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[ Her Perfect Heartbeat 💖 ]



He was so glad to get back to the mansion and even more so when she went straight to her room, leaving him in peace. He waited until he knew she was there before going up to his own room and going into his suitcase took out the bottle of whiskey. He poured a large shot into a glass and sat back in the bed. It pissed him off that she had to bring up his family, it took him forever to get them out of his head. After consuming half the bottle he passed out, falling into a deep sleep.

Waking up he covered his eyes and swore when someone opened the curtains letting the sun in and shining into his eyes. He looked over to see Catherine as she pulled them further apart. “Close those fucking curtains,” he growled.

“You reek of alcohol,” she said as she walked over to the bed. “You need to get up and take a shower. After breakfast, you’re taking me to class.”

“Class,” he grumbled. “Aren’t you a little old for school?”

“It’s my self-defence class you moron, didn’t you read over my schedule?”

“Oh that,” he said, running his hand over his face. “Guess I forgot.” Getting out of bed he starts removing his clothes, the ones he still had on from last night, knowing she couldn’t see him.

A smiled crossed her face. “I really wish I had my vision right now.”

“You wouldn’t be able to handle it, princess,” he said and headed towards the bathroom. “See yourself out. I’ll be down in about twenty minutes,” he said over his shoulder.

“I could join you,” she answered back.

“Again, you wouldn’t be able to handle it.”

She walked out, after closing the door she leaned against it and let out a sigh. Even with the smell of booze on him, she could still smell his masculine scent. Never having seen a naked man before she could picture what he must look like naked, with the water running down his body. Her core started to tingle and she felt her panties getting wet, she needed to get laid and soon, and it was Drake she wanted. The others would have been easy to get but she didn’t like any of them, they were either too fat or too thin or just plain creepy. Drake was perfect, she knew when she first met him and he allowed her to touch him, but stopped her before she got to the good part on his body.

Taking the coffee he pushed the plate of scrambled eggs away, his stomach was queasy and looking at the eggs made it worse.

“Something wrong with your food Mr. O’Rourke?” Nicolas asked as he ate his eggs.

“No sir, I’m just not hungry this morning, I’ll just have more coffee for now.” He looked over at Catherine and saw her smirking. “I’m ready to take Miss Templeton to her class whenever she’s ready.”

“Make sure to bring her right back when it’s over.”

“Father, I hate when you talk about me like I’m not in the same room.”

He turned to her, taking her hand in his. “I’m so sorry princess. I would like for you to be here for lunch. I’ve invited Earl Millbrook to join us. He’s very interested in getting to know you better, I think you will like him.”

“Earl, but father I have met him and I don’t care to get to know him. To be honest he’s not my type.”

“Darling, I’m your father and I know what’s best for you and he would make a wonderful husband for you. He’s wealthy, a handsome man and he would treat you like a queen.”

“He’s also been married twice before and has two grown sons.”

“OK, so he’s much older but you need someone who can take care of you. These young men you’ve been going out with are only with you because I’m rich and they know someday that everything I have will belong to you.”

She threw down her napkin and stood up. “Mr. O’Rourke, I’d like to leave now.”

Drake stood and nodding to Nicolas he followed her out and got her seated inside the car.

“So what’s the deal with this Millbrook guy?” he asked when he got in and started the car and drove off through the front gates.

“He’s just some old fart my father wants me to marry,” she said, crossing her arms and turned her head away from him. “I’ll die before I let that old goat climb on top of me and slobber all over me.”

“Your father loves you, I’m sure he won’t try and force you to marry someone you don’t want to.”

“He can try but I won’t do it. I don’t feel like going to class, let’s just go for a drive. I’d like to go to the beach.”

“Your father expects me to take you to your lessons.”

“My father, my father, I’m so tired of being treated like a child and having to do everything he wants me to do. I’m a grown ass woman and I want to go to the beach. Drake, please take me. I want to feel the wind in my face and the sand between my toes.”

Seeing her looking so upset he felt sorry for her. “Alright, let’s go to the beach.” He turned around to go in the direction of the beach, it wasn’t far from where they were.

When they got to the beach she took off her shoes and had him do the same. He rolled up his pant legs and left their shoes in the car. As it was hot he also removed his tie and jacket. Since she was out of her element here he had to hold her hand as they walked along the edge of the water.

“You have to admit this feels great, the sand and the cold water hitting your feet. My mother used to bring me here, before the accident. Sometimes we would stay late at night and lay down looking up at the stars. This was our favourite place to be. Of course, my father never came with us but he made sure there was a bodyguard with us.”

He looked at her as they kept walking. “It sounds like she was a wonderful mother.”

“She was, we had a lot of great talks here on this beach. This is the first time I’ve talked about her since the accident. I have no idea why I’m talking to you about her.”

“Sometimes it’s easier to talk to a stranger,” he said, then stopped. “How did the accident happen, was it a drunk driver?” He saw her face turn pale and it looked like she was about to cry when she pulled from his hold on her.

She turned her back on him. “We’ve been here too long already, we have to go back home and join my father and his guest for lunch.”

