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Episode 48

By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

…..Rissa’s pov……
He dropped me gently on my bed with Selena still in the room.
Oh freaking Mary!!
Why did she have to follow us up here?!!

“Are you sure you’re okay. I think I should check your blood pressure since you went through a shock…” She suggested but I shook my head negatively.

“I said I’m fine, Selena. The glass just slipped, I didn’t go through a shock” I replied with a crumpled look.

“Alright. Since my work here is done, I’ll take my leave” She shrugged her shoulders.

“I’ll see you off…” Mykel offered taking her big bag from her hands.

“Thank you. Bye Rissa!” She bid waving her hand as they both left the room.

I sighed. Now I’m alone again…

My phone began ringing and I quickly answered it without even checking who it was.

“Hello?” I muttered dropping my head back on the pillow.
“Rissa!! Did you hear about what happened to Lucas???” The person rushed and I figured it was Zoe.

“You know I don’t care about him” I replied as my frown deepened.

“I know but then – he’s badly hurt along with his friends and they’re all at the hospital right now. Lucas condition is so bad that they’re flying an expert all the way from Germany” She stated and I scoffed.

“His parents have the money so why should it bother me? You saw how he dragged me in front of everyone and said shameful things. So, I no longer care if he suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth” I blunted rolling my eyeballs like she could see me.

“I know what he did was wrong and foolish but we can’t just turn a blind eye to what has happened. The real story was that he was attacked on their way to Blue Desk Highschool along with his friends. I fear Lucas might not make it – he has been in coma for almost two hours now….” She paused as I completely went numb.

“Rissa…we need to pray for him. I know its gonna be hard but that’s better than seeing him die without getting an explanation from him after what he did, don’t you think?” She asked rhetorically.

“I don’t need his explanation. Put yourself in my shoes and get to know how it feels, for a change!” I hooted and hung up.

I was still pondering over Zoe’s words when Mykel entered the room without Selena hanging around him like a leach.

“Who were you talking to?” He asked and I guessed he overheard me yell.

“It’s Zoe. She said Lucas and her friends were beaten up by some unknown people and Lucas himself is in coma. Can you believe that?” I asked astonished.

And this had to happen right after he humiliated me in front of the whole class.🤦🏽

“Wow…being in coma is a big thing. Who could have done such a thing?” Mykel asked coming close.

“I don’t know…Not someone I could think off…” I whispered whimpering like a lost puppy.

“Are you worried about him?” He asked stroking some bits of my hair.

“No, I’m not. I just hope no one suspects me. I mean, he just did something bad to me the previous day. Won’t it look like I was the one behind the plot?” I queried quizzically.

“No one will think that, trust me. And besides, he’s the son of someone important in the country – lots of people might have plotted against him due to some reasons. It can be because he’s rude and mocks people a lot” Mykel pointed out and I tried not to prevaricate.

“I know but my heart can’t stop beating fast. It’s part of his fault! He keeps going around with no escorts” I rasped, livid.

“He’s just trying to live a normal life. Just like everybody else. I guess he doesn’t like special treatment” He stated and I found it a bit odd that Mykel is trying to cover up for Lucas so much. This wasn’t the part of him that threatened to hurt Lucas earlier..
What changed??…

Pineapple’s tummy grumbled audibly and I gasped..

“We have not fed her since morning!” I recalled panicking.

“It’s alright. I’ll take her to the maids” He offered and picked my poor dog up from the floor.

He left the room with her while I sat alone trying to picture Lucas’s face filled with bruises and scars. I don’t even know how I feel about the shocking incident.

I decided to take a brief walk around the mansion before it’s time for dinner.
Well, we have dinner pretty early sometimes.

I passed my legs into my flip flops and sauntered out of the place.
I noticed Mykel’s door was a bit open as I walked by and I went over to shut it for him.

I pushed the door wider and peeped into the room. Wow…why does everywhere look so reserved and empty??
Hold on….it’s actually empty.

I moved in and saw his luggage and bag on the bed.
What’s going on?!

I quickly checked his wardrobe and not a single clothe was left there except for a towel.
Is…Is he going somewhere?!….

I was really confused at the empty room.
Its just like how it was before he moved in.
I checked his drawers, closets and bathroom and that was when I was convinced, Mykel is going somewhere.


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