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[ How To Tame A Bastard 😏]

Written by:- Williams Kendall ✍🏽


[Jessica’s Plight, Aaron’s Mission]

Auckland, New Zealand

🔥 Aaron’s POV: 🔥

To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed right now. I thought I already met the perfect girl for me.

I was stoked seeing Tayla this morning, looking so strikingly gorgeous when she boarded my yacht. She looked demure and virginally innocent in her knitted white dress that covered her beautiful curvaceous body. Her jet black hair was twisted in a knot above her head with soft tendrils flowing at the sides of her face.

My excitement died when her hands could not keep them by her sides. She was sexually touchy and came to me quite fast. She initiated our first kiss and gave me the tongue already. I was immediately disillusioned. Another of my first date turn offs.

After we had lunch, she refused the kiwi pavlova for dessert and opted for my manhood instead. We had wild sex for the rest of the afternoon.

I met Tayla in the New Zealand Entrepreneur Conference last night. I was one of the speakers while she was one of the organizers of the event. She looked so gorgeous, confident and smart. She was also a brunette. Something I had a thing in a woman.

Tayla approached me after my speech and introduced herself. We talked for about five minutes, and immediately she captured my interest, so I asked her for a date.

But today proved that I was wrong. She did not turn out to be the girl that I expected. She was too wild and sexually aggressive. A bad impression on the first date.

Tayla got so exhausted and slept the rest of the afternoon, while I dove off to the crystal clear blue water of the ocean and had a vigorous swim. The water was slightly rough and icy cold on my skin. Just how I wanted it to be. It rejuvenated me, like a new energy – giving me more strength, power and motivation to do what I must do.

I was born bearing a huge obligation for my family, that is guardianship of the Latsis’ trillion dollars worth of fortune. As the eldest of my three siblings, I carried the responsibility of managing our family’s empire.

I remembered when I was thirteen, I got so confused about the responsibility that my father, Tristan Latsis kept on reminding me. I bursted at him one afternoon in our cattle farm at Wellington, with a tear stained face.

“I thought we’re extremely rich and I’m going to keep the family’s money! Why am I shovelling this pile of filthy cows’ manure? Can you just let our workers do it?”

My dad would just say. “To be a good leader, Aaron, you must first become a good servant.”

“That’s so unfair! You separated me from my siblings. They’re in Auckland having a grand time while I’m here in Wellington, studying and working my ass as a farm boy. What am I to you, a slave? Sometimes I wonder, if I’m really your son!”

I kept on complaining, until one day, I stopped when I enjoyed being on the farm. I learned cattle and sheep raising, dairy farming and managing the whole farm.

But when I entered University to study mechanical engineering at the University of Auckland, I missed the farm terribly. I became so lonely and cried for days. I should be happy that I was with my family all the time.


I could not relate with all my siblings. Edward who was two years my junior was too posh and arrogant. He had a superiority complex and would contradict me in every possible way. Skylar, the only girl, was five years younger than me, and she had her own world. A nerd who wanted to be alone all the time. Her twin, Troy was too hyperactive. He loved adventures and wanted to try new things all the time – including taking all forms of drugs.

While studying, dad started training me in running our airline business in Auckland. It was very overwhelming at first, too different from farming. Gradually, the training became more intensive and my responsibilities became bigger and bigger, until I graduated university where I had full hands on the business.

Now at the age of twenty nine, I took control of the airline business, while dad went back to Wellington with mom and managed the farm.

“Excuse me sir.”

My thoughts drifted back to the present when Bao, my middle aged Chinese personal assistant, called out from the yacht.

“What is it?” I asked him.

“Your mother is calling. She said it’s an emergency.” He lifted the phone in the air.

That surprised me and had me worried. I swam towards the yacht in a hurry and climbed up, then took the towel and phone from Bao.

“Yes, mother?”

“Aaron! Haven’t you heard of the news? Oh my god… this is terrible… I can’t believe this is happening.” My mom, Stella Valiente Latsis was freaking out, then her voice broke in a sob.

“No… tell me, what happened?” Cold sweat ran down from my nape, as my heart throbbed faster.

“There’s a plane crash near Auckland, and… and Jessica, she’s in that plane!”

Jessica. My sister in-law. Troy’s widow.

I tensed as I pictured the woman I hated too much, lying on the ground, her body burned in char black and crying in intense pain until she gasped for her last breath.

My lips instantly twisted nastily.

Served her right. She was nothing but a manipulative opportunistic evil bitch. She killed Troy, and now, she’s paying for her sins. Goodluck Jessica. Grim Reaper is coming to get you.

“Aaron, are you there? Did you hear me?”

“I heard you.”

“This is so heartbreaking for us, her family,” Mom sobbed, “I want you to coordinate with the authorities there in Auckland and find Jessica. Don’t ever stop until you have her.”

I exhaled heavily, then answered, “Okay, I will.”


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