THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 16



(I’m sorry 😢)

😍 Alex’s POV 😍
“I..I..I..can..” I stuttered helplessly in fear.

“I’m sorry, it wasn’t.. I..I’m so sorry” I apologized and he took his hand to his hair and ruffed it.

“You are a liar, do you know that? And you’re also a deceiver.”

“Why the hell did you have to deceive me? I guess I’m being too nice on you” he groaned.

“Andrew, I’m sorry, I’m sorry for not telling you but I just couldn’t say the truth..the woman that got me registered made me do this” I tried explaining.

“She told you to deceive me? To deceive everyone, Huh!!?” He half yelled and I took my gaze to the floor as tears build up my eyes.

“Get out, get out before I loss my cool on you” he ordered pointing to the door.

“I’m…sorry” I mumbled and ran out.

Immediately I got outside I saw Stephen standing there.

I can’t believe he still went ahead to tell him, I thought and ignored him.

I left the boys dorm and went to a quite place in the school that’s filled with rocks and sat down on one of them.

I buried my head in my palm and cried out my eyes.

Its really hard to be yelled on by the person you like, its really painful.

Very hurtful.

😎Andrew’s POV 😎
I went to sit down immediately she left.

How on earth? She’s still here?

Ah gosh.

I stood up and went to my fridge to grab a can of alcohol when the door opened and Stephen came in.

I ignored him and kept doing what I was doing.

“Hey welcome” he said.

“Yea” I replied simply.

I’m not just in the mood anymore. I’m so angry right now.

“I heard you yelling at her” he said leaning on the door and I turned and gave him a glare.

She? Did he make sure of the word she

“You heard everything?” I questioned.

“No, I already knew of it” he revealed and I turned and shot him a surprised stare.

“ knew?” I asked.

Of course he knew, I remember him saying something about him resembling a girl but I only thought he was being jealous then.

Now I realize I’m the biggest fool for not finding out, I thought.

“With all his moves, I should have known. I guess I’m not as smart as you” I hushed and sat down back.

He went and sat down on the bed opposite me and watched as I opened the canned alcohol and drank from it.

“I didn’t find out that way actually, I bombed into her when she was dressing up in the bathroom and knew.”

“But of course I suspected him being a girl” he revealed and I nodded.

“Why didn’t you tell me about it?” I questioned and drank again from the drink.

“Well, she wanted me to keep the secrets, I’m glad that you found out bro, was thinking on how to keep such secrets from you” he replied and I sighed.

They are just out to get me today. Just pissing me off.

😱Alex’s POV😱
The night drew near and cold wind blew on me making me shivers.

Damn. I need cover but where should I go by this night?

Everywhere seems dark and lonely.

Where should I go? I thought with my hands folded.

The cold was just too much but I remained there.

I don’t no what his reaction will be if I go back there.

I continued sitting there almost freezing to death when I felt a hand touch me.

I slowly raised my head the look at the person that touched me.

Then I saw the person and became shocked.




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