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? •[Dance of a Lifetime ]•?

Written by Wilson Library ??


Mires Louisa***

“we’ll be landing shortly, please all passengers should fasten their seat belts and remain sitting” the plane attendant announced as the plane was about to land.

It had been a long-hour flight from Cebu to Prussia and I was so tired from sitting down for hours.

Immediately the plane landed I walked out and collected my luggage then rushed to the restroom to free myself.

After I was done I walked out and started looking for the person who was coming to pick me up from the airport.

“Hey! miss are you, Mires Emilia,” a guy asked immediately he walked up to me.

“Yes, I am. Are you the one who is supposed to pick me up from the airport? ” I answered bearing my sister’s name. The name Mires Emilia is my sister’s name and I think I’ll have to get used to being called her name now that I’m pretending to be her.

“This way miss Emilia,” he says taking over my luggage and walking me towards where he had parked the car.

“Thank you,” I said and walked into the car while he puts my luggage on the stumps.

He later walks into the car and drives off to where I’ll meet and talk with his boss, I guest.

As he drives, I decided to look out the window and see the magnificent beauty of the city of Prussia.

I was amazed by the big and creative works of art right before my eyes, it’s were so good that I didn’t want to take my eyes off the window.

“Is it your first time going out of your country miss?” the driver asked as he noticed the way my eyes were fixed outside the car window.

“Not really, I’ve been to America before,” I said squatting probably in the car.

“Wow, that’s a hell of a place I want to visit someday,” he says and I smile at him.

“America is good, but if you’re looking to visit a country with infrastructural development then I’ll suggest you visit china because it has a repetition of some of the world’s biggest infrastructures,” I said and he nodded then I smiled knowing that he must have believed everything I’ve just told him.

Well, I’ve never been to America nor have I ever seen the infrastructures in China but since I heard some rumors that China has the Paris towel, I concluded and use it to fool him in other for him to believe me.

“How long are we going to take to reach our destination?” I asked noticing that he has been driving for quite a while now.

“It’s a one-hour journey miss,” he said and I widen my eyes.

“It takes that long?” I asked.

“Yes miss, sometimes one hour thirty minutes if there’s traffic. The company is quite far from the airport ” he says and I nod tiredly.

“Okay, wake me up when you get there, I want to take a nap, I’m exhausted from the long plane ride,” I say and doze off.

Garros Rolando***

“One step forward, move your right foot forward and extend it towards your left side, continue doing so,” I said to the girls I was training to do a Plié dance.

“Alright everyone back to position,” I said and they all returned to their respective positions.

“Today we are going to talk about what an assemblé is and how to practice it,” I said as they all stayed focused and kept staring at me.

“An assemblé begins in the fifth position. It is a jump in which the front leg extends out to the side and up off the floor while the supporting leg hops. The extended leg then lands behind the supporting leg in the fifth position” I said explaining and demonstrating how the moves are practiced.

“Mr. Garros, someone’s here to see you” my assistant waddled into the room telling me and I nodded.

“Benita, come forward and show them what I just demonstrated,” I said and she nodded and walked forward.

“You all should Keep practicing with her, I’ll be right back,” I said walking out with my assistant.

“Mr. Garros, I’m amazed you never asked about who wants to see you,” he said and I smirked.

Harris has always been talkative but due to his high skill and professionalism in his work, I keep him around.

“Has miss Mires Emilia already arrived?” I asked as we both walk to my office

“No, but I called the driver, he said there will soon be arriving,” he said and I nodded.

“I hope everything is ready to welcome her and one more thing make sure my cousin doesn’t learn about her arrival or anything that will make him suspect me,” I said and he nodded.

“Miss Emilia is a very important guest, make sure, she’s treated well,” I said and he nods

“I’m afraid he has already learned of her coming,” he says and I stop walking.

“I guess I’ll have to face him then,” I said to Harris and then walk forward and opened my office door.

“Hey, Garros how are you my brother?” another talkative monster of mine said as I walked into my office.

“Harris you may leave us,” I said and he nods before going away.

“Why are you here, didn’t I tell you we’ll meet at the bar?” I questioned and he smirked.

“C’mon cousin, are you restricting me from coming to your office now? ” he asked sitting on my favorite chair.

” It’s not so, I’m just too busy to accommodate anyone at the moment,” I say and he looks at me in a very deadly way.

He kept silent looking at me in an expressional way but I couldn’t say anything as he was a bigger boss in the company than me. All I could do was stare at him in silence.

“I heard you invited a beauty over for the upcoming dance competition?” he finally asked the question and I nodded.

“Yes, I did. She’s going to be our main leader for the competition and she will feature in the Romance bullet” I said and he gazed at me with a little smile popping from the side of his cheek.

“When she arrives, Arrange a meeting between me and her,” He says as he wakes up from the chair and walks away.

I let out a heavy breath as he closes the office door, knowing that my cousin doesn’t joke when he wants to take away something from me.

He has been the one bossing and controlling the company ever since my dancing career was ruined.

On the outside, everyone believes I work with my cousin to build and take this company higher but that was not the real situation. I’m just his stooge that he orders and uses anyhow.

I don’t even have a good apartment of my own nor am I financially stable as my cousin controls everything. I just come to the company sometimes to train and lecture the girls as he is completely taking over the company from me.

Now that he has ordered me to bring Miss Emilia, I’m quite sure this is the end of my stay in the company because he will never let me dance again after taking my place as Garros Rolando, the clandestine and most magnificent dancer that the world had seen during the world dance competition in Paris.

To be continued.


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