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😩Episode Twenty Three😩

“Okay, we are listening” Adrian answerd.

“How many daughters does Cinderella’s step mom have, and do they have designs on their wrists and did anyone of them die” Michael asked, Nick mouthed a ‘what are you doing??’ to Michael.

“What!?” The kids said and chuckled at the same time.

“Of course, godfather, she did have two female children” Adrian said.

“And none of them died in the movie” Alexa said “godfather, thank goodness, Ashley is not here, she would have tore you into pieces” Alexa said and they laughed.

“godfather when do you start calling tattoos, designs like Ashley and also Cinderella’s step sisters don’t have wrist tattoo at least not in the movie” Adrian said and that caught everyone’s attention as they looked at Michael who was also alerted already but he tried not to be too curious.

“So Ashy calls tattoos designs right???”Michael said making his words less curious.

“Ofcourse, she did say…. godfather I love the design in the wrist” Adrian said mimicking Ashley voice which got both Alexa and Michael laughing.

“That’s what she calls them, even when Clara was still here” Alexa said “She did say, look at the design on mom’s left wrist close to her palm” Alexa said mimicking Ashley.

“Ooooh!!! You guys got her voice well, wow!!!” Michael said, and they laughed “I called to see how you are doing and if you were okay??” He said smiling.

“Oooh, we are good, but when we will be out of here???” Alexa asked sadly.

“Very soon babies, very soon, I love you” He said.

“We love you” Adrian said.

“If we dont love you, nobody will right???” Alexa said and Michael laughed.

“Ofcourse” Michael said and ended the call.

“You and your godchildren are something else” Daniel said as they all laughed.

“Seriously!! But why didn’t you ask the other questions???” Nick asked after he stopped laughing.

“I don’t think I need too”Michael said.

“Really???” Belle asked with a raised eye brow.

“Yep, I just need some silence and concentration” Michael said.

“Ofcourse” Williams said and they laughed.

“Boyfriend has spoken” Nick said.

“Don’t tell me you’ve joined the league calling me that” Michael said smiling.

“I have to do something in the office” Williams said as he walked out of the room, Nick brought out his phone and started to operate it. Belle and Daniel sat down together wachting the video recorded of Ashley. Michael sat down, connected a earphone and began watching again.

Boss and Mr Mark were sitting dowm drinking a wine that was severed to them.

“Report came that Katherine and Alex are dead” Mr Mark said.

“Oooh OK, no problem, just recruit other people and get their corpses back” Boss said.

“Michael escaped too” Mr Mark said looking at Boss.

“I know that already, Natasha kidnapped Ashley his daughter and she is waiting for our instructions, but I feel she is planning something else”Boss said looking worried.

“I feel that too but what can she possibly be planning because we have burnt all the evidence she has against you and she has not been here since when she left and then you hired someone to kill her, so what more can she be doing that seems to bother you” Mr Mark said as he looked at the worried Kelvin in front of him.

“I really don’t know, but I feel, she want to use this opportunity to do what she has proposed in her heart to do, you and I know that Natasha is good, will she succeed with whatever she want to do??” Boss said as he sipped his drink.

“I don’t really now, but you are the boss, I have know you to be ruthless and dangerous, why not use her to complete our work and the job we have been struggling to accomplish” Mr Mark said.

“You just spoke my mind, let’s do that”Boss said as he picked his phone that was ringing.

“Hey, am I hearing correctly that he escaped and that his daughter has been kidnapped???” The caller which was Anthony asked, the phone was placed on loudspeaker.

“Yes, you heard right and we are the ones with his daughter” Boss said.

“But why didn’t you tell me this earlier??” Anthony asked.

“Sorry, it skipped my mind, I was still going to tell you anyways” Boss said not really remorseful.

“Okay no problem, I will send some one to you, to give you the documents that should have George’s signature on them” Anthony said and boss smirked.

“Okay no problem” Boss said sipping his drink slowly while Mr Mark watched him.

“And I do hope our deal stands, that the company will be mine, while you do whatever you want with Michael and also you collect some money, does it still stands???” Anthony asked because he knows how crafty Boss can be.

“Ofcourse, it does” Boss answered and with that the call ended.

“On a second thought, I really pity George if he believes and trust Anthony because he is a wolve in sheep clothing” Boss said and laughed.

“Jealousy and envy are something that can be dangerous when left to grow” Mr Mark chipped in.

“Hmmmmmm…… Just because his companies have over shadowed his, and his companies have been the center of attraction for any reasonable investors or partners, that why he want his so called friend dead, hmmmmm….. Anyways that’s none of our business” Boss said.

“True, so you have to see to Natasha” Mr Mark said after few minutes of silence.

“Yeah, I do” Boss answered, took his phone and called someone but this time the phone was placed on his ear. “Yeah, don’t kill her until she accomplishes the mission and then you can kill her, also kill our targets if you come a cross them, don’t make a mistake or take chances” Boss said to whoever he was talking to on the phone with a very hard voice. He ended the call after nodding to whatever was said to him.

“Let’s again watch this” Mr Mark said with a grin.

