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(Crazy Office Romance…)

Chapter 81©82

By, Ella N.

Copy and die Viciously‼️






“Wait,what?” Dexter creased his brows, not believing his ears at all.

“Yes,Baby. It felt so good….migosh! I want him to kick again” Annika grinned happily, whilst rubbing her tummy sweetly.

Dexter didn’t say anything else at that moment, he just squatted and began to kiss her tummy romantically, with the water still pouring on them.

Gosh! It was so romantic that, if one took a photo of that moment, it’d be the most beautiful photo you’d ever see.

What a beautiful sight to behold.

Their love is undying. It keeps growing each passing second,and the baby felt the strong and unbreakable bond between its dad and mom,that’s why it kicked.

It was enjoying the good moment its parents were having.

So sweet, right?!

“Spread your legs a bit, Ann” He said,after kissing her tummy for a while.

Annika wondered why he asked her to do that,but she spread them apart,anyway.

Immediately she did that,Dexter’s hand crawled to her p*ssy and he began to rub the surface gently.

Before Annika knew what was going on,he slid in his middle finger and like that,he started finger f*cking her hard.

“Oh my…Dex!” Annika moàned when he inserted another finger, making it two.

It was slow,yet rough. Dexter just loves being rough.

But Annika likes it,because despite his roughness, he’s always careful and always makes it sweet,passionate and enjoyable for her.

Annika gripped his shoulder tight with her right hand,while the other was roughening his hair, as he kept weakening her legs màdly.

“Yea,that’s it,Baby. Cùm for Boo Bear” Dexter groanéd, as his fingers sank deeper into her. Making her mòan loudly like she always does,because Dexter is always making her do so.

Annika’s eyes rolled to the back of her head.
Her breath rising and falling seriously,so much that Dexter thought she was going to lose her breath momentarily.

But,that didn’t stop him,he knows that won’t happen,and can never happen.

He just wants to give his Baby an orgàsm to relief her stressed body, cos she looks very very stressed and worn out.

That’s just what he wants to achieve right now.

Annika came hugely,pouring everything on his face.

He chuckled and licked his fingers dry,before standing up.

“My son kicked, meaning, he’s happy, healthy and strong. I love you,Baby.
I love you with my life and everything in me.

“You know you’re the best,right? And I can’t wait for us to have this baby. I can’t wait to hear his cries, I can’t wait for him to keep me awake all night” Dexter paused and chuckled, with his hand on her tummy,caressing it sweetly.

“I can’t wait to carry him and sing lullabies for him,while you make his food.
I just can’t wait for all that,Heartbeat” Dexter said,and Annika giggled, rapping her hands around his to torso.

“I can’t wait either,Boo Bear. I can’t wait to be a mom” Annika cooed, hugging him tight. But her tummy was making a barrier, and that kind of looked cute.

“I can’t even hug you well like before, because of your son” Annika said,and he chuckled,kissing her lips softly.

“Do you feel better?” He asked, still hugging her tight to himself. He had to,because she was kind of weak.

He weakened her completely, after the crazy finger f*ck.

“I feel great, Baby. Thank you” Annika replied in a whisper,with her head resting on his hard chest.

Dexter kissed her hair,and stayed with her in that position.
The shower has been running all the while, soaking their bonded souls and bodies,together with that of the baby inside Annika,lovingly.


“Where is aunt Gloria, by the way. Haven’t heard nor seen her since I came back” Brielle said,sitting down beside Annika.

Dexter and Annika are around, they actually have somewhere they are going to. All of them.

“Hmmm!” Justin sighed heavily and Brielle drifted her gaze at him.

“Dad….? Is everything okay” She asked Justin.

“Brielle. You don’t want to know, hand she’s not even important,anyway” Annika replied.

“Just tell me already. I want to know what happened to Mom’s friend,is that too much to ask?” Brielle pouted.

“Okay…I really didn’t want to,but since you’re insisting.

“Aunt Gloria is the reason for the accident that occurred” Annika blurted.

“What?!” Brielle exclaimed with wide eyes.

“She… She’s the reason for Mom’s,and…” Brielle almost started,but Annika stopped her.

“You see why I didn’t want to tell you? Don’t start,BB. This period is a period for happiness,not crying again, okay? Her case will be settled in court in few days time” Annika said,and kissed her cheek sweetly.

Brielle nodded and smiled. Dexter and Justin weren’t even saying anything, they just kept looking at them.


“I’ve been asking you both where Brielle is,none of you is giving me sensible answers” Marther berated.

She’s been asking about Brielle since the day that Ian and Avery came back without her.

It’s not like she cares, she just wants to know where Brielle is.

She hasn’t insulted and called her names, yunno. Since two days now.

“It’s not like you care if she’s fine or not. I thought you wanted her out of your house,so why do you keep asking where she is? Just stop bugging already,Mom!” Avery fired at her Mom disgustedly.

“I already know she has bewitched you,but you don’t always have to talk to me disrespectfully because of her” Martha fired back angrily.

How Avery always support someone who is in no way related to her,is what Martha still tries to figure out.


