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(Crazy Office Romance…)

Chapter 83©84[ FINALE ]

By, Ella N.

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“Calm down, man. I believe they’ll be here soon.
You know how women are, with their makeups and all that.

“Besides, today is her day. So,let her have her time” Derek said to restless Dexter who has been pacing around, looking at every angle to see if Annika’s car is coming in with her.

They (he and his best men) are in church already,but Annika,her maid of honor (Sana) and the bride’s maids are yet to come.

Yes! Sana is Annika’s maid of honor, because Brielle refused to be. She chose to be among the bride’s maid with her BFF.

After all,the bride’s best friend is the one to be the maid of honor, she said.

Silly girl!

“I know, man. But it’s almost time, and the priest would be here before you know it” Dexter rasped,roughening his hair,but Roland started arranging it back for him,immediately. Eyeing and scoffing at him too.

“Do you want to look like a crazy man on your wedding day? Eish!
Bro, there’s still time. We still have like fifteen to twenty minutes before the actual time for the wedding mass.

“Just tell us you miss seeing your Heartbeat,and stop pretending” Roland smirked, and Dexter rolled eyes, chuckling.

Truth be told. He actually misses his Baby.
He hasn’t seen her since yesterday, because they didn’t let him to.

Even Annika herself, misses him.

Neither of them could sleep yesterday because of that. Sana and Mina had to put Annika to bed like a baby, yesterday. Because she refused to sleep, all she wanted,was to see her Boo Bear.

“I must say,you look so dashing, dude! Trust me, Ann won’t recognize you,swears” Dalton compliments Dexter.

“Thanks,buddy. You guys are the ones who beautified me like this,yunno.
Damn! What would I ever do without you? You’re just the best,and you know it” Dexter smiled happily.

“You deserve everything good and happy.

“You deserve it,man” Dalton added. Dexter smiled again,as they all shared a fist bump.

Dexter looked extra dashing, and Dalton wasn’t lying.

Truth us,Annika might not recognize him for reals,if she sees him.
He looks totally different from the Dexter she has always been seeing.

Well,he looks too handsome!

While they talked,the bride’s car finally arrived.

The moment Annika was helped out of the car, and the moment Dexter caught sight if his Heartbeat, he temporarily lost his breath.

Yes! He couldn’t breathe for a minute, because Annika took his breath away.

She was stunning, stinkingly looking gorgeous, Beautiful,charming,cute,breathtaking.

She was enthralling!!

Wait! Are they more suitable words to use, other than the once I’ve said mentioned?

Well,use them. Because Annika looked like those fairy tales beautiful princesses.

She wasn’t even looking like one who was pregnant. Her enchanting wedding dress concealed everything, even though her tummy was big already. You could hardly tell if she was pregnant or not.


“By the power vested in me,I now pronounce you Husband and Wife.
You may now kiss your bride” The priest said,and Dexter couldn’t even wait for him to finish,before leaning in to kiss his now Wife.

This feels so good. He cannot believe he and Annika just exchanged vows,they just exchanged rings,they’ve now become Husband and Wife!

He had never imagined a day like this would come,when he’d get married to Annika,and call her his Wife.

Judging from how they used to be,fighting and always at each other’s neck.

They never got along.

But,everything changed,when their hearts started saying and thinking otherwise.

Indeed,their love is a beautiful one.


Annika can be seen sitting on their enormouse bed,wearing a white lingerie,with a long transparent very light jacket.

Her silky dark,and long hair is beautifully packed in a ponytail.

Her left leg,a bit curved to the level of her tummy,as she sat,resting her back on the two pillows kept to support and make her comfortable.

She’s sitting and rubbing her tummy seriously,because the baby has been moving to every part of it.
That kind of makes her feel uncomfortable,that’s why she’s rubbing it so much,because it makes her feel a bit better.

The baby is just too exited.

It’s as if someone told him that his mom and dad just got married.

Dexter is actually downstairs in the kitchen.
He went to get ice cream for Annika,of course her cravings haven’t reduced yet.

“He’s still moving?”Dexter asked,coming in with the ice cream.

“Seriously,Boo Bear. He just won’t stay in one place,I think he’s too excited,or something”Annika said,still rubbing her tummy.

“Sorry,Baby”He apologized,hopping on the bed.

“Here is your ice cream,do you want me to feed you?” He asked,smiling.
Annika nodded consecutively,making Dexter to chuckle.

“You couldn’t even wait for me to finish talking”Dexter laughed shortly,scooping the ice cream into Annika’s mouth who welcomed it with so much joy.

“We finally got married,Heartbeat. I am
no longer dating you on credit.

“I feel so happy and satisfied. My heart is filled with so much joy”Dexter said triumphantly.

“You can say that again,Hubby”Annika pecked his cheek sweetly,then leaned back on the pillow,with Dexter still feeding her.

A part of her mouth was stained with the ice cream,so Dexter cleaned it with thump and licked it.

“You’re beautiful,Wifey” He smiled,as he licked his finger more.

Annika giggled,rubbing his face with her right hand,the left one resting on her tummy.