“Let’s see who wins, I or Michael???” Boss said as he raised his glass and he and Mr Mark gave a toast and they each drank their drinks with smiles.

“Eureka!!!!!” Michael screamed after minutes of silence and serious thinking with the video playing before him. Belle who was also wachting the video with Daniel looked at Michael, Nick was startled.

“I was expecting that sooner” Daniel said with a tired look.

“Same here”Belle said looking at the happy Michael who had a grin on his face.

“Wow! You startled me” Nick said.

“I found it, I got what she was telling me, call boss and gather around, Daniel get a board” Michael said as he stood up from his chair, stretching his body “And please get us some snacks and drinks” Michael added as Daniel was walking out of the room.

“Seeing your mood and reaction, what I can say is the kidnapper should be ready because anytime you do like this you are certainly gonna win this” Belle said smiling.

“Sure, I am” Michael said laughing. Belle looked at him and smiled, they all have missed this brainy. She took her phone and called Williams.

After few minutes, everything was set, each of them had a drink and snacks before them as they all looked at Michael who was holding a marker standing close to the board. Michael ate his snacks and drink immediately it was given to him.

“Now, let’s go over the video before that, as she called or texted???” Michael asked before since he sat down to watch the video again and again, he wasn’t with his phone because he doesn’t want to get distracted.

“No, she hasn’t” Belle answered.

“OK, no problem” Michael said, he played the video when its stopped, he smiled.

“Ashley is someone I know very well, she love cartoons, especially princess cartoons, she can even go nuts for it” Michael said. “But one thing is that she is never wrong in any princess cartoons, which up until today baffled me, I found it strange and suspicious, so I decided to watch it again and let both my brain and my mind including my heart and my instincts take charge” He said and paused looking at his audience who paid utmost attention to him. “Let watch it again but this time, I did be pausing it at intervals” Michael said, and his audience nodded ready to know what the little girl was saying.

“I hope godfather get my message, am sure he will, he is a good and smart boy” Ashley said to herself and looked around but couldn’t see Natasha who has been absent for someminutes, suddenly she had shouts like people quarreling, she signed and prayed quietly that she gets saved ontime.

Outside the house that Ashley was held down, was Kennedy and Natasha, the former staring at the latter unbelievably.

“You are crazy right now???” Kennedy shouted.

“No am not” Natasha countered.

“Ofcourse you are, didn’t you just hear the rubbish you were saying some minutes ago, that shit like man!” Kennedy said amazed.

“Because I said, I wanna expose Boss, collect the money from Michael and also killing him and the girl, is that what you can’t believe!” She yelled.

“Ofcourse, how do you want me to believe that, you wanna back stab Kelvin, a dangerous mafia boss???” Kennedy asked as he stared at Natasha with disbelief.

“Yes, I will and this time, am gonna win and avenge Clara” Natasha said.

“I don’t wanna believe you now, what if boss find out and he kills you, wait, do you freaking know how dangerous he is??” Kennedy asked.

“I don’t care, and why are you here???” She asked.

“I came to see you, I thought I was having wild thoughts but turns out the thoughts were real” He said, paused and looked at her “Nat, you don’t have to do this, Fine, Clara is dead and gone doesn’t mean you should kill yourself knowing fully well that your chances of succeeding are very slim, be wise”Kennedy said pleadingly.

“I won’t back out now, if you aren’t helping me then leave and if you tell boss anything or my plans get known, read my lips I will kill you” Natasha threatened, Kennedy looked at her for some seconds.

“What if boss get to know, that you want to do all these and then go to a far away country to get a new life, do you think he will be merciful with you??” Kennedy asked.

“He won’t get to know, except you wanna tell him, will you??” Natasha asked looking at Kennedy suspiciously.

“Ofcourse not, why would I do that, even as I am here with you, I don’t know any of what you are doing and also me standing here, is as a friend not a partner” Kennedy said. “Don’t forget that even in death, boss will still be after you” Kennedy added.

“And how many times do I have to tell you that I am fully ready for that bastard????, how many times do I have to tell you!!!!” Natasha yelled angrily at Kennedy who only shook his head sadly.

“I hope you don’t regret this, I have tried as a friend, just stay safe and be careful” He said, walked towards her, pecked her on her forehead and hugged her, they disengage. “Think you might need a lot if this” He said as he gave her a gun that was hidden in his dress.

“Thanks”She said as she returned his smile with hers.he drove off in a car, Natasha watch him leave and smiled, unknown to Kennedy she has placed a tracker on him. She waved at him smiling, she entered in the house and saw Ashley sleeping, she went to her table I started to drink and smoke and tracked now Kennedy.

As Michael was about to start his explanation, a text entered his phone which rang. Daniel took it and saw the message, he passed it to Michael who read the message and smiled.

“That’s the address the kidnapper sent right??” Belle asked as she saw Michael smiling.

“Yes, it is” Daniel answered.

“She is lying, this address is fake, it a set up or cover up, she is lying!!” Michael said and his audience were surprised

“What meanest thou master Wheels???”Nick asked playfully, they all laughed……


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