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πŸŽ— β€’[Dance of a Lifetime ]β€’πŸŽ—

Written by Wilson Library πŸ«πŸ“š


Since I was a little girl I’ve always dreamt of being the best dancer the world would ever know, a fascinating one at that. I want to perform at the world’s biggest stage of them all, I want people to shout my name and wail at me. I want the world to know me as the best. but I don’t think this dream of mine can ever be realistic.

My parents keep on pressurising me to quit dancing and focus more on my education but they want my sister to continue dancing. why should I when I have a version, A version that I want to make it come true.

Since my birth I’ve believed that dancing is what I was brought into this world to do. To entertain and perform for people and brought cast my talent to the world but my parents are against it.

why? why me?.
Why must I be treated unfairly?, Why can’t they let me to be a dancer?,
Why do they choose my sister over me?
Why must I always be left behind?… said with tears in my eyes as they roll down my smooth and soft chicks.

This is a story of my life of how I became a crazy dancer, my name is Mires Louisa and I’m a countryside girl who lives with her parents. I have an elder sister who is of two years older than me.

Our parents aren’t so rich so knowing the difficulties in life,we both assisted them while going to school. Life was really tough for us but we always make sure to keep a smile and a happy united family no matter how bad the situation looked.

My sister was enrolled into a dancing school after she finished her education but I was left behind, I told my parents I also wanted to be a dancer and that it had always been my dream but they turned me down. They refused to send me to learn dancing like my sister and instead made me run around to sell groceries and supplies to people.

I hated them for this and decided to secretly learn dancing. Every evening when I was back from work I’ll go spy at my sister while she dances, I watch her dance and copy her dance styles and moves and will secretly practice while I’m out for business.

I wasn’t so good as her but I gave in my best to learn. Years pass and my sister was becoming a famous dancer. she was even receiving contracts and lots of enrollments.

It reached a point she relocated and also opened up a big shop for my mother of which I started working there.

she was climbing up to the top to become what I’ve always dreamt of becoming, not until an incident happened.

She got into an accident and almost lost her all, we did everything to make sure she could wake up but my sister remained in a coma.

A week just after her accident, we received a more bigger contract this time which will fetch her billions. she was to go out of the country and perform in the world most biggest stage of them all but where was she.

She was still in coma and couldn’t wake up. my mother then decided to force me to go since I looked more like her.

I couldn’t believe she wanted me to do such a thing, me that wasn’t even able to dance like an amateur.

She tried all possible ways and successfully convinced me and I decided to represent my sister in the world’s most biggest contest.

I later traveled out of the country and left my parents to take care of my sister still she wakes up from the coma.

I thought going out of the country and help representing my sister was a right thing to do not until I met him.

He was a perfection to be described, his stunning looks and amazing smile was just so good that I couldn’t stop staring at him but when I got to know the real man behind those devilish looks I wanted to go back home, I didn’t want to learn or stay anymore.

He… he… he made me a crazy dancer.
How did he do it, I don’t know but all I can tell you is never mess with Garros Rolando.

He will use his dance moves to turn you into his puppet, he will make you fall for him and loss your self consciousness.

He is a true definition of an algo para

To be continued.

Β©Wilson library πŸ«πŸ“š Extraordinary everyday.


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