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The devil in my home
Episode 25
Immediately Nathan came out with the mirror, when Kelvin saw this he stopped
“Hit the mirror on the ground “the pastor said to Nathan
“Please Nathan my son, don’t do it “Caro pleaded over the mirror
“Please dad! Don’t do it, my life lies there, remember am your son “Kelvin also pleaded and Nathan was touched
“Don’t listen to them, go ahead and break the mirror to save your family “the pastor said in a loud voice and Nathan was confused the more because he doesn’t want to hurt his son either
“But pas……….
“There’s no but, just go ahead and break the mirror to save your family, is either you do it now or never “the pastor cut Nathan’s statement and ordered him to break the mirror
“Please dad I beg you, don’t d……….. “But before Kelvin could finish his statement, Nathan hit the mirror hard on the ground and it broke into pieces and Kelvin screamed and fell on the ground, from there he started confessing everything, he said that he and his grandmother was responding for the death and strange things happening in the house that his grandmother Caro sent him on a mission in the house which is to kill favour and her children, and also anybody that stand on their way, he also said that Caro initiated him when Nathan took him and his brother to porthacourt newly to be living with their grandmother, he said that the grandmother is a witch and queen of their coven, while him Kelvin is the prince, he confessed many things and Nathan was very shocked that so all this while, his mother and son are evil and have been responsible for the death of their children, maid and mother inlaw, he couldn’t believe his ear. Kelvin also said the reason why he joined force with his grandmother to destroy favour and her children is that he don’t want them to take what rightfully belongs to him and his brother, and also he confessed that his grandmother Caro is the main master planner of the mission
“Please dad! Forgive me for causing pain in your home, am really sorry “Kelvin pleading in a dying tone and tears fell from Nathan’s eyes
“But you and my mother went too far, why Kelvin? Why?? Nathan said sadly
“Am sorry Dad, but somehow you caused all this, if you hadn’t taken me and my brother to Grandma in porthacourt, she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to initiated me, but this one immediately you divorced our mother, you took us to Grandma in porthacourt and Abandoned us there, you showed us less love and hardly visit us, making us to hate you , your wife and children, no matter how many children you got from a different women, you supposed to show them love equally so that they will not hate and plot evil against you “Kelvin said and Nathan sobbed, while the pastor just shake his head
“Am sorry my son, am really sorry that I made you turn this way and I admit that am wrong, but all the same, you and my mother went too far, you people should have tell me all this so that I will amend my way rather than you people inflicting pain in my home “Nathan said with tears
“Am really sorry Dad, I know I went too far and I regretted it, but please dad, don’t use because of what I did to abandon Emmanuel, he is innocent and different from me, once again am sorry, and please find a place in your heart to forgive me “Kelvin pleaded and after that he died, while Nathan sobbed.
After everything, the pastor prayed for the house and revived favour, he told them to be prayerful because prayer is the key to everything, After the pastor finished praying for them and their home, he left.
Some hours later, Emmanuel called from porthacourt and told Nathan that Caro is dying and that she want to speak to him, and so Nathan put the phone on speak out so that favour can also hear, and from there Caro started confessing everything to her son Nathan and also beg for forgiveness for the pain she caused in his home that the reason why she did that was because of the hatred she have towards favour, that she feels that favour is a thorn in her flesh that was why she decided to wipe she and her children off, Caro also ask for favour’s forgiveness that she’s sorry for every pain that she have caused her, after Caro finish confessing on the phone she died, while Emmanuel screamed over the phone, Nathan and favour who was listening to all this on the phone shake their head because everything was still like a dream to them.
Three days later, Nathan travelled to porthacourt and took Emmanuel his son to Lagos and he started living with them, Emmanuel was a good boy and was quite different from Kelvin, he love favour as his own mother and favour on the other hand love him too as her own son
Two years later, favour became pregnant again and later gave birth to a baby boy, and from there they lived happily after ever.

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A story written by Chichi Tonia, I rest my pen for now????

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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.