THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 1

😱The Girl In The Boys
Dorm 👧
😍[Did she lost her way] 😍
By: Blessing D writes

(Staying among boys)
😍Alex’s POV 😍
“Ahh, yes, faster!”

“Yes, faster!!” I heard moans inside the dorm and I pushed the door open. It was the dorm number given to me.

“Fk, get out!!”
“Get the f
k out” a student yelled as I got into the dorm.

Geez, she was making out with a male student there.

I got out and slammed the door close.

Gosh, this is so annoying.

Where the hell will I start? Which dorm I’m i gonna stay at now.

I’m not gonna be leaving outside, am I?

Oh mom, you warned me not to attend crystal high but I couldn’t listen.

Now no one wants me, I thought as I dragged my luggage out.

I got out to the school premises and stood watching different students walking up and down.

I sighed pathetically and squatted down.

How the hell I’m I gonna cope here? With no family or friends and no one wants me in the female dorm.

This is my first day and all these is already happening. Its good to listen to parents advice.

I stayed there for a while and later decided to go report to the woman that registered and assigned me that dorm.

With my luggage I went to her office and planted a soft knock when I got there.

“Come in” I heard her respond and I opened the door and went in.

“What are you doing here?” She questioned without looking at me.

“Ma’am, all the dorms rooms looks filled up. There is no space and no one wants to share” I complained.

“What of the room I assigned you to?” She questioned still not looking at me.

“Ma’am, they asked me out” I replied not wanting to mention the s*x part I witnessed.

“Well, then go to the boys dorm. There are a lot of vacant rooms there” she said and my eyes widened.

“What? The boys dorm?” I repeated and she looked up to me.

She smiled and stood up on her feet.

“Yes or do you wanna go back home?” She gave me that creepy look.

“No…no ma” I stuttered totally confused.

“Then go make use of the boys dorm” she said and I coughed.

“But ma’am, I’m a girl and not a boy” I told her.

She nodded immediately I said that.

“I know dear, but you have no other choice” she replied less concerned and went back to her sit.

“Go to room number 48. I think its vacant” she said looking into a book.

I coughed again not sure of what to do.

Using a boy’s dorm? Staying among boys? I thought and shook my head.

I have no other choice or do i? No, I don’t.

“Alright ma’am, I’ll go now” I replied and made to leave but she stopped me.

“Come on, your hair, they won’t let you in once they find out about your hair. You have to do something about it” she cooed.

“Okay ma’am” I replied and opened my luggage and brought out a face cap.

I tied my hair and put on a face cap.

“Remember to introduce yourself as a female while passing the checking point” she reminded.

“Yes ma’am” I muttered and dragged my luggage out.

I got outside and sighed.

Gosh, I can’t believe her.

She’s talking as if its nothing. If I were to be caught I’ll be thrown out of this school but I got no other option.

I started walking, headed for boys dorm which was in the other side of the school premises.

I passed a lot of students, buildings and finally got there.

I made to pass but was stopped by the securities.

“Your student verification card?” One of the securities demanded.

“Um..I’m just a freshman sir, I don’t have that yet” I replied making my voice to be thick.

He starred at me and my luggage.

“You are a boy right?” He asked and I gulped and replied.

“Yes sir” I replied and he moved out of the way.

“Alright you can pass” he allowed me to pass.

I released the breathe I didn’t no I was holding.

Geez, I thought I was gonna get caught there for a minute.

So now I’ve suddenly turned to a guy.


I pulled my luggage with me searching for room 48 and finally got to it.

I smiled and opened the door.

I got in and looked around.

Hmm it looks like someone is using the room but I can’t find anyone here.

Thank goodness I at least found a dorm to stay.

I pulled my luggage to a side and laid flat on the two in one bed.

I laid on the lower one and closed my eyes.

It’ll be better If i stay in this room alone, I don’t wanna have a room mate.

I rested for a while and stood up, went to my luggage and took out the items I need.

First I’ll have to take a shower, I thought and got into the bathroom.

Why does it look like someone is currently using this dorm?

Well, the woman said its vacant so I don’t need to worry.

I got out of shower and put on a dress.

A short trouser and baggy shirt.

I’ll have to get guys clothing I guess.

My hair, what should I do to it? I don’t wanna get caught, I thought and an idea came into my head.

I’m gonna buy a guy’s wig.

But I’ll have to do that tomorrow.

For now my cap will do.

School is resuming next tomorrow so I’ll prepare myself fully before then.

I parked my hair up and wore the cap on.

Yea, this will do, I thought and sat down on the bed.

The door busted open and I flinched and stood up on my feet.

A guy walked in. He was smoking.

Oh my goodness!!

I think I recognize him, his the famous basketball player.

Andrew. Andrew is his name.

He stopped by the door and looked at me.

“What the hell are you doing in my dorm?” He asked in a very hard voice and I felt shivers ran down my spin.

I thought this dorm is vacant. So what’s happening??



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