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(Crazy Office Romance…)

Chapter 79©80

By, Ella N.

Copy and die Viciously‼️






“My Anni K…Anni….” She couldn’t complete it,cries won’t just let her.

“Shhh….just let it flow,you don’t have to say anything,baby sis” Annika said,holding Brielle’s face,as she started wiping her tears away with the back of her palm.

Annika hugged her tighter to her body like it’s a baby she’s hugging and protecting.

Everyone just kept staring like they are watching a movie, or something.

“My gosh,I don’t even know what to say. Like,I’m so speechless right now” Mina said,her arms folded,as she stood,staring in astonishment.

“Seriously,baby. It feels like my eyes are playing a trick on me. I just feel like Brielle died and resurrected,gosh!” Sana gushed,folding her arms too.

“Dad…sis…I’m sorry” Brielle apologized for no reason.

Why is she even apologizing,when reverse should be the case.

“What are you apologizing for,baby girl?
We should be the ones apologizing to you.

“I personally,should be the one apologizing to you and your mother.

“I just wish she also didn’t dìe. I am so sorry,Lydia.
I hope you can forgive me,my love,wherever you are,I hope you can forgive me.

“I am so happy you came back to us.
You don’t know how happy we are to see you again. Thank you,baby girl,for fighting and staying alive for us” Justin said,and kissed Brielle’s hair,while cupping her cheeks,fatherly.

Brielle finally let out the cute smile that cries had held back.

She then turned to Annika and smiled,happily. Though,tears were still trickling down,but of course they are all tears of joy.

“I love you,dad. I love you,big sis and I missed you like…I don’t even know what to say!” She said and Annika giggled,rubbing her cheeks like a baby’s.

Yep! The real crazy Brielle is back,she has cried to her satisfaction and she’s back. In fact,everyone is.

“I love you more,baby sis.
Okay. I don’t want to say how much I missed you,because there really isn’t any right word to use right now.

“I was so lonely when you left,Brielle. I really was” Annika smiled,staring at her sister’s face.
She’s still trying to tell herself that,she’s not dreaming.
This is actually her sister she’s seeing and talking to.

“I’m sorry,my Anni K” Brielle pouted,hugging Annika again.

If hugs could finish,it’d definitely finish today.Cos…

Annika giggled. She and her dad then helped Brielle up,they were literally still on the ground.

Immediately they got up,Brielle’s eyes darted to Avery and Ian.

“Dad…sis!” She promptly walked to them,hugging them both at a time.

Avery and Ian didn’t fail to reciprocate the hug.

After what seemed like forever,they finally broke away from the hug to stare at each other’s faces.

“Were you crying?” Brielle asked,which sounded rather funny.

Like,wasn’t she also crying? Almost everyone was crying,right?

“You weren’t expecting us to laugh,were you?” Avery asked,and Brielle gave a short smile.

“Dad…” She called Ian,holding his left hand. Ian smiled,and kept staring at her,like he’s just seeing her for the first time.

If not for his kind heart,this girl here would have dìed,her life and future would be cut abruptly.

But,here she is today,happy and alright. She has regained her memory and even back to them,hale and hearty!

“Words have failed me today,dad.
I seriously do not know what to say,but all I can say right now,is thank you.

“Thank you,dad. And thank you too,sis,for saving my life” She said,and they both smiled.

“It was nothing,Brielle. We did what every human with a heart should do,we are happy you finally found your family.

“And I’m sorry we kept the truth away from you all these while,we had to,for the sake of your health” Ian said.

“I understand you,dad and I’m grateful for that” Brielle gratefully said,turning to look at Avery with a smile.

Justin,Annika,Dexter and every one of them went closer to where Brielle and co stood.

“Mr. Graham. Well,I am way more than proud of you,and for this kind gesture of yours,trust me…” Dexter chuckled shortly,without saying what is in his mind.

Ian smiled,wondering in his heart what Dexter wanted to say.

Nevertheless,Justin came closer and hugged Ian manly,then pulled away.

“Thank you,is all I can say to you,for now. If I say what is in my mind,believe me,none of us will go home today” Justin chuckled, and everyone started chuckling too.

Brielle took time to look at everyone, from Roland, to Sana and Mina.

Everyone she knows! Her heart couldn’t contain the joy flowing like a river.

This definitely is the best day of her life. But, so sad her Mom didn’t survive the accident.

“BFF!” She giggled like a kid,holding Verity into a tight hug.

They both giggled and did the bff thing they usually do,then stuck hands,and hugged again.

Everything went back to normal, after sharing their joys and happiness.

“Come here,silly” Annika dragged Brielle by the hand. Brielle was holding Verity’s hand too, and so was Avery. So they all followed at once.

Annika took them to where the 3Ds,her friends and Roland sat,for proper introduction.

“Okay. BB girl,you remember those three crazy jerks I used to tell you about when I was still in highschool, right?” Annika asked, and Brielle curved her lips to a corner,tapping her forehead as she tries to remember.

