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? •[Dance of a Lifetime ]•?

Written by Wilson Library ??


Garros Rolando***

“Hey man what’s wrong?” My best friend asked as he sat down and ordered a drink.

“Man, it’s the same old problem,” I said after staring at him and gawking him gulp his wine.

“C’mon Garros why don’t you just quit the company instead of going through all this. We both can open a new company and I’m sure it’s going to be much more successful than Garros Enterprise” he suggested and I flinched.

“No Stanley I can’t just leave the company to him, I own that business. Where was he when I started that company from scratch, where was him when I needed money to fund the day-to-day running of the company, now that the business is successful he wants to take over, never will I allow that to happen” I said and finished the drink in the glass.

“Okay, so what do you intend to do?” Stanley asked and I glanced at him while the waiter filled my glass.

“I need to win the world dancing competition In other for our investors to turn their back on him and approve me as the one and only boss of the company,” I said and Stanley laughed.

“Why do you laugh?” I asked if anything was funny about what I just said then let him tell me because I don’t find it funny in any way.

” Please don’t be offended but I don’t think you can beat Randy to a dance, judging that you haven’t practiced or been on stage for close to five years now,” he said and I smirked.

“And what makes you say that, If I could do it years ago I can still do it now. I’ve searched and selected one of the best dancers on the hot list and I’m sure going to make her win this year’s dance competition” I said with optimistic faith while he smiled and slip down his drink into his mouth.

“Whatever,” he says and looks around the club while I take my head down to the slab.

“Why don’t we go get some hot chills for ourselves?” he asked licking his lower lips.

I knew he was on again with his flirting altitude. Stanley never just changes, a guy at his age still doesn’t have a job and still lives with his parents.

“You go on I’ll pass,” I said and he smirked.

“Look at yourself, talking as if you ever join me,” he says taking the last of his drink.

“Go on playboy,” I said as I smile and watch him walk away.

Taking up another drink I squandered it down within minutes and thought of how to handle my cousin.

It never occurred to me that one day I’ll be so reckless and have to take orders from someone and not any person but my cousin.

I looked at my watch and it was getting late for a man like me who needed to get some rest after a long day of work.

Turning to look around I couldn’t find Stanley anywhere and I had to leave for home.

“Hey, Stanley is going to pay the bills,” I said to the waiter who had served us drinks and he nodded.

Stanley is a big shot in this bar and he is known by mostly everyone who frequently visits the bar.

Although he doesn’t have a job, he lives his life as a rich man. After all, his father is rich and I’ll have to admit his mother spoils him a lot.

Heading out of the bar, I dropped a note at my favorite spot, I always do, it makes me feel relief from my problems as I jotted them down on the note.

“Another bad day at work,” I said stopping a passing taxi.

It is not surprising that I no more drive any of the cars I own as all are being confined by my cousin, even the estate that I own I don’t live there.

Getting into the taxi, I told him my address and he took me there.

Trudging out of the taxi, I looked at the place I call my hideout, a perfect home for a guy like me.

I shuffle through the neighborhood still I got to my apartment, opening the door I found everywhere messed up.

It was normal for me because I never cared about removing my things slowly or in an orderly manner when I’m in a hurry, I just throw them anyhow.

Looking at the vast space I have in the apartment, I thought of putting in some action for the night.


I walked to the restroom to free myself and when I came out back, I couldn’t see Rolando but someone else who had occupied my sit.

“Pretty are you all alone?” I asked sitting close to the beautiful young lady.

She had ordered a drink and was gliding it down her throat as if she was so tasty or maybe she was a good drinker.

“Waiter, I’ll pay for her,” I said and he nodded then I turned and stare at her face.

“What’s your name, pretty angel?” I asked making sure to look my best while talking and she gazed at me with a stunning smile all over her face.

“I think you need this to clean your lips playboy,” she said throwing a white handkerchief at me before leaving.

” who is she calling a playboy?” I asked no one in particular as I cleaned my lips with the handkerchief.

I looked into the handkerchief and found out she had written something on it, it was her phone number and a name.

I smiled at it and looked in the direction she had walked towards.

She’s wonderful, I’m going to make her my girlfriend by all means. What a wonderful night I’m having.

“Waiter, get me a pen and a note please, it’s time I drop something in my favorite spot,” I said and he nodded.

Mires Louisa***

“Miss Emilia, we are here,” the driver said waking me up from the deep sleep I’d fallen into.

“It’s dark already?” I asked coming out of the car and not knowing that I’d slept for so long.

“Sorry, I didn’t wake you up earlier, my boss called and informed me to drive you to this hotel so you can spend the night,” he said taking out my luggage from the back of the car.

“Who’s your boss?” I asked inquiring to know his name.

“Don’t worry miss, you’ll get to meet him tomorrow. Reservations have already been made for you so just go In and say your name, I’ll pick you up here tomorrow before midday ” he says entering the car, and before I knew It he had driven away.

I walked into the hotel and presented myself but the receptionist made a call before giving me a card and a room number.

I hauled my luggage to the room and the room was enormous.

The first thing I did was look around the room and use the bathroom as soon as possible.

“I’m here now sis,” I said sitting on the bed and staring into space.

“I’m here to complete your dreams, our dreams sister and I hope you wake up soon because the next time I want to see you, we will be going ponding together, and at that time, you will be so proud of me,” I said and tears swiveled down my cheek endlessly.

The phone at the side of the bed started ringing as I stared into space and was thinking about my family back home.

I cleaned my eyes then walked over there and picked it up.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hello miss Emilia, it’s the receptionist. Would you come down and have dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, or your dinner be sent to your room?”. she asked and I thought about it.

“Send it to my room, I’ll be waiting,” I said and placed the phone back in its position.

“I must be strong for you sister,” I said cleaning my eyes and having to search for something to wear after id just taken my bath.

Maybe tomorrow is the day I’ll have to prove myself and I sure hope to make my sister proud.

To be continued.


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