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Episode 46

By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

…Rissa’s pov…..
The next morning was extremely cold and I was glad Mykel and I slept together while cuddling.

I had been hallucinating all along and I can’t believe I begged him to kss me.
Well, before he could perform the deed, I had already slumped to the floor. It turned out to be hunger and he left to get my dinner.
After eating up to the point of being really full, he cleared the plates while I retired to the bed.

I’m glad yesterday is over!

I sat up on the bed pulling away from Mykel who had been holding me.
I wonder how he’s still nice even after I was being really mean to him earlier.

Or probably, he’s thinking of a way to get back at me. What if…he’s just pretending just like Lucas did?

I grimaced getting a bit livid all of a sudden.

I dragged myself down from the bed while Pineapple stretched himself.

“Hey, I hope you enjoyed the cold” I mumbled rubbing his fur.
Come to think of it, where are my annoying parents??

Mom promised to be here but now, she isn’t.
God! I hate them.

I took Mykel’s phone from the couch and unlocked it. Series of calls popped up and the numbers were nameless.
Who is this person?

I checked the details of one of the conversations and it turned out they talked for a long time last night – 40 minutes!!!

Is Mykel cheating on me?…
What am I even thinking??..
We are not yet an official couple so it’s basically not my business if he has another lover somewhere.

I swear I didn’t hear voices last night. How was he able to talk to someone with me in the room and I didn’t hear a thing??

He must have gone outside. Probably to the balcony.

So, let me wrap this up;
Mykel spoke to someone last night for 40 minutes and he must have left the room. I wonder what they talked about.

And that was when it struck me. Dad has CCTV camera around the mansion! The computers that are incharge of the recording is at his private office at the other side of the mansion.

I can figure out where he was! And presumably, the things he said.
I’m a genius!..

Ah! Stop it, Pineapple A voice snickered and I turned to see Mykel sitting up on the bed.

I dropped the phone immediately and started going close to him.

“Morning, cry baby. You should see your face last night” He chimed wearing a smirk.

I rolled my eyes sitting on the bed, next to pineapple who was on his lap.

“Mykel…please, feed me. Don’t leave…I love you so much” He mimicked my voice and I hit his arm the hardest way I could.

“I never said that” I retorted and he scoffed.

“Yes, you did. You know that kss you were asking of? You can come get it now” He whispered and bit his lower lip.

“No, thank you!” I jibed and tried leaving.

“Rissa! You’re such a difficult person. Tell me, am I not cute enough?” He pressured holding my wrist.

“Nope…I’ve seen best” I shrugged and he came out of the bed entirely.
He faced me with his hands on his knees.

I gazed into his face. His hair was shabby a little but I knew it would look perfect the moment he freshens up.

“Your mom’s gonna be back tomorrow” He said batting his eyelashes.

“Mykel…get away! You’re too close” I rasped amused.

He stared at me in a funny way and it made me feel butterflies.
How does he do this stuff?!.

“I know. I just like staring at your beautiful face” He said as his eyes gazed at my lips.

“Mykel!!” I called out since he had me on a rough edge.

“Yeah?” He replied and cupped my left cheek.

“Mykel….” I called again, breathlessly.

“Rissa…Why can’t you love me back?” He whispered and my eyes perked up at the question..
‘Love him BACK??’

We stood erect together and he captured my lips in his immediately.
A quiet moan escaped my lips as he took me by surprise.

I had almost fallen backwards but he had his hand around my waist and held me tighter.

His tongue did wonders in my mouth and I wondered who taught him how to kss in such an amazing way.

“Mykel…” I called helplessly after we disengaged to catch our breath.

“Yeah?” He whispered and I dropped my head on his shoulder…

“I’m gonna deal with him, alright? Lucas is gonna feel twice the pain” He muttered brushing my hair with his fingers.

…Lucas’s pov……
Phil drove my newest car along the lonely road. We had an appointment with the football coach at another school.

I don’t know how I’m gonna deal with them for working for Madison – thereby making me break Rissa’s heart in that shameful manner.

I’m sure Madison had told them that I’m aware of what they did but they still don’t want to talk about it or apologize which makes me more furious.

There was silence in the car as we listened to one of our favorite song by Pop Smoke. His songs gives us vibes that we can’t explain but right now, no one’s talking.

Suddenly, a car came out of nowhere and stopped in front of us. Creating a blockade.

“What the heck!” Oscar yelled dumbstruck.

Phil tried to revise the car but another car had had stopped behind us.

“Are they kidnappers?” Dave asked from the backseat.

Some thugs came out of the car and tore our doors open. They dragged us out and started hitting us profusely.

I could barely talk after one of them punched me on my tummy.
What…what did we do?!!

Oscar and Dave tried fighting back but they ended up with more scars and bruises.


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