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[ Her Perfect Heartbeat 💖 ]



“Sorry princess, it’s never going to happen. Now, do you need help going downstairs? I’m not sure what is expected of me, so do I take your arm and lead you?”

She grabs her white cane and goes over to the door. “I can manage on my own and you are never to touch me unless I tell you to,” she said as she opens the door and started walking away. “Are you coming?” she asked when she didn’t hear his footsteps following her.

“Right behind you princess.”

“Don’t let my father hear you calling me that, it’s reserved only for him.”

They made their way down to the dining room where her father was already there, waiting for them. He stands up and pulls out her chair, kissing her cheek before sitting back down.

“I hope you find your room satisfactorily,” he said, turning his attention to Drake.

“It’s very nice sir, thank you.”

“If there’s anything you need during your stay here just ask one of the help and they’ll see you get it.”

“Dad, I have a date tonight and I don’t need Mr. O’Rourke to come with us.”

“Sorry princess but you know the rules, you go nowhere without your bodyguard. Whoever you’re going out with call him and tell him where to meet you. Mr. O’Rourke will drive you and he will go in with you. Now don’t pout, he will sit far enough away not to interfere in your date unless the man gets out of hand.”

“Don’t worry sir, I will make sure the guy doesn’t lay a hand on her and please, call me Drake from now on.” He looked over at her and smiled, he could tell she was angry by the way her breathing got faster and how the red crept up her neck to her face.

She may not be able to see him but she could feel Drake’s eyes on her and knew he was smiling.

After the meal was finished she excused herself to get ready for her date. One of the maids had laid her clothes out and left them on the bed as instructed. She had chosen a black sequin dress with a low neckline, showing off her cleavage. She wore a diamond necklace and earrings, putting a dab of perfume behind each ear.

Drake waited for her in the den and when he saw her he swallowed the lump in his throat, she looked stunning, the dress fit her like a glove, showing off every sexy curve on her body. He noticed she had on a light shade of pink lipstick. He rubbed his chin, the scent of her perfume hit his nose and he found it alluring. “If you’re ready I’ll drive you to where you want to go, and where will that be?” he asked, his eyes moving down and up her body.

“To a club called Tango. I’m assuming we’re taking father’s car.”

“Yes, he insisted I drive you in it at all times, shall we go?”

She walked ahead of him, using her cane. “I don’t like to use my cane when I go to the club so when we get there you’ll have to let me take your arm. Once inside and I’m seated with my date you will have to find another spot to sit down. I won’t have you interfering in my date.”

He opened the back door to the car and waited until she was seated before going around the front and getting in he starts the engine. “You look lovely in that dress by the way.”

“Do you really think so?” she asked, running her fingers along the neckline, knowing he was probably watching. “You don’t think it’s too revealing, do you? I mean it’s not showing off too much of my breasts is it?”

He looked in the rearview mirror and followed her fingers. He shook his head and kept his eyes on the road. “It is a little, but I get the feeling you like it that way so that men will look.”

“I bet you looked, did you like what you saw?” she asked teasingly.

“I’m being paid to protect you, not to look at you.”

“Tell me, Drake, do you have a girlfriend?”

“My personal life is none of your business.”

“I’ll take that as a no. Maybe if you were to loosen up a little and stop being so damn ridged you might get laid more often.”

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head princess, I get plenty of pussy when I want it.”

“You really have a lot of nerve talking to me this way, but then again you get me hot with that foul mouth of yours. I wonder what else your mouth could do to me to make me wet,” she said, running her tongue over her lips, sensing he saw her doing it.

“This conversation is not appropriate,” he said, knowing it had to stop when his cock started to get hard. He could not and would not have these thoughts about his boss’s daughter.

“Oh relax, I’m only playing with you.” She sat back and remained quiet for the rest of the drive to the club.

When they arrived at the club he parked the car and went over to her door, opening it he helped her out. She laced her arm through his as they walked inside the already crowded club.

“So where is this date of yours?” he asked as he checked their surroundings.

“He’ll come to us,” she replied. “How do I look?” she asked, turning to face him.

“Perfect,” he answered, looking at her lips. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a man approaching them. Turning his head he looked at him, he was young, not bad looking but he looked like a jerk.

“Hey babe, you finally made it. I was starting to think you were going to stand me up. I have a table for us and ordered you your favourite wine.”

“Fred, I would never do that to you, I just wanted to take my time getting ready. I wanted to look my best for you.”

“You do, you look hot enough to eat,” he said, his eyes going to her breasts.

Drake, knowing the meaning behind the man’s words he cleared his throat.

Fred turned his head to look at him but spoke to her instead. “Don’t tell me your father has found you another bodyguard?”

“Yes Fred, I’m afraid he has. Meet Drake O’Rouke, Drake, meet my date, Fred Moser.”

“Hello, Mr. Rourke.”

“Excuse me, Mr. O’Rourke. I’ll take Catherine now, you can find somewhere to sit and entertain yourself while this beauty and I enjoy the evening.”

