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Episode 47

By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

….Rissa’s pov…….
I felt quite dizzy, My pulse fluttering like an excited butterfly.

Gently, he moved his hand to my face. As he drew himself closer I closed my eyes, feeling the soft warmth of his lips caress my own.
“Mmm…” I bemoaned as Mykel devoured my lips like a hungry lion. I sheepishly held him tightly as he sucked on my lower lip.

I had already caught up and retaliated just the way he wanted. His other hand rubbed softly around my waist sending sparkles through me.

There was nothing else on my mind as a tingling sensation moved through my veins.
This is the best feeling ever.

I felt helpless under him and just wanted more.

Suddenly, his phone began ringing and he paused. He lifted his head from my neck, where he had traveled down to with the intentions of giving me a hickey.

“Mykel…” I called not letting him leave.

He placed a short kiss on my forehead before going towards his phone. He glanced at the screen and picked it up. Before I could ask who he was, he headed straight to the door, unlocked it and walked out to the hallway.

I sighed and dropped on the bed.
I hope he comes back soon. I can’t help it.
My soul keeps yearning for him.

The j.erk has succeeded in making me fall for him. I just hope he’s not taking advantage of me.

…..Mykel’s pov………
I got to my room and made sure Rissa didn’t follow me before answering the call.

“My boys have dealt with them. They also sent photos. Would you like to see their bloody faces?” Mr Frosh asked in his normal gleeful voice.

I grimaced irritated.

“No, save it. Thank you, sir” I whispered and he chuckled…

“Anything for you, son. But I hope the girl won’t be a problem. We don’t have forever, you know!” He rasped and I rolled my eyes.

“Just leave her alone. You know we had a deal” I stated before hanging up.
Son of a bch!

……Rissa’s pov…….
I had a quick shower before putting on a shabby dress. It’s not really my style but I just felt like it.

Pineapple and I arrived at dad’s private office and I brought out the spare key from where he always hides it.

Mom once told me about it.
Well, the information is gonna be useful today.

I unlocked the door and we went in.

I scanned the entire office with my eyes; It’s not dusty like I expected it to be.

I proceeded to the table where the monitors were aligned. It displayed all the parts of the mansion except the bedrooms.

I searched for the time and date Mykel answered the call and it started playing.
He walked out of the room and headed to the balcony with the phone on his ear.

I increased the volume so I could hear what he was saying but unfortunately, he was whispering.

I’m sure it wasn’t his friends who called.
He has their numbers saved with their names.

What are you up to??…

I heard sounds of a car driving in and I rushed to the window.
Hold on…isn’t that Selena’s car??
What is she doing here?!

I quickly wrapped things up and left the office with Pineapple. I locked the door and dropped the key where I had taken it from.

Before I could get to the living room, Mykel and Selena were already together talking.

“Hi Rissa” She said waving at me like I was some little girl.

“Hi…Selena. What are you doing here?” I asked not hiding the fact that I was uncomfortable with her presence.

“Well, I came to check up on Mykel and also see how you’re doing” She replied smiling.

“Okay. That’s not bad at all…” I shrugged and spotted Vivian walking past us.

“Vivian! Please, get us a bottle of wine and three glasses” I ordered and she nodded.

“You can have a seat” I told Selena after the maid had left.

Mykel sat on one of the couch and she joined him.
Oh, well…
I sat on a separate couch and turned on the television.

They started talking and unfortunately, I couldn’t hear a word.

If only the living room wasn’t so large.
Pineapple joined me afterwards and we stared at the TV screen together.

Vivian returned carrying a small tray containing what I ordered. She poured the wine into the cups and handed everyone a glass before leaving.

I can’t believe Selena is trying to win Mykel! She kept talking and laughing which exposed her dimples.
She should leave already.

An hour went by and things weren’t going so well. I couldn’t join their conversation since I had no idea what they were saying.
Could it be Mykel likes older girls??…

We’ll have to find out…

I deliberately dropped my glass cup on the floor and it shattered.
He got up and rushed to me.

“Rissa…are you okay?” He asked looking really worried.

I nodded and he carried me up from the couch.
He turned to Selena with me still in his arms.

“I’ll take her upstairs” He stated and she got up too.

“I’m with enough supplies here. I think I should run a test on her” She suggested following us with her big bag.


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