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Episode 45

By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

…Rissa’s pov……
I felt like jumping off a cliff. The torture and scar wouldn’t leave me. I can’t believe this was happening. Why did I agree to it in the first place???.

I was blinded by my rebellion against my parents. I just wanted to show them that I was no longer their harmless sweet little Rissa they’d leave for weeks and months alone in this stupid house.

Mykel kept acting like nothing happened.
Like I was crazy.

Immediately the car pulled over infront of the house, I opened the door and ran off leaving my bag with Mykel.

I raced into my room and locked the door behind me before falling on my butt to cry my eyes out.

….Mykel’s pov…….
I got to my room and dropped everything I was holding including Rissa’s bag.

I hope she doesn’t hurt herself after what happened.

My phone started ringing and checked to see the caller ID – Mr Frosh.
I picked up the call immediately and placed it against my ear but I didn’t say a word…

“Hello, Mykel. I’m just in time, aren’t I?” He asked in his casual enthusiastic tone.

“You were monitoring me, weren’t you?” I asked leaning on the table.

“Yeah…I’m guilty about that. Well, I called to let you know that everything is ready. Your passport, flight ticket and mostly, the money” He stated.

I sighed and rubbed my forehead.
This is happening too soon.

“No…sir. I can’t do this now. Someone very important to me needs me so you’ll have to waist till I fix things, alright?” I asked mutely.

“Someone important?” He asked nosily.

“You heard me, sir. I’ll call you when I’m ready” I replied and disconnected the call.

I decided to take a bath first before going to check on her.
Lucas is so gonna hear from me. I don’t care if he didn’t mean to do it but for the fact that he called her ‘desperate’ – is totally wrong.

These kind of things have limits. And he just passed It.

…..Madison’s pov……
“You should have seen the look on her face, she looked completely miserable!” Veronica exclaimed and I bursted out laughing first.

“I know my brother’s friends will never fail me. It took long convincing them but here at the juicy results. Pretty miss Rissa is being shamed to the core” I said frenetically.

“Your brother is such a coward though. He let his choices be changed by his friends. Now, I know his weakness…” Mara said grinning from ear to ear.

I scoffed and folded my arms.

“Weakness?? He doesn’t even have strength, speak more of weakness” I corrected wearing a smirk on my face.

Oh, really? A masculine voice overshadowed ours and we took our eyes to the door startled.

I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Like, what’s he doing here? I thought he had gone for soccer practice with his friends.

He had his hands in his pocket and shot me a scalding stare.

“What’s wrong? Keep talking!…I’m a coward, right?” His voice came out hoarse and husky.

“Lu…Lucas. It’s not….”

“What?!! I’m so dumb and stupid, right? How dare you, bch! How could you set me up because of your jealousy for Rissa??” He hooted with his eyes ablaze with anger.

“I…I” I quickly paused not knowing what to defend myself with.
I’m sure he heard it all. What am I gonna do now??

“This is why she’ll always be better than you. She knows where she’s coming from and won’t fight back. She’s not crazy like you. And that’s why you fear her, because she has always been better” He clenched his fist and turned around.

“Are…are you gonna tell dad?” I asked feeling pretty scared.

“Go to he.ll” He deadpanned angrily before storming out.

God! I’m so doomed.
The Lucas I know is definitely going to get back at me.

My hands started shaking as I turned back to my friends.

“We’re so dead…” Mara declared.

……Rissa’s pov……..
I kept staring outside the window like my life depended on it – like I would suffocate if I didn’t.

The only question that kept bothering me was ‘why?’.
Why did it have to be me?

I tried to console myself but the more the thought of suicide knocked on my mind.

Mykel has been knocking on the door for almost half an hour but I refused to open up.

I can’t seem to face him.
In fact, I want to disappear from the face of the earth!

Suddenly, I heard a grunt from below and I looked down the window to see Mykel climbing his way up.
My eyed widened and I jerked up from the chair.

He was already at the foot of the window and he helped himself into the room.
Geez…He’s sweating.

He stood up properly panting a bit.

“Hi…” He whispered and I just blinked rapidly.

“Hi? You didn’t have to climb the wall!” I stressed feeling worried about how much effort it must have taken him to get in here through the window.

“It’s alright…I’m fine. We climbed a lot of walls at the juvenile detention center” He replied and sat on the chair.

“Can we talk about what happened earlier in the class?” He asked and I cringed.
I’m not sure I can be comfortable though…

“No” I replied going close to him.
I sat next to him on the seat and I wondered why he wasn’t sweating so much.

“I got used” I whispered getting sour again.
In no time, the tears we’re back!
I sobbed quietly.

“I hope he didn’t…’do it” He said not maintaining eye contact.

“No! At least I’m not that stupid” I grimaced.

“Alright…don’t beat yourself up. I’m sure everyone will forget about it in a few days. You just have to forget it too. Well, He’s the one that should be insulted for playing you out that way” He explained softly.

I sniffed keeping mute.
His face looked so calm and ever sweet.

I still don’t know how I feel…but one things for sure, I don’t want him to go.
There was a long silence in the room as I thought of what he said.

“Mykel” I called coyly.

“Yeah?” He asked glancing at me.

I swallowed hard looking around the room.

“Can you please kss me?” I asked not believing I would ever ask him for a kss.


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