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Episode 42

By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

(Later That Night)

Rissa’s pov:
I had almost fallen asleep when a knock came upon the door from the outside.

I pulled myself to sit up on the bed waiting for whoever it was to let himself In. The person I least expected came in – it was Mykel.

He was in his pajamas and carried his black colored pillow. Pineapple was also entering the room with him.

“Is there space for us?” He asked looking stonily at me.

I nodded fervently and they proceeded to climb into the bed with me. I hope Pineapple had a bath before he infects me with whatever dirt she’s carrying!

“You can’t do without me, can you?” I asked meticulously.
He turned to have a good glance at me before throwing a scoff.

“Who do you think you are? I don’t need anybody, much more a clingy girl like you” He answered spitefully.

I bluffed rolling my eyeballs.
“I’m not clingy!” I jibed.

“Yeah…you are. It’s cute tho” He cooed coming close but unfortunately, Pineapple was lying inbetween.

“Oh please! You’re the one who left your room to spend the night with me. So, the only person being clingy right now, is you” I said surly.

“Fine. You’ve proved your point” He remarked licking his lower lip.

“How’s Lucas?” He asked after a break.

I chuckled.
“Well, he’s fine. He called me earlier and we spoke for almost an hour” I blunted and he scoffed again.

I was about to say something when my phone started ringing and I checked to see who It was.
Why’s she calling me? Its almost bedtime for peace sake.

I picked the call and placed the phone right next to my ear.

“Rissa, can you meet me in your father’s office, right now?” She asked in a low tone.

Oh…what now?!!

“Alright, mom. I’ll be there” I responded dolefully.

“Please, be quick” She chimed in before hanging up.

I told Mykel about mom’s call and left the room for the stairs.
I hope she’s not about to question me about the kidnap or should i say bathroom incident??

She was in her night robe sitting on one of the vacant seat before the desk.

“Come sit, dear” She said softly and I dropped my butt gently on the chair right next to hers.

“So, mom. Whats wrong?” I queried dazed.

“It’s nothing that serious. It’s actually about Mykel. Do you think he’s comfortable here? Do you think he likes it here??” She hesitated.

Hmm. I thought over it. I’m not really sure about how he feels being here.

“Rissa?? I’m waiting” Mom interrupted my thoughts and i cringed.

“Yeah, I think he’s okay here. I mean, does he have a choice?” I shrugged.

“Actually, he does. When he turns eighteen. He’s free to go back to Korea If that’s what he wants” She pointed out.

I suddenly felt a sting deep in my heart.
No….that’s crazy! He’s not gonna leave, would he?
God! I’m so confused.

My eyeballs flickered up and I caught mom staring me like she was carefully watching the reaction I was putting up.

“Rissa, can you do me a favor?” She subsequently questioned breaking the silence.


“Well, your father will have breakfast with us tomorrow. I want you to ask him who Mr Frosh is and tell him that you found this on the floor earlier”.
She placed a small piece of paper in my palm and I quickly unfolded it.

It turned out to be some sort of receipt.

“Alright, mom. I’ll do that” I replied with a smile.

“Thanks, Riss. There’s good news! Your father’s not traveling tomorrow” She said sounding really excited.

“I don’t care, mom” I admitted and she sighed…
We shared a moment of silence before she got up.

“Goodnight….” She whispered and left the office.

I rubbed my eyes, perturbed.
What kind of family do I have??… I’m starting to get tired of the loneliness and worse, my friends are no longer there.

A lot has been happening that we don’t spend time together like we used to.

I dragged myself up from the chair and glanced at the table. It’s occupied with paperwork everywhere!!

I saw one that seemed to attract me because it had Mykel’s name on it.
Mykel Caleb

I read through it and my eyes almost jumped out of my head.
Adoption papers???
Mom wants to adopt Mykel??!!!!!

G©sh! Kill me….

You can imagine😱🤧

A twist is coming that’ll blow your mind!..


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