THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 14



(His a girl)

😱Alex’s POV 😱
Happiness filled my belly as I watched him leave.

I wanted to scream but couldn’t.

Oh my! For real?

Gosh, this is awesome. I love this a lot.

“Thank you” I thanked even if he couldn’t hear me.

I jumped and walked up to meet them where they were about to go into the class.

“Patty” I heard Mia call her friend.

Patty? Is that her name? Well its quite a pretty name.

We all got into the class and I sat down not too far from Andrew this time.

And of course the patty girl was sitting beside me trying to lock hands with me but I always manage to keep my hand elsewhere.

She kept on trying for a long time but couldn’t and she spoke.

“Why are you so mean and cold? I thought we’re on good terms now, I thought you already liked me, why are you still doing this to me” she cried out.

Students around took their eyes to us and words chocked my throat.

I opened my mouth to talk but couldn’t.

What do I even say to this crazy girl? She’s so crazy.

“Why do you like treating me this way? Don’t you see the way Mia is treated by Andrew?” She asked and pointed to them behind.

I took my eyes to them and Andrew, Mia and Stephen were all starring at us.

Gosh, I need to find a way of getting rid of her.

“Leave him patty, his just a d**k head” I heard Mia voice out and my eyes widened.

“What? D**k head?” I blurted.

“You’re the only d**k head here, bit*h” I retorted.

“Huh! If you aren’t one then why do you always make her cry, she even used her seductive skills on you but you didn’t fall in love with her, are you a robot?” Mia half yelled.

By now the whole students were already starring at me.

Huh! I looked at patty then looked at Mia thinking of what to reply her but couldn’t find any useful thing so I stood up and left the class.

This is so unbelievable. She should just disappear, I don’t no why she is butting in.

D**k head? Seductive skills? I scoffed.


How could she say it out so loud? I wish this problem can be solved but the only way it can be solved is if I reveal my identity to her but I’m not gonna risk it.

She might end up telling Mia and Mia will get jealous and immediately report me to the school authority.

I have to find other way.

Maybe I should just shout at her and tell her that she’s ugly and that’s the reason I can’t like her.

Yes, if I tell her that she’ll surely ran away from me. She’ll hate me if I do.

I smiled at the thought and went back into the class and took my formal position.

“Meet me in front of the male’s restroom lunch time” I whispered into her ears and she smiled.

Well, I’m sorry but your smiles will turn to tears.

The door opened and that teacher, miss Cassy walked in to the class.

“Morning class, sorry I was a bit late” she greeted.

“A bit late or really late?” I heard Mia mumble from the back.

“Morning miss” the class greeted her as she dropped the books she came with.

“So, who can remind us about our last topic?” She asked and a few student quickly signified with their hands up but she immediately pointed at Mia.

“Yes you, what was our last topic?” She asked mia who was glaring daggers at her.

“If you don’t know it then you may excuse us” the teacher said softy with smiles but I no behind that smile that’s hatred there.

If they end up killing their selves it will be really great, wouldn’t it? They are both my enemies so I’m happy.

Mia hissed loudly then stood up and walked to the door.

“Bit*h” I heard her cuss before she left.

Wow! But she got nerves I must say. She got nerves.

The bell went out for lunch break and I stood up and immediately left the class before Andrew could stop me.

I went to the male’s restroom and stood there waiting for patty.

Two males students that were about to use the restroom walked up to me.

“Hey sexy” one of them winked making me confused.

“How about you come to our dorm this night so we could screw your a*s hole?” One of them said making me feel irritated.

Seriously? Gays?

Gosh, unbelievable! There is nothing I won’t see.

“No no, I like girls, I’m not a gay” I said and shifted away from them and luckily patty showed up and held my arm.

The two boys immediately left and I felt like vomiting.

So irritating, they see me as a guy yet they wanna have s*x with me.

“Babe” patty smiled and I quickly freed her hand from mine.

“Hey, listen up because I won’t say this twice.”

“I don’t want you around me, because you’re so ugly. Your body is also ugly that’s why I aren’t moved a bit.”

“Stop clinging to me and read your books alright and don’t even call me babe” I warned and she kept starring at me speechless.

“You…you don’t mean it right? I’m ugly?” She broke down in tears.

Ah shit!

I wish I’m not behaving this way but this is the only way.

“Yes, you’re very ugly, too ugly for my liking” I snapped and tears started rolling down her cheeks and immediately she turned and ran away.

“Ah!!!” I groaned and ruffed my hair.

I hate that I’m doing this to her considering that she’s too emotional.

I hate it but I had to do it right?

I hope she falls in love with another guy.

There weren’t basketball practice today so we left early for the dorm.

What I said to patty was still giving me disturbing thoughts.

My mouth is dry and I need something to cool off.

So immediately we got into the dorm I reached for the small fridge and took a can of alcohol and started gulping down.

Andrew left to do whatever and said he’ll be back in few minutes.

I took another can and finished it but still wasn’t satisfied and I took the third can.

I was still drinking it when the door opened and Andrew got in.

I started feeling dizzy, I’m probably drunk.

I finished that can and went to lie down immediately, lying down on the lower bed instead of the upper one.

I suddenly felt lazy to climb up and within seconds I feel deeply asleep.

😋Andrew’s POV 😋
I got out from the shower to see him lying down where he wasn’t supposed to.

“Hey” I hushed but he didn’t budge.

I wonder why he drank immediately he came back.

Could something be wrong with him? I thought and squatted to look at him.

“Hey” I called calmly and he turned.

I took a closer look at him and became confused.

Why does he look like a girl? I thought and looked at his hair.

Hold on; His putting on a wig?

The wig has shifted revealing his real hair.

Why is he putting on a wig? I thought and slowly touched the wig and it pulled off completely.

My eyes widened as I looked at him carefully.

His..his..a girl? I thought and scoffed.

It can’t be, I thought again and went to his luggage.

I needed to confirm it.

I opened a bag and saw his identity card, I checked the details there.

The towel I was holding fell off my hand.

His really a girl?

What the hell?


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