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The devil in my home
Episode 2
After some minutes, Nathan came out from the bathroom when he was done bathing, and he was very surprised to see his wife favour on tears
“Darling! What is the matter, why are you crying? He asked with a concerned tone
“Is nothing, just don’t worry about me, am fine “favour replied and was wiping off the tears coming down from her eyes, but the more she was wiping it off the more tears continue to flow
“No no darling, you can’t tell me you are fine when you are crying, please tell me what happened “Nathan insisted and favour sniffed
“Is your mother again “favour finally said
“I knew your tears have something to do with my mother, and I don’t know when my mother will stop all this her attitude towards yo……….
“Is because she hate me, that was why she’s behaving this way towards me, she thought I was the reason why you divorced your wife “favour cut his statement
“But you and I know that you are not the reason, even when I divorced Jessica I haven’t even came across you not alone knowing you then, please dear, don’t let all this mama attitude to bother you, with time she come to understand and like you, I know my mother, she will change “Nathan said
“You are telling that I shouldn’t be bother about your mother behavior towards me that she will change, for over ten years we got married she haven’t change towards me, is it now that she will change, hmmm…… Anyway she said that you should call her back whenever you are through, let me go and check the children to know what they are doing, and please dear be fast so that you will help me to drop the children to school, you know the driver is not coming today because he said he’s not feeling fine and the children are running late to school, let me go and check them “favour said and then left the room, while Nathan began to dress up, so that he will drop the children and go to work, he didn’t even bother to call his mother that moment because he planned to call her when he gets to the office. After he was done dressing, he took his briefcase and from there he dropped his children in the school, after dropping them, he went straight to work.
Later in the afternoon, when Nathan was in his office, his phone began to rang and it was his mother carol calling
“OMG!! I completely forgot that I was supposed to call her in the morning, I know she will be mad at me for not calling “Nathan thought to himself before picking the call
“So nathan, it has gotten to the extent you are avoiding my call right, first you told that stupid woman you called a wife to pick my call, and since morning I told you to call me back you didn’t even bother to call back, Nathan what have I done to you to deserve this “Carol said immediately Nathan picked the call
“Am sorry mama for not calling back in the morning, just that I forgot to call back due to am busy with work “Nathan apologized
“I know that is what you will say, see Nathan am not a fool you can lie to, I know you are busy with your wife and not work, so stop using work as an excuse of avoiding my call, that woman have really made you to turn your back on me your mother, if I had known that you will turn out this way towards me, I would have aborted you just as your late father insisted, am really disappointed in you Nathan “Carol said in disappointment


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