“It’s O’Rourke,” he growled before Fred could continue.

Drake grabbed the man’s arm and pulled him close to whisper in his ear. “Just remember punk, I’ll be close and keeping an eye on you so be careful.” When he saw the tiny bit of fear in the guy’s eyes he released his hold on him and watched as Fred put his arm around her waist and led her over to a table near the back.

He waited to see where they were seated before finding a place where he could keep his eyes on them. He chooses a spot at the end of the bar and orders a club soda from the bartender, being that he was on duty he couldn’t drink, even though he really wanted something stronger.

“Are you Miss Templeton’s new bodyguard?” the male bartender asked him when he set Drake’s drink down.

“You know her?” he asked without answering the man’s question.

“Yeah, she’s a regular here and almost every time she has a different guard with her. I wonder if you’ll last longer than the other ones.”

“What makes you think I won’t last?” he asked without taking his eyes off her.

“She’s a handful and very sneaky. I can’t tell you how many times she was able to sneak away from her guards. You won’t be able to take your eyes off her for a second. The last one who did is still recovering from the beating her father’s men did to him. If I were you, pal, I’d quit before she gets you into trouble.”

“I can handle her, I’ve dealt with worse,” he answered.

“Good luck then. She is beautiful though, too bad she has Nicolas Templeton for a father.”

Drake looked at him. “He seems to love his daughter and is very protective of her so why would you say that?”

“Forget I said anything,” he said and walked away to take care of another customer.

He turned his attention back to her and her date. Fred had his arm around her, he was kissing her neck and she seemed to be enjoying it. He continued to watch as they laughed and started kissing. A blond woman came over and sat down next to him, he couldn’t help noticing how hot she was and if he wasn’t on the job he would have gotten to know her and taken her back to his place to fuck.

“Hey handsome, I noticed you’re by yourself. Would you like to buy a lady a drink?” she asked, placing her hand high up on his thigh, close to his crotch.

“Find me a lady and I might,” he said as he removed her hand from his leg.

“Asshole,” she hissed and getting up walked away.

When he looked back to where Catherine was sitting they were gone. Getting to his feet in a hurry he looked around. He was starting to sweat until he saw them on the dance floor. Exhaling he sat back down to watch them.

He was shocked to see the way she was grinding and rubbing up against Fred and the way his hands were all over her body. He wondered what she was trying to prove by acting this way, was she doing it to get a rise out of him, knowing he’d be watching. He looked over at the bartender and motioned for another club soda.

Turning back he found that in only a few seconds the dance floor was more crowded than before and he had lost sight of her and Fred. He jumped to his feet, searching the sea of faces as they all were dancing to some fast song. The blood in his veins started pumping, his heart was pounding so hard inside his chest. Not seeing her he made his way onto the dance floor, fighting off the females when they tried pulling him in for a dance.

He stood still, turning in every direction looking for her. It felt like the room was spinning, like when you’re watching a movie where the person is in one spot and everything is swirling around you, that’s how it was for Drake.

He finally spotted Fred, but she wasn’t with him, he was dancing provocatively with another woman so he headed over to him. “Where’s Catherine?” he asked, having to shout since the music was so loud.

“What?” Fred shouted back, holding his hand to his ear indicating that he couldn’t hear him.

Losing his temper he grabbed him by the collar and pulled him close, their faces almost touching. “Where is she you little fuck?”

“She went to use the ladies room,” he choked out his words.

“You let her go by herself?”

“Yeah, she knows her way around here better than any of us.” He pulled Drake’s hands off him and stepped back. “I’ll go get her.”

Drake clamped his hand over Fred’s. “Never mind, I’ll get her and the date is over,” he said, letting go of him he then headed to the ladies room. There he banged on the door, he was so angry he wanted to break down the door, he really didn’t know why he was so furious. “Catherine, if you’re in there come on out.”

When she heard Drake yelling at her she rolled her eyes. “Fuck off, I’m coming,” she yelled back as she dried her hands. Coming out she knew he was still standing there and that he was angry, she could tell by his heavy breathing. “What the hell is your problem?” she snapped back at him, attempting to walk past him but he grabbed her arm, stopping her.

“You’re my God damn problem, I told you to never be out of my sight.”

“I had to pee, did you expect me to wet myself or go get you to take me? I’m not a baby and I don’t need you following me everywhere. I’m going back to my date so take your fucking hand off me.”

“The date’s over, we’re going home,” he said as he started dragging her out.

“I’ll be the one to say when it’s over,” she said, giving him a shove with her free hand. She then screamed when he picked her up and flung her over his shoulder as though she were a sack of potatoes. “Put me down you beast,” she yelled, hitting him in the back with her fist.

“If you won’t come peacefully then I’ll carry you out by force,” he said, hardly feeling her punches.

He carried her through the crowd, pushing them out of the way with his free hand. No one tried to stop him, they probably never noticed or cared. It was only after he reached the car did he set her down on her feet.


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