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πŸŽ— β€’[Dance of a Lifetime ]β€’πŸŽ—

Written by Wilson Library πŸ«πŸ“š


Mires Louisa***

I was Aroused by the gaze of the sunlight that hit the glass structure of the room, I was having a beautiful dream where I danced on stage while millions of people were gathered to watch me. It was moving so pretty well not until someone grabbed my hand.

“Come with me, you shouldn’t be here. Go back home to your family ” he said forcing me out of the stage but what my focus was on is to see his face which was so blu to the extent I started seeing raises of light.

I raise my body as I felt him push me away from the stage and when I opened my eyes.

Everything was back to normal and I was in the hotel room, my alarm had been ringing for quite a while.

I picked up my phone and stopped the alarm then sent my hand in between my hair.

I was so darn tired although I’d not work anything. I just wanted to go back to bed and continue to enjoy the soft and warmness that the bed provided me with but then I have to get prepared to meet the boss who will sign me in as a dancer.

I got down from the bed and rushed to the bathroom to brush my tooths and take a bath.

After I was done with that, I applied light makeup on my face and choose a dress to wear which I did.

Wearing it on me I parked my things back into my luggage because I was sure not to return to the hotel room because an apartment will be prepared for me.

I walked down to the hotel’s reception and then walked out of the hotel after talking and handing back the card to the receptionist.

When I got out of the hotel there was an already awaited driver to pick me up. He took my luggage and put it in the vehicle’s boots.

“You are here,” I said and he nodded then opened the door for me to get in.

He was treating me like some suit of celebrity and I wasn’t used to it, maybe my sister is but not me.

“We are here miss Emilia,” he says going down from the car and opening the back door for me to go out.

I gently highlighted down from the car and looked at the huge estate in front of me with so much admiration.

Walking in, the driver escorted me and he took me to meet someone.

“Hi, miss Emilia, I’m the CEO’s assistant and you can call me Harris,” he said extending a handshake and I nodded without any response at first.

“Nice meet you Harris,” I said at last and he smiled at me as we exchange looks.

” This way miss Emilia,” he says leading the way sure to the CEO’s office.

“Have a sit I’ll be right back?” he says walking out to climb the stair which has a two-side door.

After he left, I stayed calm and observed the place.

Mr. Randy***

I was in the office rectifying some documents when Harris pull open the door and walked in.

“Boss she’s here,” he said as I raise my head to look at him.

“Did you get all the details I wanted of her?” I asked and he nodded.

I evoked from the chair and stood on my feet, I picked up the file which had her information on it.

Walking towards the glass, I looked down at her from my office and she was busy pressing her phone”.

“Are you sure she’s the one Garros is expecting? ” I asked looking at her differently.

“Yes, she is boss. She’d been picked up from the airport by one of the company’s employees and he confirmed she’s Mires Emilia” he said and I smirked while gazing at her.

“She looks so young to be considered a well-trained dancer already and her height doesn’t even make me consider her a dancer,” I said in disregard to what I see in her.

I opened the file and found out that she was twenty-five years old and had a height of about three points five feet tall whereas it wasn’t what I was seeing before me.

“Harris, do you work for me or against me?” I asked in anger, thinking that he must have planned with Garros to exchange the girl so I won’t like her and send her away while he uses the real girl to his advantage.

“I work for you boss, why ask such a question, I work here just to serve you,” he says coming closer to where I was standing.

I turned and stared at him before saying a word ” Go and take her to the dance room, I want to see her dance” only then cloud I know if Garros had changed her to fool me.

He nodded and walked out of my office. I continued to look at the file in my hand containing her details.

Not long after Harris had left my office, I walked out and headed to the dance room. It had a separate glass in which others could see what was happening inside but the person inside could not see you. It was more like a prison investigation room.

I stayed there and watch her dance and her performance was very poor that she couldn’t even dance more than a week trained dancer in the company.

I walked backed to the office and called Harris to join me. He came up to the office and I was so disappointed.

“You told me she was Mires Emilia but did you just watch her dance. It’s so terrible and I just can’t take it when I’m being fooled” I said expressing my anger.

” I am surprised at this boss,” he said and I watched him silently. Maybe he wasn’t telling me the truth about what Garros did but I do have my ways to make him split out the truth or rather let Garros himself confess to me.

“Assemble all the board members, tell them we are having an emergency meeting and everyone must be there,” I said and he nodded.

” And one more thing, make sure miss Emilia doesn’t go anywhere but keep her calm, Just tell her we are holding a meeting to discuss a final contract with her,” I said and he nodded then walked out of the office.

“Brother, you may believe you’re wise and may have succeeded to fool me but it’s time I show you that I’m good at games”.

Almost an hour had passed and all the board directors had arrived and were waiting for me in the conference room where we hold our meetings.

“Boss here is the document, you forwarded to the law administration,” Harris said entering the office and holding it in his hand.

“Is everyone already here?” I asked and he nodded while I smirked.

“Let’s go to see them,” I said standing up on my chair and walking out of the office to the conference room.

“Boss don’t you think Mr. Garros is to be here, I mean he’s also one of the board members,” he said and I paid deaf ears to what he just spit out of his mouth.

Entering the conference room, everyone stood up to acknowledge my presence, and I wave my hand for everyone to sit down after I first sat down

“It’s so good to have you all back here today,” I said delaying a little on what I called them for.

“Just say what’s there to say and let’s leave” one of them barked and I ignored him for peace.

“I believe you all know the race between me and my cousin to be the main boss of this company,” I said and they all nodded agreeing to it.

“I’ve decided that my cousin Garros will show his strength and ability to run this company if he can get married and make sure his marriage ends up a happy one,” I said and they all grumbled among their selves before giving me their thoughts about it.

” Has Garros agreed to this?” one of them asked after they have finished talking among themselves.

” You don’t need to worry about that, my cousin is so much ready to take on this challenge,” I said and they all nodded while I smiled.

“You all can sign this document if you accept and agree on my cousin’s marriage,” I said and Harris passed the document around.

“Who is this Mires Emilia I haven’t heard of before,” one of them asked after checking out the document.

“My brother has been in a secret relationship and didn’t want anyone to know about it so you probably can’t hear of her since it’s a secret relationship,” I said and he nodded and signed the document.

“Meeting dismiss,” I said after they had signed the document and Harris collected it.

They all left immediately and I was left with Harris in the conference room.

“I’m going to see how you solve this when your plan fails and turn against you,” I said opening the document and looking at their signatures.

“Take this to the law department and it should be processed immediately,” I said to Harris and he nodded.

“It’s time for me to meet Emilia personally, we are going to have a nice chat,” I said smirking and looking at the glass on the table

To be continued

wahala for who thinks they cheated him…

Is Garros going to accept that marriage?

what a cousin…


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