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Episode 44

By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

….Rissa’s pov….
Mykel and I left quite early for school the next day and I wore the bracelet mom got me from her outing with dad yesterday.

Things are starting to get awkward. I can’t believe Mykel woke me up with a kss. I was completely dumbstruck when that happened. It almost looked like he was watching me sleep and he couldn’t restrain himself from giving me a kss.

Would it be weird if I admitted that I liked him. I mean, I tried to kill him a month ago!

I don’t like that butterfly feelings I get whenever he touches me. I wish I could just hate him again because I feel weak and sheepish feeling this way.

“What’s your classroom like?” He asked after a breeze of seconds.

“They stare too much and they’re mostly noisy. We talk a lot” I hesitated with a shrug.
I tried to show that I didn’t care too much about him joining our class today and what blows my mind is that he passed the exams – his stupid friends too but with lower scores.

“Rissa…my eyes hurt…” He suddenly complained squinting them.

“What am I? Your mother??” I asked without even thinking.

What is wrong with me?..
I totally forgot about his late parents.

“Is anything wrong with you being my mother?” He asked shifting closer than he already was.

He glanced at the driver and made sure he wasn’t looking before placing a short kss on my lips.

“What have my lips done to you??” I questioned aggressively and he looked away nervously.

“To be honest, I don’t know” He muttered but it was audible enough to be heard.

“Does the rappe incident still bother you?” He asked staring into my eyes and i shook my head.

“No…I’m fine now” I replied mutely.

Okay, love birds! We’ve gotten to your school The driver announced and i could feel my cheeks heat up.
So, he saw us!

Mykel and I came out of the car and this time, we walked towards the building together. Students were moving up and down, some carrying heavy boxes of things from their locker while the rest moved in peers.

My heart started making funny sounds and jerks as we walked into the class.
Thank heavens! It’s just few students around.

Mykel waved shortly at me and moved over to the back row where I’m sure he’d get a good seat..

I think I’m more paranoid concerning Lucas. What do i even say? Where do I even start??

I’m gonna dump him without a good reason.

I feel like crawling under a rock, right now!

(After School Hours)

I didn’t want to ruin his day so I waited till the bell had rang for school dismissal. Other students were still pulling their things together while he saw quietly, observing me from his seat.

He suddenly got up and started coming towards me.
What’s he doing??…
I thought this was a secret relationship.

“Hey, Rissa. We need to talk…” He spoke audibly and I arched my brows.
Some people were starting to stare already.

He has never been this loud. He speaks softly all the time so his recent tone was starting to make me curious.

“Yeah…we do. I also wanted to talk to you” I stated and he mouthed an ‘oh’…

“Who should go first?” He asked bringing down his voice.

“I don’t know…you” I stated and he seemed to cringe a little.

“I’m sorry, but i have to do this…” He whispered and grabbed my wrist.
He dragged me to the stage of the class while I tried to get free.

Everyone was looking at us now including Mykel. Well, it’s because of the manner he had pulled me out.

“Rissa, you’re my girlfriend, right?!!” He asked loudly so everyone could hear him.

I melted right at the spot. What’s he up to?…

My eyeballs drifted to the rest of the class. It would be odd to disappoint Lucas in front of everyone.

“Yes…” I replied sorely.

“Good. Do I love you?” He asked again and my heart increased times hundred!
What is going on?

“Why are you asking me this?” I asked after a hard swallow.

“I’m asking you, if I loved you?!!” He asked again and to be honest, I never knew this part of Lucas existed.

“You said you did” I replied perplexed.

“So…you could be this cheap – Rissa Edward? I used an ordinary one hundred dollars worth piece of gold to get you and you fell for it like a worthless girl that badly wanted to be loved. You should have asked yourself why a powerful, wealthy and hot guy like me would want to date you out of all the sxy girls in New York??…” He didn’t conclude and screams of praise emerged from his friends who had been recording us.

I was still picking the shocking and hurtful words bit by bit with tearful eyes.

Is this really happening or am I having a nightmare??…

“Here’s the thing, I’m ending this right here and right now. You can run and cry somewhere. Mommy’s girl” He sneered and walked back to his seat with everyone sticking their faces at me.

The next thing that happened marveled me, I found myself running but i had no idea where. I could barely see as the tears became excess.

How did I ever let myself get played?…
I hate myself right now!! I just thought i finally had someone I could trust, someone I could disobey my parent’s with, someone I had crushed on that’s finally mine.
Where did I go wrong?

I stopped somewhere when I couldn’t run any further. I sat on a rock and buried my head in between my thighs.

After a long time, I felt someone hitting me gently with some clothe. I lifted my head and discovered that it was Mykel.
He was hitting me with his coat…oh great!
And he had to be in the class when that sh-t happened.

“The driver’s waiting. Let’s go home” He said grumpily.

“Leave me alone” I replied and lowered my head again.

This time, he kicked me with his leg. It wasn’t so hard but that was enough to drive me mad.

“I said, leave me alone!!!” I yelled and he rushed me up from the floor. Putting me across his shoulder like I was some kind of rug or something.
I yelled, screamed, kicked and yelped but he didn’t stop. He brought me down afterwards and I tried running back to the rock but he was quick enough to hold my wrist.

“I want to die!!!” I screamed feeling so broken.


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