We all walk out of the small village unhurt, on our way we discuss alot of things about how they were captured and how they met Tera and send​ her to look for me, well am not really in the mood to talk now i really need to put my head together and come with a plan, i really need to defeat that evil woman before my exam coming up on monday, but wait oh how many days we don spend for here because day never dark since we wey come and the way the cloud they self i nor sure say day or night they this area, Lizzy and Annabel they back while me and Tera they front they gist about Owan river, i really wanna know more about her and why she choose me or rather my granddad.
Tera: i know what you are thinking.
Me: really, so tell me what am i thinking?
Tera: about Owan?
Me: exactly, they say she didn’t have any other child apart from me but i have seen my sister.
Tera: hahahaha she have many children all girls.
Me: so what happen to them?
Tera: they all left her, i think she marry Ewe man and when the man died nobody to take care of her again and her scattered kids around Emai didn’t even bothered to take care of their mum.
Me: so what later happen?
Tera: she died and nobody to bury so she decayed there and the water from her body gather and start rushing down the hills.
Me: which hills?
Tera: Ewe community is build untop hills, so the water start flowing down the hill going to another village but unfortunately the water didn’t get to where it was going before it start drying up.
Me: where was she going?
Tera: to meet her daughters.
Me: so what happen next.
Tera: well she later gotup and continue her journey when a heavy rain fall, it miss with the water and it form a river and start flowing around Emai community, not only Emai though she also visited her children in Ora, Benin, Okpohumi, many places and today Owan River is the biggest in Owan as a whole.
Me: waoh this is supersition.
Tera: superstition?
Me: yes.

Tera: if its superstition the power inside you is it also superstition?
Me: welll i guesss errrmm……
Tera: there is nothing like superstition my dear.
We continue our journey till we get to her kingdom of course we saw dead people like zombie, we just walk pass them without fear and they didn’t even bother to disturb us, we get to kingdom and stop at their big gate like the gate of Rome or rather this one is bigger,.
We gather together as we say our final goodbye, she told Lizzy and Annabel to take good care of me, well i try to talk sense into her so that she will come with us but she refuse saying that she will visit me when she’s through with what she’s doing, i wonder what she’s doing oh and how she’s going to do it when her step-mum the queen is looking for her, oh well the kingdom is d–n big so i guess she will find her way, she gave Lizzy the coins, she also draw her trouser up and i saw that she has many red beads on her left leg, she remove one of the red bead and gave it to me telling me to always carry it with me, well i accepted it and tie it around my leg, we bade final goodbye as she start climbing the gate to her kingdom like ninja, i wonder how a small girl like her have so much knowledge about the living and the dead, well i guess she might even be older than me because she’s really mysterious, as she climb the wall i kept starring at her till Lizzy snap me out of it.
Lizzy: Oz (she shouted my name).
I turn and look her and she use her hand to demonstrate that we should be going.
Ann: it seems like you like her don’t you?
Lizzy: that like better end here because you will never see her again.
Me: don’t say so, you can’t predict the future.
Lizzy: as a matter of fact i can, lets start going joor.
We continue our journey to the river-fall, the place where we will enter canoe back to the land of the living, we pass many mysterious beast starring at us but they didn’t attack, i wonder what type of power i possess that make them to be afraid, i think i will have to explore it when i get home, we gist to the port and saw that the place is smoking, even cloud cover the river middlebelt, Lizzy took the horn and blow it loud, we wait for twenty minutes we didn’t see anybody so Lizzy took the horn again and as she wanted to blow it, we saw a small canoe coming the canoe head look like dragon and the person inside the canoe look like ghost because na only black cloak wey the person wear we they see we nor see e body, the person or rather thing came and strength its hand, Lizzy quickly took the coins and gave it to the rider without instructing us we jump inside the canoe and sat down as the rider paddle away gently down the sea, we reach a place where two mighty rocks meet we pass under and the person stop there, he point us to come down point to one big gate we walk to the gate and it open, as we pass to the land of the living there we saw hundreds of army waiting for us in the land of the living led by my dangerous mother herself, we were so lost that we wanted to turn back but now the gate is already lock.


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