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Episode 43

By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

….Rissa’s pov….
I blinked rapidly still short of words from what was stated in the paper.
Is this the reason mom was asking me questions about Mykel??

I got the urge to tear the paper into pieces. Mom can’t possibly be thinking I could accept Mykel as my brother.

There was a creaking sound from behind that got me startled.

I turned around, astound to find mom leaning against the wall.
“You’ve not gone to bed…why’s that?” She asked worriedly.
“Um…I found this paper…” I paused and approached her with it.
“You’re planning to adopt Mykel?” I asked demoralized.

“Oh, no! That was what I had in mind after he was released from juvenile. I called a lawyer to work on the adoption process but then, I noticed how rueful you were with him so I decided to put it on hold” She answered wearing a look of contempt.

“Then, why were you asking me all those questions about Mykel?” I queried feeling a bit worried.

“It’s has to do with his relationship with your dad. He looks at him spitefully and takes his words to be venomous. The looks can tell. So, I wanted to know if he is having second thoughts about here. If he’s thinking of leaving” She replied with a shrug.

“Oh” I mouthed, clearly astonished.
For a moment there, I was starting to think of the worse that could happen.

She ambled towards me afterwards and took the paper.
Before I could utter another word, she tore the paper in half.
I gasped gazing at her.
A strange smile didn’t leave her face.

“You don’t want him to be your brother, right? You don’t want him to go, neither. You no longer hate him” She said and I looked down at the floor.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me” I whispered coldly.
“It’s completely normal. He has likeable features and very sweet too–“.
“No, he’s not” I interrupted and she laughed.
“That’s enough drama for one day, you can go to bed now” She hushed and I scurried off.

Mykel was still awake when I returned back to the room. I spotted Pineapple sleeping on her own bed and I guessed Mykel had dropped her there.

“That took long, what were you both doing? Marriage counselling??” He asked and I slapped his hand.

“Ouch…” He mumbled while I turned off the lights In the room.
I shifted close to him till our skin touched and it made me feel safe…

“Rissa, take off your clothes” He ordered hysterically.
“I’m in no mood for games. I want to sleep” I said and yawned.

I laid on my left hand side backing him. Soon, I felt one of hand hold onto me.
We cuddled snuggling under the thick duvet. It felt so nice and cozy.

“Rissa, do you love me?” His voice came up again and I shuddered.
I should be the one asking him.

“I…I don’t know” I muttered sincerely confused.

“It’s okay. Goodnight”…
I nodded dumbfounded.
I never expected this question tonight. Not when I’m still unsure of the thoughts and feelings I’m having lately.
And slowly, I felt his hand leaving my body.

(Next Morning)

We were all seated outside at the garden having breakfast. Dad wasn’t smiling so much while mom looked really excited. They would be going out to have fun later so I guess that’s what is making her boisterous.

She made a signal and I remembered her instructions last night. About Mr Frosh, I think…

“Dad, who’s Mr Frosh? I found this on the floor yesterday” I stated and he collected the piece of paper from me.
He glanced at the paper and seemed to panic a bit.

“Where did you say you got this???” He questioned furrowing his brows.

I stared at mom.
“I saw it on the floor…right outside your office” I cloaked.

“Oh…well, he’s just a man I used to know in Korea. Caleb introduced him to me…” He paused and continued eating.

I guess mom didn’t want to be the one to question him about the so called Mr Frosh.
What sort of name is that?…

Ooh…I can’t wait to break up with Lucas tomorrow at school.
I hope it doesn’t break his heart and tomorrow’s gonna be the day Mykel moves into our class…yippie!!
Why am I so excited???…

….Mykel’s pov….
After family breakfast, I moved to my room in a frenzy before Rissa would show up. She’s gonna need my attention and I don’t want to keep her waiting.

I got a hold of my phone and called the person I had in mind since breakfast. I felt more relieved immediately I heard his voice….
Mr Frosh.


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