“Bingo!” There’s one you said was a clean freak and an arrogant jerk.

“What’s the name you used to call him again….?
Oh! Disaster Klein” Brielle blurted out funnily,and they all turned to Dexter’s direction,as their gazes just landed on him.

“Ugh… What?” Dexter rolled eyes, and everyone bursted out laughing,including himself.

“Yes,baby sis. But,surprisingly and amazingly, he’s your best friend’s brother. And he’ll be my husband soon” Annika said,showing Brielle her engagement ring.

“Oh my gosh…oh my gosh,oh my gosh…ahhh!!” Brielle screamed loudly, but quickly held her mouth in order not to cause a scene.

Annika and the rest started laughing at her crazy screams.

“Aww. Congratulations, sis” Brielle said,holding Annika’s hand and staring at the ring.

“Thank you,BB girl” Annika smiled,then whispered in her ears.

Brielle widened her eyes and creased her brows.

“You mean…I’ll be an Aunt soon?” She asked,curiously and Annika nodded.

“No wonder your stomach looks bigger. You know, I was about asking you why” Brielle said and raised her brows funnily and crazily.

They bursted out laughing again.

“And I thought Ms. Cray cray was crazy enough. Now I know craziness comes in levels” Derek said,and they laughed again.

“Welcome back,Honey pie” Sana smiled at Brielle.

“Thank you,Sana and Mina. I really did miss you guys,even though I couldn’t remember any of you” Brielle chuckled.

“Welcome back to the family,Brielle. I mean,my sister’s bff.

“I hope we can live long with you both around” Dexter said.

“Is that a question,or an answer?” Both Brielle and Verity asked at a time.

“Jinx! Oh my gosh!” They both bursted out laughing.

“We are done for,Baby” Dexter turned to Annika and said. They all bursted out laughing again.

Meanwhile,all Roland’s attention had been on Avery.

He just kept admiring her beauty, and couldn’t get enough of it.

At a point, Avery caught him staring and smiling at her.

She nervously smiled back at him too.


Could this be love at first sight?


“What should I get for you,sweetheart?” Mina asked Annika who just sat tiredly, and going through her phone.

She actually came to visit her friends. From the Boutique,she decided to come here.

Brielle and Verity are there for now. Annika has not been feeling too well,though.

Feeling weak,sleepy,dizzy and throwing up.
Yes,she still throws up a lot,but why?
It’s supposed to have reduced,right?

Well,everyone is different.

So,because of the dizziness and throw ups,she decides to go home and rest instead,Brielle and Verity insisted,though.

Yep! Her dad didn’t let her go.

Of course he wouldn’t. Who would have let his daughter go? Nobody, I guess.

Anyway,Annika chose to come here firsbt before going home,because it’s been a while they did this(just she and her friends alone)

Both Sana and Mina didn’t go to work,actually. Reasons best known to them.

“Just get me ice cream,thank you…” She stretched the word in a funny way,making her friends to laugh.

“Okay. Since when did ice cream become food” Mina questioned,with a shrug.

“You better give her what she wants. Seems you’ve forgotten what Dexter said about her crying when she doesn’t get her ice cream” Sana jibed,and Annika’s mouth was slightly left open.

“So,you three have been talking about me behind my back” Annika scowled with raised brows.

Sana and Mina sniggered,folded their arms whilst staring at her funny face.

“Please get the ice cream before she starts” Sana rolled eyes. Mina chuckled before going into the kitchen.

“But,Sugar Pie. You look very stressed…you really need to rest” She said to Annika,sounding serious this time.

“Honestly,Boo Boo. This whole week has been very hectic and crazy,from one thing to another” Annika replied with tired eyes,she was even feeling sleepy as she spoke.

“Stop stressing yourself and my baby,please” Mina said,coming in with a cup of the ice cream. She handed it over to Annika who felt like swallowing it at a go.

“Thank you,but this is nothing. I’ll be needing more” Annika giggled childishly.

“You’re crazy,swears. I hope you don’t freeze my baby’s brain before it is born”Sana facetiously said,and they laughed.

“Well,tell your baby to stop making me crave too much for it.

“What’s up with you guys,anyway?
We’ve not really had the time to talk since all the shenanigans started.

“What’s up with work,life,relationship and…”Annika winked,scooping a spoonful of ice cream into her mouth.

They both replied positively.

“Now,what’s up with you?
How are the wedding plans going,and what can we assist you with?”Mina asked.

“Perfectly well,Boo Boos. almost everything is done.

“As for what to assist me with,don’t bother yourselves about that. Dexter and…

“You dare not complete that sentence” Sana shut her up,by holding her mouth and stopping her from uttering any more word.

“If you think this your refusal of not being assisted will work on us this time,then think again”Sana rolled eyes,scoffing.

