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🚴‍♂️Episode Twenty two 🚴‍♂️

“You know her” Nick asked.

“Of course I do, she is Isabel, George’s secretary, but how did she know Freddie??? Is anyone thinking what am thinking” Michael asked connecting invisible dots in the air.

“Maybe” Belle answered.

“This is it, Isabel has been working for Frederick, when l left for Dublin, she would have gotten information about me and even George due to his insensitivity, so that was how he knew George was alive and also came after me, I will so kill her….. ” Michael was still saying when his tablet which has been on a table rang, Daniel had dropped it there when he came in. Daniel who was standing besides the table, peered at the caller.

“Restricted caller” Daniel said looking at Michael who walked over to him.

“Boss” Belle called, Williams turned from what he was doing to face her “Boyfriend has a restricted caller, can it be tracked???” She said.

“When he picks we will check” Williams answerd and continued what he was doing.

“Yes???” Michael said immediately he answered the call, the phone was placed on loudspeaker still on the table.

“godfather???” Ashley said fearfully. They are looked at themselves…….

Tied to a chair was Ashley Darlington who was fast asleep. Some distance away from her was Natasha smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

“When will this brat wake up!!!” Natasha yelled. Obviously she has been waiting for hours, still Ashley hasn’t woken up. After talking with Kennedy, she tracked George and knew the kids school, she was watching the three of them, She noticed that they all rarely leaves their classes. Adrian was the worst among the three, even during recess, he doesn’t come out, on the other hand was Alexa the oldest, she moves with her friends and they also don’t come out often, lastly was Ashley, she has friends but sometimes moves alone, so that was where Natasha came in, on the occasion Ashley was coming back from the restroom, she kidnapped her by pressing a cloth which contain sleeping perfume on her nose, and since then Ashley has been asleep, She had tried to wake the little girl up but it was futile, she tied the girl up.

“If not for that fool, we would have been together Clara and maybe we have been the ones to have this kids but you were killed” Natasha said crying. “They took you away from me!!!” She shouted angrily “But don’t worry love, I will avenge your death, even if it means my death” She said as she puffed smoke in the air.

“Wh………. Wh…….. Where am l????” Natasha heard someone say, she turned and saw Ashley was awake already.

“Look who decided to join the party, welcome sleeping beauty” Natasha said smiling and waging her bottle.

“Which party???? And Natasha I….. You….. Oh! You are the cook but oh! You adopted me, please don’t harm me or is this another type of a game”Ashley asked looking at Natasha who by now was standing in front of Ashley.

“C’mon, I didn’t adopt you,I abducted you fool, I kidnapped you and I will kill you if your Dad won’t cooperate” Natasha said.

“Kill me!!???” Ashley shouted and that got her a slap from Natasha.

“Need I tell you brat, I hate noise especially from the person who would have been mine”

Natasha said.

“Please don’t harm me”Ashley said crying as blood ran down her lip.

“Wow! You have a fragile skin, well that none of my darn business”Natasha said as she pat Ashley’s cheek.

“What??? You have same tattoo has Clara, oh you must be bad”Ashley said, Natasha laughed.

“You hated her right, how dare you hate her!!!” Natasha said and almost slapped Ashley who flinched. “If you don’t want violence just shut up and call your Dad” Natasha said pointing a phone at Ashley who began to dial her Dad’s number, Natasha called but it wasn’t going through. “Seems you Dad, doesn’t care about you dear” She said.

“No, that’s not true, he is busy, dont say that about my Dad” Ashley said.

“Oh really, the man who killed my……!” Natasha shouted but stopped “just shut up or I will kill you” Natasha said and brought out a gun which she shot upwards which made Ashley shout. “Call Michael and your Dad again” Natasha said. Ashley dial their numbers but it wasn’t going through.

“Oh!!!” Ashley exclaimed sadly. “Iet me call this” she said again and typed a number which went through.Someone picked up

“godfather” Ashley said fearfully as Natasha was holding a gun to her head, The phone was placed on loudspeaker by Natasha.

“Oh my goodness!!!!” Michael squealed. “Baby, are you alright???” He asked.

“Of course not godfather, she is horrible and this place is frigten”Ashley said crying.

“Baby, I know but you gotta hang on for a while am coming to get you” Michael said.

“You mean just like Anna did to Elsa from the ice castle” Ashley said and Michael chuckled.

“Of course baby, of course and yeah happy birthday baby girl” Michael said.

“Oh yeah, I forgot” Ashley said rolling her eyes.

“Baby…” Michael was cut short by Natasha sharply.

“Can we cut all this shit, if you want you daughter alive, you have to come with George’s signature and Fifty billion dollars, I will text the place and time for you to come, one minute late, I will pull the trigger and don’t even inform the police or any of the authorities if not” Natasha said.

