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? •[Dance of a Lifetime ]•?

Written by Wilson Library ??


Garros Rolando***

I walked up the stairs to Randy’s office and he was well relaxed on his chair when I entered the office.

“So meetings are now held in the company without me right?” I blast out but he took my actions lightly.

” I wonder how you got the gust to yell at me. I see you even got people in the company to keep an eye on me” he said raising his head and gazing at him.

“So tell me, why did the investors call for an urgent meeting, and I wasn’t part of it?” I asked thinking they must have given him all the support to be the president of the Company.

“The company’s board of directors wants you to go on a mission to Milan,” he said and I was glaring a thought at it, then I knew it was all his plan to push me far away from the company.

“I’m not going,” I said refusing in order not to get myself far off from the company.

“These are the partition they signed, if you still don’t want to go then it’s left for them to decide your faith,” he said handing over some documents to me.

I looked at them and all the board members and shareholders had signed it…

“Why did they make decisions without telling me the one involve and I even need to get married,” I said out loud.

“What does marriage have to do with me taking over this company from you?” I asked the sitting and smiling cousin who seems to behave as not a part of the director’s decision over me.

” It has everything to do with it. You first have to prove that you can manage a home” he said smiling as always.

” I don’t see how marriage and business relate, why the hell should I get married to acquire my own business,” I said and he chuckled.

“It was not decided by me so why do you stand here and yell at me?” he said and I smirked.

“He refused of being the main culprit but for sure I know it’s him, he’s the one behind all these,” I thought while still standing since I entered the office.

“Fine, I agree to get married, but I’m not going to Milan,” I said and he looked at me hiding the excitement behind those trebled eyes.

“Are you sure about your decision?” he asked and I took my time before answering him.

“Since it’s what you want, why should I refuse your decision, ” I said smiling and he also smiled at me.

“I need your help with something,” he said and I took it more like a joke. he’d suppress me just now to accept what he wants and now he still asks for my help. why doesn’t he just force me to do it as always?” I grumbled.

“What do you need me to do again. Is it to clean your mess?” I asked and he smirked.

“Please, I’ve got a friend who needs a place to stay, I don’t know if you could help?” he asked.

“Take that friend to your apartment,” I said and when I walked out of his offices I almost cast on him…

“Who cares about his friends?” I grumbled as I walked out of the company.


Immediately Garros left the office, I smiled and unbutton the single button that held my shirt, I could still remember the suit he wore, it was that of his father Mr. Garros.

I brought out my phone and dialed Mildred’s number. it ran for some time before she picked up.

“Hello Randy,” she said and I smiled.

“Hi Mildred, when are you going to be back from Paris?” I asked and she chuckle.

“I’ll be back by the end of the month,” she said and I nodded.

“Isn’t that too far,” I said and she laughed.

” Do you need me to do something?” she asked.

“Yes I do, I need you to do something very important,” I said and she chuckled.

“And what’s that thing?” she asked wanting to know.

“Don’t you worry, I’ll wait till you’re back from Paris then will sit down and talk about it” I said and she nodded.

“Okay bye-bye,” I said and she responded with the same words.

I dropped the call and called Harris. He rushed into my office and stood with his head high.

” Prepare miss Emilia for her wedding with Garros, I leave you in charge,” I said and he nodded with a little bit of absentee.

“Didn’t you ask her to leave?” he questioned.

“What do you mean I asked her to leave?” I asked not understanding what he meant by I asked her to leave.

” She left without the driver and took her luggage away,” he said and my expression was mute for some seconds.

“Go find her, Garros must be playing a fast one on me. You must find her or don’t come back to my office” I said and he immediately ran out.

“Is this guy trying to ruin my plans?” I asked. At such a crucial time when Garros accepts the marriage, Harris lets Emilia off.


“Hello everyone, please help me find this girl, her name is Ashley,” I said posting a picture of her inside the bar chat group for people there to see because I was not at the bar.

I sat at an extreme corner in the town sitting and talked with Garros. Randy has always treated him unfairly so I wonder why he still behaves like it is something new.

“Randy prepared a bride for me and he wants me to marry her” he broke out after being silent for a while.

“what, is he insane?” I asked shocked at the news. ” I thought all his bullying was that of the office, what made him do this to you?” I asked but Rolando just shook his head.

“I don’t know what I did to him to deserve all these,” he said and I console him.

” so what do you intend to do, don’t tell me you’re just going to follow his order,” I said with a tremendous look on him.

” what can I do, I can only accept and hope it’s for the better. All the board members agreed to it without even asking for my opinion about whether I want to get married or not” he said.

“Marriage is such a big thing man, how can you just get married to someone you don’t know?” I asked feeling sorry for him.

“Sometimes we just need to accept what the world brings to us even if it isn’t what we want or what we expected, it could turn out for the better,” he said and I nodded.

A void message rang on my phone as we continued to talk and I brought it out to play it.

“We found her” it recorded.

” Okay, just keep an eye on her, I’ll be right there” I recorded back to him privately.

“Seems like you have to leave,” he asked and I nodded.

“Don’t you worry, I’m sure one day you will defeat Randy and put things back in Order just as how it was four years ago” I said and he smiled at me.

“See you some other time man,” I said giving him a side hug before leaving for the bar.

To be continued.

where’s Louisa running off to? she doesn’t even know anywhere in the city.

I hope she is safe where ever she goes to…

Randy must be planning something huge.


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