He found her reaction strange but said nothing as he took her hand and they headed back to the car.

“It’s probably better that we don’t tell my father I skipped class and came here instead,” she said as she put her shoes on. Thanks for bringing me here today.”

“My pleasure,” he answered as he started up the car.

When they got home she went up to change before lunch, it made her skin crawl at the very thought of Earl Millbrook. Yes, for a man his age from what she was told he was quite good looking and fit, but she didn’t like him.

Drake was in Nicolas’s office talking to him when the butler came in to say that Mr. Millbrook had arrived. He was introduced to the man and right off took a disliking to him. He had an air of arrogance about him and there was something else that Drake couldn’t put his finger on.

Nicolas checked his watch and shaking his head he looks at Drake. “As usual my daughter is late, will you go up and bring her down to the dining room?”

Excusing himself he walked past Earl, giving him a dark stare. He knocked once, getting no reply he knocked again.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me, Drake, your father sent me up to get you,” he said, shouting through the door.

“Come in.”

He entered her room and looked around, it was definitely a female’s room. The curtains and carpet was a light pink colour, there was a vanity dresser by the large walk-in closet. He could see inside as the door was opened. She had enough clothes and shoes to open up her very own store. Her bedroom was as big as his apartment and her bed, he noticed was an oversized one.”

“Can you zip me up?” she asked, her back to him.

He walked over, putting his hand on the zipper pulled it up as she held her hair to one side. He took in her scent which he found to be very pleasant. He lingered until she let go of her hair and letting it fall over her shoulders.

“Thank you,” she said, turning to face him. “I guess I’m ready to go down now and deal with Earl and my father. I hope my father doesn’t expect me to spend time alone with the old fart,” she said as she started walking out.

He went with her to the dining room where the two other men were already seated.

“Catherine, it’s about time,” Nicolas said, getting up he pulled out a chair for her. He then looked at Drake. “Why don’t you have your lunch in your room.”

“Father, that’s rude, he’s my bodyguard and I want him here.”

“Oh very well,” he said, then motioned for Drake to sit.

Earl placed his hand over hers. “Your father has given me permission to take you out tonight. I thought we could go for a drive.”

She moved her hand away. “I’m sorry, but I’m tired and don’t feel like going out. I’ve suddenly developed a headache.” Her lips pressed together, her face turning red. She was pissed that her father spoke for her, it was after all up to her who she went out with.

Drake sat back eating his meal in silence, watching them. Every time Earl leaned closer to her she would make a face. Neither he or she spoke, only the two older men kept up a conversation, excluding the others. When lunch was done Earl asked her to take a walk in the garden with him.

“No thanks,” she said, her head turned away from him.

“Catherine,” Nicolas barked. “Since you refused to go for a drive the least you can do is take a walk with him. He has something important to ask you.”

Tossing her napkin down she abruptly got to her feet. “Fine, let’s go.” Turning to Drake. “You coming?”

“Drake will stay with me,” Nicolas said, smiling. “You are safe here with Earl, we’ll be in the den when you get back.”

In the den, Drake took the shot of scotch that Nicolas handed him.

Out in the garden: Earl held her arm as they walked, stopping to sit on the bench that was in the middle of the garden. “Catherine, you are a very beautiful woman and your father worries about you?”

She inched away when he sat too close to her. “My father has nothing to worry about, I’m doing just fine.”

“He is your father, it’s his job to worry about you and he is concerned about the company you have been keeping lately. The young men you have been running around with is beneath you and only after you for your money. We have talked and both agreed that it would be for your own good if you were to marry someone more experienced and wealthy to take care of you.”

“Earl, I have no plans of marrying anyone.”

“It’s already been decided that you’ll marry me once your father and I return from our trip.”

She got to her feet and whirled around to face him, her face was beet red from anger. “No way in hell will I ever marry you. My God, I’m the same age as one of your sons and you are the last man on earth that I’d ever marry.” She cried out in pain when he grabbed her wrist, squeezing.

“You listen to me you spoiled brat, you’re lucky that anyone would want to marry a blind woman. You should thank your lucky stars that I’m even willing to do it. You have no choice, your father and I have already shaken on it. You, my sweet girl, will soon be Mrs. Earl Millbrook, so grow up and accept it. Enjoy your freedom now because once we are married you will learn to behave and act like a loving, faithful wife.”

“Let go of me, you’re hurting me,” she cried out, trying to pull away.

Drake had come out to make sure she was alright and saw them arguing. Going over he looks down and sees that Earl had a hold of her wrist and knew the man was hurting her. “Is there a problem here Miss Templeton?”

Earl letting go of her turned to him. “We’re having a private conversation which doesn’t concern you.”

“I’m talking to Miss Templeton, not you.”

She rubbed her wrist, Earl was scaring her and she wanted to get away from him. “There’s no problem but my headache is worse. Mr. O’Rourke, will you show me to my room?”

“As you wish,” he said and lent her his arm to hold onto.


Abeg who’s this Earl sef? 😒

Who wants to spoil Catherine’s show bayii

Daddy Catherine small small oh.


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