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THE FARMER’S DAUGHTER … (18+) … Part 1



Chelsea’s pov
“What?? “My mom asked

“I wanna go see the farm now… “, I said boldly

“Chelsea are you nuts… You just got back from London and you haven’t even eating And you want to go see the farm? “Mom yelled

I rolled my eyes
“OKAY mom, I’ll go freshen up but mind you am going once am done “I said

Mom nodded
“Better… call Ur dad for me “mom said

I nodded and began climbing the stairs with my luggage

I walked pass dad’s office, it was open
I walked inside leaving my luggage outside
I saw papers kept roughly on the desk “dad? “I called

Coast is clear
I read the papers… This is a letter from the state mayor
Oh no! I gasped
We are loosing alot of money in this farm and we might have to put the farm out for mortgage…

I have to do something, I cherish this farm alot

Its been a family inheritance for so long..
I went to my room to have a cold bath

Am back now, back for good

👤Am Chelsea Shawn.. 23 years old. I studied at Harvard university in London. I graduated long ago and got a good job but am back to spend sometime with my family – dad, mom and my younger brother James

Coming to attitude, am hot headed and very stubborn but thanks to the brains I inherited from mom I was able to get an admission into Harvard

I changed into my strawberry crop top and jean trouser before heading downstairs

I really can’t wait to see how far the farm had gone
The flowers I planted the last time I visited and the the apple trees ..

I just can’t wait

I got to the living room to see two men seated on our sofa

They looked so cute in their tux 👔

I admired the one that looked younger… But what the fuck are they doing here??

I looked over to mom and dad’s direction

They wore a nervous frown look

I stood before them with my hands folded

“Dad, mom, who are this people and why are they here? “I asked rolling my eyes

Mom and dad exchanged glances

Mom stammered
“Chelsea dear, pls excuse us, this conversation has nothing to do with you “mom said politely

I furrowed my brows

“Am not going anywhere and you know it ” I said glaring at the two men

Mom sighed

“Very well miss… Since you’re willing to know why we are here and who we are… “The guy passed me a document 📄

I glanced through it
I knew it!! They want to take advantage of the fact that we are going broke and financially unstable…

I tore the paper into to two

“Am sorry but this farmland is not for sale ” I said angrily

The guy chuckled

“Don’t let me use violent measures on you and Ur family “he said

I clenched my fist

“How dare you threaten me! “I yelled

I grabbed the cup of water on the table and emptied it on him

Everyone gasped

“Go to hell “I said and threw the papers at him

He smiled dangerously

“Google me “he said before leaving with his brother or whatever


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