But,wait. Could it be that Brielle has actually left the house for good,to start living on her own like she had always told her to do?

Now,what baffles her the most,is that,Ian her husband,literally came home with Avery unexpectedly.
She wasn’t expecting him to come home this week at all.

And Brielle didn’t come with them.


Mr. Graham sighed,palming his head frustratedly.

“That’s okay,Avery” came his voice,telling already pissed Avery.

“Yes,Dad” Avery replied levelly. She stood up to go to her room,but didn’t walk too far when a knock came at the door.

She stopped on her track momentarily,then turned and heads for the door.

“Sis!” Brielle exclaimed excitedly,holding Avery into a warm hug,without hesitating.

Avery couldn’t even explain how she felt at the moment,whether sad or happy.
She cannot believe how much she had missed Brielle just within two days of not seeing her.

The house was so lonely and boring without Brielle who does and says crazy things that will make her laugh till tears form in her eyes.

Ever since Brielle came into the Graham’s family,she has brought her nothing,but joy and happiness.

Avery had always wanted a sibling,boy or girl. She just wanted one,and she happened to find that sibling in Brielle.

She’s the best sister anyone could ever ask for.
But,unfortunately,Brielle has found her family and things won’t be the same again.

It’s not like she’s not happy Brielle found her family,she is happy.
In fact,she’s the happiest person ever. But,the fact still remains that,things will never be the same again.

How is she going to cope without Brielle being around?

“Gosh,you don’t know how much I missed you,Sis” Avery said,hugging Brielle tight,as if she shouldn’t let her go.

“You think you missed me? Then think again,cos I couldn’t sleep two nights ago” Brielle pouted,pulling away from the hug to stare at her sister whom she had missed seeing.

Meanwhile,Martha’s mouth was completely left open,as she stares at Brielle in befuddlement.

What’s going on here?
Who are those people? They look very rich, and why is Brielle with them?

Why does she look so different just within two days,and why does she look so happy?

These were all the stupíd questions she was busy asking herself.

“Brielle…” She almost called out loud,but shockingly,she lost her voice completely.

Brielle greeted Ian. Well,…..her dad warmly,and he did same too by hugging her like a dad hugging his little princess.

Avery wasn’t the only one who missed Brielle. He did,too and was just as happy as Avery,to see Brielle’s face again.

“Happy to see you again,Mr. Graham” Justin said,stretching out his hand for a handshake.

“It’s so good to see you again too,Mr. Wright” Ian replied wholeheartedly.

Dexter and Annika greeted them too,though, Ian was the first to greet his Boss.

“Good morning, Mom” Brielle went to totally confused Martha and hugged her,then broke from it.

Martha remained motionless, she couldn’t move a finger, because she was too shock to her bone marrow.

Dexter and Annika, even Justin saw the the expression on her face and they kept wondering why she’s acting that way.

“Darling,meet my Boss,Mr. Dexter” Ian turned to his wife,Martha and said.

“Nice to meet you,ma’am” Dexter said respectfully,as he and Martha both exchanged pleasantries with smiles. Except,Martha’s wasn’t genuine,because she was still as confused as a goàt.

“And this is Mr. Wright,Brielle’s dad,and Ms. Annika,Brielle’s elder Sister” Ian further introduced them to each other.

“Br….Brielle’s what?” Martha stuttered lowly. She so doesn’t believe what Ian just told her.

Wait,Brielle actually met her family? And not just that,she’s from a wealthy home?

Martha conversed within herself.

“Yes,Mom. This my Dad and my Sis” Brielle smiled whilst telling Martha.

“You still call me….Mom despite everything I did?
Why?” Martha asked in nothing,but total shame.

She’s as guilty and ashamed as a nanny caught eating all the baby’s food.

Because,what did Brielle ever do to her?

Absolutely nothing!

She wasn’t even the one paying for Brielle’s hospital bills,she wasn’t the one catering for her,but Ian.

She wasn’t doing anything for her. She just chose to be stùpid and incensitive.

“You will always be my Mom,no matter what,and I am grateful to you for everything.
You know why?

Because,I found my family through you,Mom.

If you had not treated me the way you did,if you had not pushed me to the brim,made me go look for a job like an insane person. I wouldn’t have met my friend,Verity. And I definitely wouldn’t have found my family.

“There’s a saying,Mom” Brielle paused and smiled gorgeously. She held Martha’s hand,staring at her face lovingly.

Everyone,except Ian and Avery who knew what’s up,just stared in confusion,having no idea of what Brielle was saying,because she never told them.

“Everything that happens,happens for a reason. So,I am happy and thankful” Brielle continued.

Everything she said just added to Martha’s already guilty heart.

What kind of a heart does Brielle have?

At a point,when Ian introduced them to her,she thought Brielle had come with her family to get her apprehended,or something.


“Okay. So,Mr. Graham,we are actually here to officially thank you for saving my daughter’s life.
I am saying thank you to you and your daughter.

“And I am here to ask if you’d love to move to Melrose City with your family,into a new house.
Do not worry about the rent,because the house is all yours”Justin said.

