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[🤑 🤑 • The life of been rich •🤑 🤑 ]

Written by Esther favor

😆Episode Twenty Eight😆

“Am fine now, thanks is alot” Michael said as he collected the shirt Belle pointed to him and wore it.

“Hmm…. That’s good but why saying thank you, did I do you a favour???” Belle asked, looking at Belle who had a blank expression.

“Of course, you prevented me from breaking the oath of secrecy, thanks alot” Michael said smiling. He was silent for a while, obviously thinking about his encounter with George, he flinched a bit, Belle noticed him and held his hands.

“It’s fine boyfriend, and yeah you are no longer bonded by the oath of secrecy anymore, since you are out of the agency” Belle said rubbing his palms.

“I should really consider coming back.. Life without parties to attend has been boring” Michael said and Belle’s face broke into a big smile.

“Williams and Daniel will be more than happy, and am sure Williams will find a way of it not effecting your promise and assignment that you’re have been taking care of years now” She said with a big smile on her face, Micheal nodded smiling. “And you have to stop feeling guitly for slapping him, he deserves it” She added, Michael nodded.

“Let’s go see my goddaughter” Michael said as they stood up to leave, his phone vibrated he took it out from his pocket and saw that it was an unknown caller, he picked it up and later wished he never picked it.

****Hi babe” Jessica’s voice said sweetly.

****Hey” Michael said rather unchalantly that Belle noticed him.

****C’mon, dont you love me anymore, did I do something wrong????, Please tell me.. Did I do anything wrong babe?”She asked sobbing.

****No babe” Michael said, Belle raised her eye brow

“Babe????” Belle mouthed, thinking about who Michael could be speaking with.

****You did nothing wrong Jessica…” Michael said, at the mention of Jessica, Belle’s head sparked, she snatched the phone from Michael.

****Okay babe, thanks” Jessica said happily.

****Will you shut that crap you call mouth, you idiot, you gold digger, so after seeing his net worth you decided to come back after you humiliated him huh!!???”Belle yelled at Jessica, Michael stared at Belle, laughing silently.

***** Who the hell are you???, you bastard, I don’t have words to trade with you, give the phone back to Michael, he is the one I have business with not you greedy bastard” Jessica said equally yelling, Michael heard because the phone was placed on speaker by Belle.

*****Greedy bastard huh??well am better than you who saw his net worth and came back to him begging like a worthless bitch that you are, after slapping and insulting him along side humiliating him, well babe, your love story is over already, move forward, you idiot” Belle said with disgust.

*****He belongs to me, you dare…..”

*****Yeah, Yeah that’s enough, am bored already, your ranting and talking to you will sure give me a really bad nightmare, I better stop talking to you… And don’t you ever in your miserable life call or come any where close to him because if you do, It wont be a happy ending, I won’t even give you the opportunity to do so… So witch adios!!” Belle said and hung out immediately, she blocked Jessica from calling Michael.

Michael burt out in squeals of laughter, holding his stomach, Belle joined him.

“Wow!!! That was epic” Michael said as the laughter died down.

“C’mon that so bad of her, after rejecting you, she had the nerves to call you, C’mon who does that???” Belle said.

“Thanks alot Belle” Michael said and collected the phone that Belle pointed to him.

“No problem, you know I love you right???” Belle asked putting on a serious expression.

“Uhmm… I thought you were…” Michael was surprised that Belle still had feelings for him, he thought that Daniel would have taken his place, he looked terrified, seeing his face, Belle started to laugh again.

“Oh C’mon silly, I love Daniel but you are part of our lives that won’t and can’t be forgotten easy, yeah, truth be told, I and Daniel once had feelings for you but that bygones, although you we still do now but the love has been channeled to the love family and best friends share, so don’t be scared, wow!!! That made the mighty Wheels scared” Belle said laughing, Michael became relaxed.

“Awwwnnn, am flattered” Michael said like a little teenager boy, they laughed.”let’s go see my goddaughter” he added.

“Okay” she answered and they made their way into the hospital.

George was so shaken by what happened to him, he never thought for once in his life that his own brother, adopted brother and best friends could slap him. And this will be the first time Michael has been so furious.

“What if Michael is right????” He thought, but immediately shook his head. “No that can’t be, they won’t do that to me, Michael doesn’t just like them, but where did he get those injuries and wounds from????, what the hell is going on” he thought again to himself, as he looked at both Belle and Michael who were talking some distance away, he shook his head and went into the hospital,he saw his daughter with two men from earlier, they were sitting besides Alexa and watching something, he was sure that it was cartoons. He stood in front of them, they all raised up their heads with Daniel pausing the movie.

