THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 12



( Strange calls)

😱Alex’s POV 😱
I looked as him as he moved closer to Andrew and surprisedly moved pass him leaving the restroom.

I heaved a sigh of relief as I took my eyes to Andrew’s.

“What was that? What were you guys talking about?” He inquired.

“Um..its nothing really, well he doesn’t really like me, his jealous like you said” I replied him praying he gets convinced.

He stared at me plainly for a while without saying anything and I wondered why.

What is he thinking? I wondered.

“Okay, but tell me if he bullies you again” he hushed and left.

I sighed and placed my hand on my fast beating chest.

I faced the mirror and looked at myself.

What should I do now? I don’t think his gonna leave me till this semester runs out.

I could have continued pleading with him till he agrees if Andrew hadn’t shown up.

Bad timing.

I went back to watch them train after a few minute and soon they were done.

We then left for the dorm.

“Alex, I need you to follow me somewhere in few minutes time, so be quick” he said simply.

“Okay” I nodded and took the clothes I’ll be needing to the bathroom to wash up.

I came out and didn’t find him in.

His phone started ringing and I looked at it wondering who was calling him.

It continued ringing for a long time so I decided to look at the caller.

I picked up the phone but it seemed like an unknown number.


Why is the person calling severally? I wondered and kept back the phone but it continued ringing.

Could it be an emergency? I thought and decided to pick the call to tell the person that he isn’t in.

I cleared my voice and picked the call, placing it on my right ear immediately.

“Hello” I cooed but didn’t hear a reply.

“Hellooo” but no reply.

“Hellooo” I answered again but still no reply then I cut the call and dropped it.

The person kept calling and the call was picked but he or she refused talking? Isn’t that weird?

That’s really strange mostly because it’s an unknown number.

The call didn’t come again until Andrew came back.

I took the phone and gave it to him immediately.

“Someone called you Andrew, the person kept calling so I decided to pick the…”

“What? You picked my call?” He interrupted me sharply making me a bit scared.


“Don’t ever pick my call again understood?” He snarled.

“Ye..yes” I replied shaken by his reaction.

Now this is more weird. I thought I’m his assistant right?

Why is he so angry about it?

He took the phone outside and came back few minutes later.

“I’ll be coming in very late” he said in a hard tone then left immediately.

Wait, he said I’m supposed to follow him somewhere or did he forget? I thought and ran after him.

He took a cut that wouldn’t require female student to see him and soon he was at the garage.

He opened his car door and was about entering before I stopped him.

Gosh he was walking so fast, I have been running after him all this while but couldn’t catch up with him.

He turned and look at me. That hard look was still on his face.

“You said we were gonna go somewhere together” I panted.

“Forget it” he replied flatly and got into his car. He speed off within seconds.

Why is he acting so cold? Just because I picked his call?

Well, I’ve learned not to do that again, I thought and headed back for the dorm to think about Stephen and his threats.

😎 Andrew’s POV 😎
I drove at a very high speed to go meet with him.

At gosh, why didn’t I take my phone with me while going out?

I can’t believe Alex picked the call.


I continued driving for long taking a very lonely part till I got to the mansion.

I honed and the boys opened the gate for me. I drove in and immediately Draco came to me.

“Hey man” he called and we shook hands.

“Is he in?” I questioned and he nodded.

“Yea, heard he has been calling you, why did you allow someone else pick his call?” He asked.

“I’m stupid, it wasn’t intentional” I replied taking the stairs while he walked behind me.

I got to the big lion door and stopped.

I took a very deep breath before turning the door knob.

I got into the dark room. Foul smell welcomed me as usual as I stood waiting for him to talk.

“You made me call you six times, you arrived 2 minutes late, any excuses?” His hard voice rang out.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t with my phone then and the road was a bit tight” I replied him.

“Any other excuse?” His cold voice asked.

“No, no sir” I replied him.

“You’ll be travelling to mexico soon, I need you to successfully escort the goods down here” he hushed.

“Okay sir” I replied.

“You can leave, wait for my call” his cold voice said and I nodded and left.

He seem to be in a good mood today.

Maybe because business is going well for him.

Well, I’m at least happy he didn’t behave rashly today.

Draco came to meet me again.

“What did he say?” He asked me.

“I’ll be escorting his goods down here, probably in a few days” I replied going down to my car.

“Come on bro, have a bottle with us. I don’t no why you attend school when you know it won’t be of use in the future. You’ll still end of running your father’s business” he said.

“Draconic, will you shut it? You’re as ugly as your name” I eyed him and got into my car.

I ignited the engine and speed off.

Well yea, he said the truth anyway. I’ll still end up in this hell hole because of him – my dad.

TBC Andrew and Alex.


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