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Episode 50

By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

…..Mykel’s pov…….
The light reflected into the room and shun directly on the duvet which I used to cover up sleeping Rissa. I can’t believe she cried herself to sleep last night.

Well…it’s not on me. I did all I could to make her calm but she sobbed quietly through out the night.

Lucky enough, the pillow wasn’t terribly soaked with her tears because she laid on top of me, all through with her head on my chest.
But I’m glad she still slept well.

Her eyes flickered open and she held me tighter like she thought I had left.

I just wish I could fast forward this hurtful moments till I’m finally in Korea. Safe from the heartbreak. I’ll start a whole new life.

The more I stayed in America, the more I remembered the bad things I’ve been through at the juvenile center.
I’m sure I never want to go back there.

Rissa’s hands drew slowly from where she had grasp and slid out entirely. She removed her body from where it had been tightly attached to mine.

She sat up keeping her legs at the other side of the bed. I saw marks from her awkward position last night. Without looking at her face, I could still see sadness and grief.

I would kill Mr Frosh just to be with her but it’s not as easy as it seems.

I lifted my hand which most of her body had rested on through out the night – the hand was hurting so bad and i guess blood couldn’t circulate properly due to the weight.

All the same, it still isn’t enough to be compared to what I went through yesterday.
Watching her cry and I know there’s nothing i could say to make her feel better.

“Carissa” I called softly, with my eyeballs affixed to her back which was facing me.

She didn’t respond but just remained stiff like a log of wood.
I still waited for a response as time expired.

“Don’t call me that…” She remarked with so much coldness in her voice.

I rubbed the back of my head confused and disintegrated.
So, she doesn’t like being called ‘Carissa’???
How come I didn’t know that?!…

“Do you need anything?” I asked calmly and she spared me a weird glance.

“Yes – I need you to just disappear!” She rasped wide-eyed and deranged.

“I’m sorry…” I whispered and started leaving th bed.
Before my legs could leave the bed completely, she had already jumped on me holding me so close that I was starting to get worried.
I hope I’ve not made her a bit crazy!

“Rissa!…are you alright?” I asked awkwardly.

“I’m stupid, right? I’m finding it so hard to let go when you’ve explained a dozen times.What do I do, Mykel? I feel so alone. Who’s gonna be here for me when I get sassy and clingy?” She paused for a while just looking into my face.

I tried not to look but unfortunately for me, I got trapped again ~ I looked down at her lips.
They had stopped moving and she bit on the lower one.

“I’m sorry, Rissa. I don’t deserve you. I’ve done a lot of horrible things in the past. I’ve been to juvie and got into vicious fights there. I’m not as peaceful as I look. The last thing I want to do is to hurt you…I swear” I professed and she nodded.

“Then why did you make me fall for you In the first place?” She asked giving me a scalding look.

“I what??…” I asked marveled.

“You heard me, why did you make me fall for you when you knew you would leave soon?!!” She hooted spitefully.

‘I what?’…i mean, I never performed any trick for her to like me. I was just being myself so why’s she suddenly blaming me??…
This is preposterous!…

…..At The Hospital………

Lucas Forbes was given a private ward surrounded by able bodyguards and gun men. The Forbes family has been turned upside down after their heir was beaten into coma.

They had the best police officials investigate on who was responsible for the plot against him.

This has never occurred before and the most expected person to get worried was Mrs Forbes – his mother.

She has always been hard on him in most occasions but deep inside her heart, she loved him greatly and would do anything to see that he doesn’t suffer or go through stress.

She was the first to visit Lucas In his private ward. He was breathing fine but was unconscious.

His friends are all conscious and would be discharged in a matter of days but Lucas’s case seemed to be different.

It would take weeks for him to regain consciousness The doctor had told Mrs Forbes.

She was given a mask and gloves to put on inorder not to infect Lucas.

She sat right next to him just staring at his son sleep. It still shocks her to the bone.
She had had breakfast with her kids that morning. Lucas didn’t eat much since he had a tight schedule to carry out. He looked so healthy and strong.
But at the moment before her very eyes – her son was dying.

She lifted her eyeballs and spotted Lucas’s fingers as they moved consequently.

Her heart leaped instantly.

“Lucas?…Lucas??..” She called in a frail voice.

Soon, his lips curved slightly like he was struggling to make out words.
He finally said something but Mrs Forbes didn’t hear him clearly.

She brought her ear inches closer against his son’s lips. She felt his cold breath on her skin.

“R…Ris…Rissa!” He muttered with his eyes still closed shut.

Mrs Forbes lifted her head and stared at him.

“Rissa??” She asked obviously confused.


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