“Dad????”Alexa said looking at her Dad.

“Yes baby” He answered, he squatted to her level. “I wanna see Ashley”He added.

“OK Dad, just take this route” She said pointing to the direction. He kissed her forehead and headed that way. They continued watching the movie.

George entered into his little daughter’s ward, Adrian had his head on the bed sitting beside his sister’s bed. He was obviously asleep and George knowing this, walked in more quietly. He stood at the other side of the bed, looking at his daughter who was asleep with some medical equipment connected to her body.

“Baby, you must have been scared, am really sorry about this” He said sighing, he placed his hands on her forehead. “Please get well soon” He said and planted a kiss on her fore head and walked out of the ward.He sat down in an available bench some distances away where Alexa was sitting with both Nick and Daniel.

Micheal walked in with Belle, looking around Michael met George gaze, the former looked away. Belle decided to sit beside Daniel. Michael went into the ward, and saw Adrian and Ashley sleeping.

“Baby be strong” He said quietly, so as not to wake the kids up.A doctor walked in with a tray in his hands, injection was on the tray, he had a face mask on.

“Has she woken up yet???” He asked Micheal, who shook his head in the negative. “Oooh don’t worry, she will, let me just give her this” The doctor said referring to the injection, he moved to where Ashley was laying down, place the tray on a stood near, the bed, took the injection and lowered to the sleeping Ashley’s hands, searching for her vein which he finally saw, as he was about placing the injection on the place he had prepared, Adrian raised up his head, Michael saw his Adrian raising up his head, the latter placed his hands on Adrian’s shoulder.

“She will be fine” Michael said and looked at Adrian, but the little boy had a frown on his face looking at the doctor who was yet to inject Ashley.

“You are not a doctor, are you???” Adrian asked with a squeezed face staring at the doctor’s wrist which a tattoo was visible, the doctor looked at the little boy but it was hard to read his expression because of the mask, he returned his head back and started again to search for the little girl’s vein.

“C’mon, stop be paranoid” Michael said and smiled at the doctor. The doctor was about to continue when secretly Adrian pull his godfather’s trousers slightly unknown to the doctor. Micheal looked down but didn’t met Adrian’s gaze because it was fixed on something which also drew his attention.

“That tattoo is familiar, wait what??!” Michael thought and immediately he grabbed the hand of the doctor who was about injecting the little girl, he should have done it some minutes ago but Adrian distracted him. Michael held his hand and behold the tattoo he had was very visible.

“godfather, look out!!!!” Adrian screamed, Michael looked and quickly punched the doctor before the injection came in contact with his skin. Due to the effect of the hit, the injection fall off. Michael pull off the doctor’s mask.

“You bastard!!!” The guy who now Michael recognized as a fake doctor now. He punched Michael on his chest, Michael goan in pain which lossen his grip on the fake doctor, with that the man fled.

“Adrian????” Michael called as he looked back, he didn’t see Adrian, he rushed outside the ward, running, he bumped into Williams who wander why he was running but Michael didnt stop.

Adrian ran out of the ward to call Michael’s friends and his Dad, who did hesitate to follow the little boy who was panting, George wasn’t with them because he had to answer an office call. They followed him and on getting near the ward they saw Michael running.

“What’s going on???” Williams asked as walked up to them. Adrian explained again and they were surprised.

“Guys, excuse us for sometimes, will you???” Belle said referring to the kids who nodded and went into Ashley’s ward.

“Oooh but Michael should have at least taken a gun” Nick sighed, Williams wanted to take out his phone when he start to search all over his body.

“Micheal bumped into you, didnt he??” Daniel asked with a smile.

“Yes, he did” Williams replied with equally a smile.

“What’s going on???” Nick asked confused on why they were smiling.

“One qualities I got amazed about in Wheels, is that he is the best pocket picker I know, if he bumps to you, and you thinking it is accidental.. Well it isn’t because something in your clothes has gone missing” Williams explained to the marvelled Nick.

“Woah!!!!” Nick exclaimed obviously amazed.

“Wait??, I think he left something for me” Williams said as he pulled out a flash drive from his shirt’s pocket.

“What’s this???” Belle asked.

“I will check it, you guys should see if you can find and help him, someone should also stay with the kids” Williams said and walked towards the exist of the hospital.

“You guys should go, I will stay with the kids” Nick said and both Belle and Daniel nodded and went in search of Michael.


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