“You know you’re handsome,right? Extraordinarily handsome,and I can’t get enough of you,Baby”Annika said,playing and rubbing his lips sweetly.

“And your beauty is beyond this earth. Damn! You know I almost didn’t recognize you”Dexter chuckled,kissing her forehead.

Annika smiled and stared deep into her husband’s eyes that always capture her heart and make it beat a thousand times in just a minute.

“Thanks,Boo Bear. Migosh! Your dance moves were so crazy,back at the reception! At a point,I thought my husband had gone insane” Annika said crazily,and they both bursted out laughing hard.

Dexter actually danced so well that completely got Annika astonished.

She didn’t know Dexter could dance so well,until earlier today.

“Where should we go to for our honeymoon, Ann?” He asked, after they laughed and were quiet for a moment.

“Florida. That’s where I’ve been dreaming of us going for our honeymoon.
But,I hope we won’t stay for long.

“I don’t want to have our baby there”She replied with a pout.

“Of course we won’t,Baby. When did the Doctor say you’ll be due again?”Dexter asked,rubbing his beardless chin,and trying to remember when the Doctor said Annika would be due for her delivery.
Annika gasped and slapped his chest playfully.

“On the 18th of next month. Migosh,I can’t believe you forgot”She rolled eyes,giving Dexter little pinches,which made him laugh. Because they felt like tickles.

“Pardon your husband,he’s getting old I guess”Dexter joked,shrugging.

“I swear,you’re crazy,believe me when I say this. Who the hell is getting old!” Annika said,and they both bursted into laugher.

“I know I’m crazy,Wifey. And that’s why I crazily want to eat your lips.

“No séx tonight like we both agreed,ay? “But guess what will be your breakfast tomorrow” Dexter smirked,leaning in for the kiss.

“A passionate,sweet,and a crazy bang?”Annika

“God bless the day we met again,you know exactly what your Boo Bear loves” Dexter chuckled,and like that,he captured her lips into a hot and passionate kiss.
His hand crawled to her tummy,caressing it lovingly.
It was so sweet and comforting that Annika didn’t know when a cute mòan escaped her lips.


“How’s my grandson doing,Ann? And I hope your husband isn’t bugging you two?” Janice asked. She then turned to look at Dexter who only laughed and shook his head.

“Not at all,mom. He’s the best husband ever” Annika replied sweetly. Hearing that, Dexter pouted like a little cutie.

“How are you,bro. I should get married soon,damn! You look so good” Roland compliments his brother.

“You should,bro. Marriage is actually sweet when you marry the right person” Dexter replied,and they both shared a fist bump.


“Dex…dad. You mean…you mean the big Company is mine now?
No,no,no. I think I’m dreaming” Roland stuttered,as he held his loud pounding heart.


Robert just handed over the big Company’s documents to him.
Actually,Dexter did. Because Robert told him earlier about handing over the Company to him.

Dexter was grateful,and appreciated his dad. But,told him that Roland should have the Company instead,since his own Company is a big one now,all thanks to K.S.C Company.

“You deserve to be happy,bro. You really do” Dexter told him.

“Thank you,…mom. Oh jeez! Thank you,family. Y’all are the best,what would I do without you?
Thank you…” Roland continued to say thank you to everyone.

Who would have thought that things will turn out this way?
This same Company he was fighting Dexter for,is the same Company that has been given to him without fighting or hurting anyone,or even stressing himself for it.

Indeed this saying is true.

What is yours,will always be yours. You don’t need to fight for it!


A restless and worried figure can be seen pacing around the hospital hallway.

His wife is in labor and he can’t help,but to be worried about her and the yet to be born baby.

It’s almost two hours now,since Dexter brought Annika to the hospital,and was taken into the labor room immediately.
But,since then,the Doctor hasn’t come out to say anything,and neither has he seen any of the nurses attending to Annika.

He’s very very worried,and just can’t stop pacing around.

“Dude,calm down” Derek placed a comforting hand on his shoulder and said.

He and the rest came to the hospital the moment Dexter told them.

Sana and Mina left their Offices instantly,not minding if they’d get sacked or not.
Annika matters to them more than anything in this life. Because she’d do same for them if it were the other way round.

Oh! Derek and Mina got married three days ago.

You needed to see Annika,beautifully dancing with her big tummy,that got people gushing seriously.

Well,Dalton and Sana have been going on different dates, almost every week.


“I should calm down? Why should I calm down when my Wife has been in there for two hours now,and no one is saying anything to me?

“I don’t want anything to happen to her,or our baby. I can’t be calm” Dexter retorted,and Roland sighed heavily.

“Dex,you have to calm down like Derek said. For the sake of your health and for your Wife’s sake.
We all know Annie is a strong woman,she and the baby will come out strong,trust me. Just be calm,please” Roland tried pacifying him too,but neither of that was working. He wasn’t listening to anyone at all.

All he wants to hear is that,his Heartbeat just put to bed,and that the baby is fine.

Those are the only words he wants to hear right now!

Dalton went closer,and held his hand tight.

