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🎗 •[Dance of a Lifetime ]•🎗

Written by Wilson Library 🏫📚


Mires Louisa***

Sitting down, I’d been waiting for quite too long. Their meeting was taking more than an hour and I wondered if they were only discussing the contract signing.

Maybe that dream I’d this morning is finally showing itself to be true. I hope it doesn’t because I badly need to get the contract or else my efforts of traveling all the way here will be a waste.

“Miss Emilia, please this way,” Harris said as he walked down the stairs to where I was sitting and waiting for positive results from the meeting he held.

I stood up and followed him up to the stair and he took a different turn to the door before me.

“Mr. Randy is waiting for you in his office, you can walk in,” he said moving back and letting me open the door.

I opened the door and walked into the office and I saw a man sitting and facing the glass.

“Nice to meet you miss Emilia, you may have a sit,” he said not turning to look at me and I wondered why he was hiding his face.

“Same here Mr. Randy,” I said sitting down on the office chair and thinking if he was an ugly man who didn’t want his face to be seen by others.

” As you should know I’ll go down straight to why I want to see you,” he said and I sauntered if he kept me out all this while not to later call me into his office.

“Go on,” I said adjusting myself to hear what he has to say.

“I can’t give you the contract,” he said as he turned and stare at me, my eyes came out wide as I heard this shocking news.

” But why?” I asked

“You’re not qualified to be the main dancer for this competition and I don’t think with your level of training you can do any better in the competition miss Emilia,” he said without a single word slipping out as a sign of apology.

“Mr. Randy, please don’t do this, please as long as you let me sign this contract I promise to learn and train very hard to improve my dancing,” I said pleading with him not to trash me out because without signing the contract I can not become what I’ve always wanted to be in life, I won’t be able to fulfill my dream, my sisters dream as well.

” If you keep on bugging me then I’ll give you a chance to sign the contract but you will have to follow my orders and accept my request,” he said smirking and I wondered what type of request will people ask for at crucial times like this if not that he wants me to sleep with him.

“What request?” I asked wanting to hear from the horse’s mouth before I conclude what he hasn’t requested.

“I want you to get married,” he said taking me by a surprise. I’d never imagined such a request to come from him.

” Wait, you want me to get married to you? ” I asked confused at his request. I wanted to think it was a test to see my bravery because I didn’t have the skills of a professional dancer.

“I didn’t say that miss Emilia, are you so anxious to get married to a rich man like me” he backed with a smile.

” Who said I’ll marry you,” I said and his smile was already annoying me.

” If you refuse then it no need to give you the contract,” he said retrieving a file on the table I presume to be the contract.

“wait, Mr. Randy, you can’t do this to me, I came from my homeland just so I could sign this contract why treat me like this now. Weren’t you the one who ordered me to come over?” I asked but he just smirked and shook his head.

“I may have called you here but you don’t have the potential of a good and professional dancer so what do you expect me to do,” he asked.

“But at least give me a chance, you don’t know what I can become just in three months,” I said trying to convince him to see the reason why I should sign the contract.

“Miss Emilia, If you need it so badly then accept my request,” he said and I gave it a thought.

” I don’t accept,” I said thinking of how young I am to get married and with such a man I barely even know.

” After three months you’ll be free to leave the marriage and I’m sure the marriage will help you with the immigration problems you will have in the future. Once you say yes to it the contract will be all yours ” he said turning the file towards me and I gave it another thought.

“Fine, I accept,” I said after thinking about my family and my sister who was back at home in a coma, I won’t want to disappoint them. He smirked and drew the contract back to his side.

“Wait for a while, the person you will be getting married to will soon be here,” he said not only surprising me with another piece of news but getting me extremely angry.

“What? you mean it someone else” I said standing up from the chair.

“Calm down, it’s my cousin and I think you should know him, just wait for a while,” he said but I couldn’t take it any longer and I had to leave.

I walked out of his office in anger and so much confusion about what to do next. I could only run out of the company.

Garros Rolando***

Snobbish as he slept on his couch, everywhere looked so messy and needed to be tidied up. His phone rang in a very loud tune and he sent his hand forward to pick it up with very tired and sleepy eyes.

He reach out to the phone and answered the call without even looking at the caller and he kept his eyes closed.

“Yes, what’s going on?” he asked the person talking over the phone in a very low tone.

“What?” he shouted after some minutes of listening to the caller.

He then opened his eyes and drop down his phone to go take a quick bath. The news he had just heard was too unbearable for him to swallow down or even digest.

He rushed out of the bathroom taking his shorts, a pair of trousers, and one of his old suits.

He’d love to wear the suit each time he was out because that was the only thing left of his father to him.

He then took his wristwatch and hurriedly wore a pair of black shoes although he liked sports he was never allowed to wear them since he was a child.

He douches out the things on the floor and went over to get his phone from the couch. After taking his phone, he dashes out to stop a passing taxi.

Moments later he was in the company rushing to go up to the conference room when he pumped into a young lady who looked like blood had run dry from her body.

“I’m so sorry, miss are you okay,” he said trying to give her a hand before running to settle the matters he had upstairs.

“The lady raised her head to look at him and ran out immediately she almost saw his face.

” What’s wrong with her?” he asked himself then thought his cousin must have bullied the young lady.

He wasn’t there to care for any lady being bullied by his cousin but to get some sense into his head.

As angry as he was he rushed up the stairs to face his cousin Randy who had just finished convincing Emilia.

Maybe it was his turn for Randy to also talk it with him and make him accept the marriage he is plotting.

To be continued.

I wonder what Randy gains from doing all these…


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