Hey, who the hell are you?” The guy in the middle asked.

Wait, isn’t he also a basketball player?

Yes he is, his always playing with Andrew on the basketball court whenever they are playing.

Um…what’s his name again?

Is it Seth or Stephen?

I think its Stephen.

Yea Stephen and his Andrew’s friend.

“Can’t you talk?” He asked sounding so harsh.

“I’m… I’m Alex,’s new roommate” I stuttered and they all chuckled.

“Roommate? He doesn’t accept roommate else I could have been his roommate so who the hell are you?” He questioned again.

I coughed and touched my head to be sure that the cap and my hair was still intact.

“I’ve told you already” I cooed and got down from the bed.

“You better get out” one of the boys with him spoke up.

“Leave him be, I need him to assist me here and beside its hard to do all those sh*tty stuff by myself” a voice rang out from behind and Andrew showed up.

“Andrew?” Stephen called and we all looked at him.

“Hey, get ready, I need to shop for new clothes” Andrew said with his eyes fixed on me and I nodded and took my toothbrush and rushed into the bathroom.

I pray I don’t meet them again when I return.

Otherwise how I am gonna get dressed without them noticing that I’m actually a girl.

They all look mean. All of them.

I finished brushing my teeth and hesitated a bit before coming out.

Sh*t, they were still there and they were discussing and drinking.

Damn it!

I’m in deep shit. There is no way they aren’t gonna find out.

“Hey, are you eye dropping on us?” One of the boys with Stephen turned and said to me.

I coughed and came out fully from the bathroom.

“I just came to get something” I replied with the hardest voice ever.

Can’t risk anything really.

I took out a trouser and another pair of skirt.

Thank goodness I’ve all these clothing with me.

I took out the items I needed and left for the bathroom afterwards.

“Don’t you think his acting weird?” I heard Stephen’s voice.

“Well, I don’t care as long as he’ll be my assistant he can act as weird as he please” Andrew replied him and I sighed.


I dropped the clothing and other things on a sink and took off my clothes and started bathing.


I put on the new clothe and came out of the bathroom.

My old clothing is already swimming in the washing machine.

I’ll have to handle that later.

“Let’s go” Andrew said immediately he noticed that I was done.

“Oh okay” I replied and he stood up and walked out.

Stephen and the two boys followed him and I joined them after making sure that my cap was still intact.

We walked for a long time and finally got to the school premises.

Female students started rushing towards our direction as if they were being called.

Yea, Andrew is everyone’s crush.

Who doesn’t like him?

Camera light kept flashing on us as we walked.

None of the girls were touching them, they were just screaming, taking pics and following us.

Gosh my ear drum is gonna burst if care is not taken.

We walked for long time and finally got to the garage and he got into one of the cars there.

“See you bro” Andrew said referring to Stephen who was standing with his hands tucked into his trouser pocket.

“Yea, don’t take long” Stephen replied and Andrew looked at me.

“Aren’t you getting in?” He hushed and I opened the car door and got in.

He ignited the engine and drove out of the garage speedily.

“Your sit belt” he mumbled with his eyes focused on the road and I fastened it immediately.



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