“Chill,man. She’ll be fine,and so will the baby. What you should be doing,is praying to God for a safe delivery” He said,and Dexter calm a bit.

He finally sat down on the nearest seat. He had refused to sit down since he came to the hospital.

“Big sis,please be fine for us” Brielle sniffled,eating her fingers.
She actually came to the hospital with Dexter.

She’s been living with her sister since Annika was close to her due date. She had to,cos Verity has resumed work,and she’s currently at work.

And oh! She (Brielle) is the Manager of ANN’S LUXURY WEARS.

While Dalton and the rest were still trying to calm Dexter down,the Doctor finally came out of the labor room,with an obvious happy face.

“How’s my Wife,Doctor?” Dexter sprang up immediately he saw the Doctor.

“Your wife is doing perfectly great.
Well,it’s a baby boy as we already knew,and he’s strong and healthy”The Doctor said,and Dexter almost jumped on him in excitement.


“Come here,Boo Bear. Come see our cute little boy. He’s so handsome and adorable,just like you”Annika smiled joyously.
She’s so happy and strong. She doesn’t even look like one who just went through labor.

She’s holding the baby in her arms right now,smiling happily. She just can’t get her eyes off him,he’s too handsome.


Dexter collected the baby, with a big grin spread all over his face.

He kissed the baby’s cap, then his shawl, and chuckled.

“You both have made me a dad, I am a father now.
Thank you,Baby for bringing this precious into the world, for giving me this bundle of joy.

“I love you so much,and will forever cherish you both” He smiled, and planted the sweetest kiss ever,on Annika’s forehead.

“I love you, Baby” He said again,taking turns to look at both his wife and baby.

The only ones who make his life worth living.

“Where is my other baby,Anni?” She asked, and immediately, Brielle walked in with Anni the dog,on a leash.

Annika smiled, and patted its back lovingly.

“You have a baby to always play with and protect” Annika smiled and said.

“Woof woof!” Anni barked happily, as she understood what Annika said.

“Congratulations,my Anni K. I love you” Brielle smiled seriously.

“Thank you,BB girl. And I love you more” Annika replied.

Everyone else congratulated both Dexter and Annika. Especially Sana and Mina who never stopped gushing over the cute baby.


It’s been ten and beautiful years of blissful marriage between Annika and Dexter.

Their marriage is a good example of a perfect marriage, though,they have their ups and downs. But, they never show it to the world, not even their best friends.

They are doing so great! With their two kids,Dexie and Aleena.

Dexie is ten, while Aleena is eight.

Those two are like twins,but they fight a lot,just the way their mom and dad used to.

Okay!! Mina and Derek have two beautiful twin girls, and she’s expecting another baby soon.

Dalton and Sana later got married, with two kids(boy and girl)

Roland and Avery got married too,almost the same year,and they have two boys and a girl.

Well,let’s just say,they(both Brielle and Verity) are all married,and living luxuriously,and happily.

Actually,Verity and Nike didn’t end up marrying each other,because their Genotype weren’t compatible.

It was hard for them to let go,but they had to,for their own good.

Annika’s Boutique and Dexter’s Company are the talk of town,in fact,the whole country.

They are booming successfully!

“Mom,I’m going out for my music classes” Dexie said,buttoning his shirt while walking down the stairs.

He stopped by his mom’s side,and pecked her cheek sweetly.

Well,I’d say Dexie is already a young musician with a sweet and charming voice.

He has a few songs written and produced by him. He has a very big studio of his own,too.

“Music classes? Have you forgotten we have a family’s day out today,and your dad will be back in minutes time?” Annika asked,staring at her son funnel.

“Jeez,mom! I totally forgot about that” Dexie chuckled like his dad.

“So,you were planning to leave without me,huh?” Aleena came rushing down the stairs,hopping on one leg,as she tries to wear her sketchers with haste.

She’s actually a dancer. A very good one at that,but she’s a pack of trouble.

Annika and Dexie started laughing at her silliness.

“I’m not even going again” Dexie answered.

“You’re not going anymore,why?” She pouted.

“Family’s day out” He replied with a wink and click with his fingers.

“Ohmigosh! I totally forgot” She exclaimed like her Mom does. Annika cackled at the way she said,with funny expressions.

“Wait! I think dad is back already” She said,rushing to the door when she heard the car engine.

“My Guy and my Lady” Dexter smiled,immediately Aleena opened the door.

“Our main G” They both chorused,giving their dad fist bumps.

“Welcome,Dad. I hope work wasn’t stressful today” Aleena asked,now hugging her dad.

“I wasn’t,my Lady. How are you both,and how was school today?” He asked,and they answered him positively.

“Where’s my Heartbeat?” He asked,and the kids pointed to Annika’s direction.

“Welcome,Boo Bear” Annika said with so much excitement.

Dexter smiled,and kissed her lips softly.

“Let’s go bath,Baby. There’s a new position I need to show you” He whispere naughtily and Annika laughed hard,leaving the kids to wonder.

“Who’s ready for our family’s day out?” Dexter asked,making silly dance moves.

“We are!!!” They all bursted out laughing hard.



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