THE DEVIL’S TOUCH … (18+) … Part 1

It was raining heavily that night with scary thunderstorm. Roofs shook due to the nefarious wind that threatened the state of everything on its way. The night was dark to the sky save for thunder lighting that gave a flash of light.

A five year old boy ran to shut the wooden window that was forced opened by the wind and caught a glimpse of two dark smoky creatures covered in dark regalia and hoods over their heads standing in the air amidst the wind. He thought he was making out an imaginary figure, but when he looked further the two creatures landed and started towards his house. He immediately shut the window in fear and ran to his mum who was fast asleep.
“Mummy! Mummy!”. He said shaking her rigorously, but she made no attempt to awaken.
The door of their small hut was flung open by the wind followed by a thunder strike, and this made the boy’s hairs stood as he froze looking in absolute fear.
The two creatures slowly entered the house. It was then he noticed that their legs were not touching the ground, they were floating in the air.
The boy climbed up to his mother’s bed and covered himself with the blanket.
one of the creatures removed the hood and unveiled a dark smoke like head with two fire balls as eyes. And he floated to the bed moved his hands together upwards the boy’s mother and she began levitating the hand motion.
Suddenly a woman in white, whose skin was as white as snow appeared between the smoky creatures and the bed and let out a loud scream that shook the house and pulled off the roof and cracking the wall of the house.
The two creatures covered themselves up in a swift move, grabbed the boy’s mother and disappeared in a wisp of smoke.
The boy hid himself under the blanket, engulfed with fear and refused to step out of his hiding. The blanket slowly pulled away from him, he held on to it tight not letting go muttering words of prayers, as the blanket slide off his body and he was exposed to the weather. He kept his eyes closed, too scared to look up.
“It’s okay, you’re safe now”. A gentle female voice said.

He slowly opened his eyes and found nothing in the room. The place was badly ruined with rain having full access through the roofless opened top. He slowly came down from the bed and put his feet in the floor that was covered in water and started calling out for his mum. He came out of the house that was build in the middle of the woods in search for his mother. Everything looked like the smoky men he saw earlier as it was still dark and raining.
When he couldn’t find her, in his shivering state, he ran to the house of his neighbor few distance away, as he ran he heard some horrific voices . He turned behind him still running and when he looked forward again, something like a monstrous angry gorilla stood before him beating it’s chest and disappeared in a flash. He fell on his buttocks, looked around in fear, stood up and continued running.
Then he arrived his neighbors, a small building with no compound. He knocked so hard on the door, looking behind him still hearing the voices that kept crying and screaming in his ear. He knocked harder but no one answered, so he took the back yard and passed through the window. When he entered the dark house, he felt slightly safe.
”Mmadu! ije!”.He called as he slowly groped in the dark house.
He suddenly stumble on something soft, It was like a human flesh. He moved abruptly away from it in fear and kept moving. This time he was unsure if he was in the right place.
He increased his voice almost in tears but met silence. Then he touched something like matches on a table. He lit it with a shaky hand and found father, mother and three children mutilated. Their intestines were ripped out of their tummies; some had their hands tore off. The boy moved backwards in fear until his back met the wall. Then he screamed aloud and a loud thunder strike followed.


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