Wait,what did he just hear?
Is someone playing with his brain,or what?

Well,it seemed that wasn’t shocking enough,because…

“Uhm…,Mr. Graham. How about you stop being my driver,and work as the Hiring Manager of KLEIN’S WINERY COMPANY,instead?”Dexter said his,and Ian remained speechless,completely speechless!

All these for saving Brielle?

Gawd! He only did a good deed that every human should do.
Aren’t those things just too much to show appreciation?

damn! He must be dreaming,and really doesn’t want to wake up from that dream.

Avery and Martha weren’t left out in the shock.

“Mom…did you…Mom,oh my gosh!”Avery gushed seriously.

“Sis….!” She scuttled to where Brielle stood and hugged her sisterly.

“Thank you,she whispered and Brielle smiled, hugging her back in warmly.


“What’s bro Rolly doing here?” Dalton jokingly asked,coming in with Derek.

“Tsk! I missed my big brother,and so,came to see him. Are you now jeolous or what?” Roland scoffed and rolled eyes.

“So,we who don’t have big brothers should now fetch water and fry,huh?” Derek joked too and they all bursted out laughing happily.

“Congratulations,Man. Even though you did not inform us” Dexter scowled.

“I’m sorry,buddies. But,I just wanted it done on a low key without interuption” Derek replied,smirking.

He actually proposed to Mina,last night.


“Hump! He wanted it done on a low key without interuption,so he could drill her hard,too” Dalton blabbed,raising his brows funnily.

“Oh….I get the done on a low key,now” Roland sardonically said,giving Derek a naughty wink and they laughed again.

“By the way,a very big congratulations to you,Man” Roland said,shaking hands with Derek.

What are you two still waiting for,anyway?” Derek asked,looking at both Roland and Dalton.

“I’ve found a ripe apple already,just waiting for the right time to pluck it off the tree” Roland said,as a handsome smile escaped his lips.

“You better pluck it now,before someone else plucks it off” Dexter eyed Roland and they chuckled.

“Bro,Dalton. What about you? Is your potatoe not ready yet?”Dexter turned to Dalton and asked funnily.

“The potatoe is ready,and I’m gonna harvest it soon. The potatoe said we are not dating,but I know we are”Dalton replied,making a funny face with demonstrations.

“This dude is crazy,I swear,he needs to visit a rehab center”Roland joked,and they bursted out laughing heartily.


“Ahh…ohmigosh! Congratulations,Boo Boo”Annika gushed,admiring Mina’s beautiful ring.

“Thank you,Sweetheart” Mina replied,pecking Annika’s cheek.

They are all in Annika’s Office right now,sharing happiness.

“We are so happy for you,Baby. Very very happy for you” Sana said,hugging Mina again.

That’s what she’s been doing since last night that Mina got back home from Derek’s place.

“Thank you,Babes”Mina hugged her back sweetly.

“When is yours coming up,Boo Boo?” Annika asked Sana,and she giggled.

“When the angel of marriage administers to me. Until then,I am still a single potatoe” Sana said,raising her hands up in a funny way.

Mina and Annika bursted out laughing at her silliness.

“C’mon,Girls. Let’s go pick the wedding dress,I actually don’t like the one you picked earlier,Sugar Pie. It looked too tight.

“I don’t want you stressing our baby boy in there. So,let’s go pick another one” Sana said,drinking from her chilled bottled water.

“Sana is right,Sweetheart,let’s go,please” Mina replied.

With that,they left her Office,entered the elevator and headed downstairs.

Yep,Annika has a section in her Boutique where everything a bride needs for her wedding can all be gotten from there.

“Hey,Babies….bye,Babies…” Annika said,giving Brielle and Verity sweet pecks.

The two BFF twins are there,assisting Annika,alright.

They both started giggling at what Annika said,and did to them.


“I think we should create a day to go watch a movie, all of us. To relief stress, yunno” Annika suggested.

All of them…She,Dexter,Brielle and Verity are all together.

Brielle decided to spend the night here with her best friend and Sister,Annika.

From work,she just came home with them,she was already prepared, after all.

And they are currently in the sitting room,talking about random things. Especially,about Annika and Dexter’s wedding.

And those two won’t just stop talking about how they are going to shut down the wedding venue with their hot dresses and designer shoes.

“Yea,big sis is right. I had thought about it too” Brielle replied, and Dexter rolled eyes.

“Like you would have said no to such things” He jokingly said,scoffing.

“Duh!” I am not the baby of the house for nothing” She said and they all laughed.

“Let me get a drink,Baby. I’ll be back,don’t miss me too much” Dexter kissed Annika, then winked at her.

She giggled and shook her head,looking at him till he went out of sight.

She just can’t get enough of him.

“Ann…?!!!!” Dexter screamed from the kitchen, when he opened the fridge and couldn’t find his drink,but all he could see was containers of ice creams, jam packed together.

Leaving no space at all.

Brielle and Verity bursted out laughing their a*sses out. They already knew why Dexter screamed.

“Migosh! My babies,my ice creams!!” Annika screamed too,rushing into the kitchen to protect her ice creams.



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