“Tell her,Babes. She’s crazy,trust me”Mina said,glaring at Annika.

“Alright…alright”I’ll give you a list of that, migosh!” Annika hissed.

“Better” They both chorused, and Annika chuckled.


Ryan entered Dexter’s Office almost immediately he came in,too.

“Good morning,sir. Ryan greeted,looking all happy.

“Good morning,Ryan. You look very happy,did you win a contract,or what?” He asked,like he already knew what’s up.

“I didn’t win a contract,sir. But,you did,the Company did” Ryan replied with so much excitement.

Dexter paused for a moment. It was as though he didn’t hear Ryan clearly.

He had no idea of this,cos Ryan didn’t tell him about it.
He actually wanted it to be a surprise,if not,he would have told him about it that very yesterday.

“What? We won the contract….we won?!” Dexter asked,almost screaming his happiness out loud,but he just controlled himself.

“Yes,sir. I am so happy and proud of you,we all are” Ryan said to him,and he just couldn’t stop smiling.

The meeting he went for,the other day at k.S.C Company was all because of that.

“Since when did this happen?”He enquired.
The happiness clouding his heart right now is….

Damn!! He had been waiting for this for long now.

Gawd…! Good news have just been popping in this week,this is just too much,jeez!

“Ann will be so happy to hear this” He mumbled happily.

Ryan just stood,smiling. Only God knows how happy he is,to see his Boss’s happy moment.


Dexter exhaustedly walked into the room after he got back from work,but didn’t find Annika inside,and neither did he find her in the living room. Though,Verity told him she’s in the room.

“Baby…?” He called,but got no reply. He started making an eye search immediately,but still,she wasn’t there.

“Ann…? Wait,I thought Verity said she was in the room” He asked himself,now getting worried.

He walked further,and dropped his bag, in the appropriate place.

“Baby…!”He called again,and just when he was about starting to search,and act like a crazy person,he heard the sound of the shower running. Meaning,she’s having her bath.

He let out a sigh of relief, and smiled shortly.

Instantly,he took off all his clothes (except for his boxers),and went in to join her,but quietly so he’d take her by surprise.

When he entered, he took time to admire her endowed body, from up to toes.

Her baby bumps look so cute on her.

Those baby bumps are giving him goosebumps (lol)


Gawd! This girl is just too beautiful!

It’s as though, God used all the beautiful things on her alone.

No matter how much,or how many times he sees her,he’ll never get enough of her.

She isn’t just beautiful, but the best Dexter would ever ask for. And he can’t believe she’ll soon be his lawful and wedded wife.

It’s the best feeling ever!

“Humph! Soon to be my wife” He chuckled, but in a smirky way.

Silently, he kept going, then like that. He hugged her from behind,and the water started pouring on him,too.

The first place his hand went to,was her tummy, which he began to caress instantly. He didn’t hesitate to start kissing her neck too.

“Ha! Dex….?” Annika gasped, calling his name.

His sweet touches sending her cold shivers.

“How are you,Baby… And my second baby?” He asked, breathing on her neck warmly.

“We are good,Boo Bear. How are you?” She asked back,enjoying the water that was pouring on them.

With Dexter behind her makes it even sweeter and more enjoyable.

“I am super duper,Baby.
Your Boo Bear just won a contract” He announced, and Annika gasped,then let out a moàn. Because, Dexter pressed his harmless boss on her a*s,by pulling her even closer to himself. Then his hands crept to her soft cherries that he began to fondle without permission.

“Dex….!” She gasped again, as his thump rubbed on her nìpple severally,sending colorful and beautiful butterflies to belly.

“Did you miss me?….trust me,Baby. I almost fell sick due to how much I missed seeing your beautiful face,giggles and smiles,then those eyes that always capture me in” He whispered,making her to giggle as expected.

He chuckled, and slowly turned her to face him.

“Say I love” He said,like an order.

Okay. Why the hell does he like asking Annika to say that?

This dude is just too crazy. Lol.

“I love….

“Shut up,Baby. I love you more” He shut her up, by slamming his lips on hers,not giving her any chance to speak at all.

Annika giggled in his mouth, and playfully slapped his chest, which she later started caressing slowly.

Dexter tilted his head to the left,getting a better access to her mouth.

He deepened the kìss, by grabbing her a*s possessively,giving it light presses.

The water still kept pouring down on them,as they kept wasting it.

Dexter intentionally bit her lips,making her to gasp. And like that,he slid in his tongue, and began thrusting in and out,màdly.

“Mmm….!” Annika let out a throaty moàn,but suddenly felt a sharp kick.

“Boo Bear..?!” She pulled away, abruptly.

She stared down at her tummy, and she didn’t know when her hand went there to start rubbing it gently.

“Dex…I think I just felt the baby’s kick…I swear,I felt it” Annika said, shockingly.

“Wait, what?!” Dexter creased his brows,not believing his ears at all.



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