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Episode 41

By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

….Rissa’s pov…..
“What do you mean you got locked in the toilet???!” Mom asked with her hands on her waist.

“I don’t know how it happened…the door got stuck and I got tired of knocking” I blabbed sweating under Mykel’s shirt.
Lying is not an easy job, thats for sure.

“What about the driver?? Where is he? He’s not even answering his calls!!” She further asked obviously starting to get dubious over the matter.

I shrugged my shoulders like a clueless goat.


“Leah, thats enough interrogation. Let her get some rest and take a bath. The important thing right now is that she’s safe and wasn’t kidnapped like you claimed” Dad chipped in giving her a scalding look.

I turned and started going upstairs. Mykel tried following me but dad’s voice stopped him.

“Come here, Mykel. I want to talk to you”.

I swallowed and rushed to my bedroom to get rid of the stinky clothes.
Good grieve!!! I’ve never been on such a hot seat with my parents.
At least I made it out alive.

…Mykel’s pov…
“Yes…sir?” I replied and walked towards him.

“Thank you for saving my daughter. I don’t know how you did it, but I’m grateful. You’ve really grown so much… I can still remember when you couldn’t feed yourself…”.

Yeah, when I was still stupid.

“I’m sorry for not giving you a proper welcome yet. It’s just that I was overwhelmed with how much you look like your father. I’m also impressed that you were able to survive prison in one piece” He paused and touched my shoulder.

“Your father just be very proud of you despite the fact that you turned to a life of crime” He added and that triggered a spot in me.

Like, who the he.ll does he think he is??

“Are you trying to make me feel bad or what?” I asked taking a step back and his hand slips from my shoulder..

“No. Don’t misjudge me. I’m just stating the obvious—”

“Keep it to yourself, please” I interrupted him before storming upstairs.

…Leah’s pov….
I was stunned with how Mykel looked when Edward touched his shoulder. He was presumably vexed about something.

Well, I clearly understand him.
The poor boy doesn’t want to be reminded about his past.

“Kids! They’ll always be strange” Edward remarked after Mykel had left.

“No…you are the strange one. Why can’t you feel relaxed around him? He’s not Caleb for God’s sake. I know you don’t want him here, so be patient. He’ll soon be eighteen and I’ll get him an apartment of his own” I stated and he scoffed.

“You made a big mistake by releasing this boy. You don’t know what he has in mind. He’d probably be planning of a way to kill us all” He professed on a more serious note.

Rissa’s pov:
I had finally settled in fresh, clean clothes and washed my hair properly. I used my favorite hair drier and walla! I’m done.

I sat on the bed with popcorn next to me.

I still have my other phone. I hope the whole school doesn’t know about this because if they do, I’m gonna have an heart attack.

I left the room and went downstairs to have lunch with mom. I pretended like everything was okay when it wasn’t, I couldn’t stop thinking about the d*mn rape. The experience is shocking and I keep imagining how he made efforts to force himself into me. I could swear i felt him! Gross!…

I shuddered at the memories as they refused to leave me.

“Rissa, are you okay??” Mom asked gazing into my face.

“Yeah…I’m fine” I mumbled despondently.

I just feel like tearing my skin off. I wish it never happened. I wish I could forget too!

After lunch, I headed upstairs. I decided to check up on Mykel and find out what dad told him after I left.

He was plugging his phone into charging point when I entered.

“Mykel” I called mutely.

He turned around and signalled me to come over.

“What’s wrong?” He asked folding his arms.

“What do I do? I can’t stop thinking about it. I keep picturing his ugly face and the squeeze” I paused feeling uncomfortable.
God! I should have just shut my big mouth – well, they aren’t so big.

“It’s alright. Come here…” He cooed and got his arms open.

I felt nervous hugging him at first. I mean – he’s my number one enemy.
He took my hand and pulled me to hug him. His hands held me closely and I perceived the sweet scent of his perfume.

It felt better just hearing his heartbeat and thinking about our previous kiss.

I raised my head up mentally asking for another kss. He smiled and kssed my forehead.

My heart beat so loud and fast like it would pound right out of my chest.

He suddenly claimed my lips and Kssed it gently and slowly. I didn’t let go of my hold around his neck.
He cupped my cheek with his right hand and kissed me passionately.

“Mykel…” I sobbed and dropped my head on his chest. My fingers clutched onto his shirt like he would leave if I left him.
I was going crazy with the emotions. I’ve never felt like this in my entire life.


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