“No, I won’t do anything, please spare my baby, don’t harm her” Michael pleaded.

“I won’t if she shut up and stop saying annoying things” Natasha said.

“Baby, please don’t annoy her, am on my way okay, I love you” Michael said, Ashley nodded.

“Can I at least see my godfather, it has been a while I saw him” Ashley said trying to hide her excitement at the idea that was running in her head. “I hope godfather get this” Ashley thought.

“Yes, please let me see her and know if she is okay” Michael said.

“Fine, but don’t try anything stupid” Natasha as she put on the video mode, Ashley squealed on seeing Michael who smiled at her.

“I miss your cute face baby” Michael said smiling at Ashley who was also smiling.

“Oh! So Dublin doesn’t have beautiful faces as mine” Ashley said and Michael chuckled, Natasha was holding the phone and looking at Ashley’s reactions to get any foul play because she does not want her face to be seen. While Michael made sure it was only him Ashley was seeing in other not to vex the kidnapper.

“Of course not baby, just hang on, am coming to get you as your prince” Michael said and Ashley laughed.

“Okay, godfather, am waiting”Ashley said smiling while Natasha huffed.

“I was asked questions at school, I want you to answer me, so I will keep the answers with me, obviously Alexa isn’t here, and yes help me greet them, Alexa and Adrian”Ashley said as she took a quick look at Natasha.

“What the fuck!!???” Natasha said angrily.

“Please let her, please, I will give you what you want, please let her, please” Michael pleaded.

“Please Natasha please”Ashley pleaded.

“Fine, whatever” Natasha said.

In another CCTV room, Michael’s phone was connect to Two tvs, Nick, Belle, Daniel and Williams were watching from where they couldn’t be seen. When Ashley said she wanted to see Michael, they were all surprised, Michael sensed something was going on in Ashley’s head, when she said she want to ask questions, he was suspicious because Ashley never ask him about her school assignment, if she even want too, it was on rare occasions.He looked at his colleagues and boss and back to Ashley.

“Okay, here are my questions : first, how many daughters does Cinderella’s step mother have???” Ashley asked grinning at Michael.

“Two” Michael answered, but Ashley shook her head vehemently.

“Isn’t it one, after the other one died and they had designs on their wrist in their left hands towards their palm” Ashley said with a serious face.

“But…” Michael was cut short by Natasha.

“You have five minutes more” She said sharply.

“Second question, do Elsa wears necklace???, was it given to her by her guardian??? And what did she say after collecting it????”Ashley said smiling, Michael was confused.

“But she didn’t have any guardian and I think she wears necklace cause her pictures from Internet shows she wears one , but…” Michael said and stopped because he was confused.

“Ooh, godfather you are so forgetful, this is what she said… ‘Wow!! Thank you so much, so you will always be with me, I love it thanks alot, I love you’ and it was given to her by her beloved guardian, you forgot” Ashley said laughing, Michael was still confused.

“Stupid questions and answers, I will text the location to you, don’t act funny, or I will kill her”Natasha said as she offed the video mode.

“OK, and if you hurt her more than what I saw on her lip, I will kill you too” Michael said disgusted and Natasha ended the call.

They came and all stood beside the confused Michael.

“Thank goodness, she is fine and nothing is wrong with her” Belle said.

“But she is acting strange and the answers she gave were wrong” Michael said.

“Really!?” Nick answered.

“Yes, I have virtually watched almost all cartoons she watched but this is weird because she has never been wrong in any princess cartoon except today” Michael said with a serious face.

“She gave wrong answers???” Daniel asked.

“Not only wrong answers but also wrong questions too” Michael answered.

“Wait…. But this might sound somehow, do you thing she trying to tell us something” Daniel said looking at Michael.

“I think so to, because there are a lot of things confusing right now” Michael said as he drew out a chair and sat down.

“What will a five years old be saying??” Williams said amazed.

“She is something else including her siblings, they amaze me almost every time, that I wonder if they are really kids”Michael said.

“It’s a good thing we recorded the video” Belle said, as they all sat down and decided to watch it again.

“What!!!??? You must be crazy!” Brian shouted, he was sitting down looking at his friend Andrew in the latter office, Brian decided to visit Andy.

“Yeah, I think so but that the best thing to do now, in order to get Michael and maybe George” Andy said looking at the shocked face of his friend.

“You want all of us, who are George’s enemies to come together and device a perfect plan to eliminate them???”Brian said obviously seeing no sense in what is friend was saying.

“Of course, two heads are better than one they say, well in this case, many heads are better than one” Andy said.

“Andy, are you nuts or something, you want me to go and gather George’s enemies right??? So they should kill me right??” Brian said as he glared at his friend.

“Stop looking at me like that, do you know that this will make you all get to your goal faster”Andy said.

“See I don’t know whatever rubbish you are saying but I can’t do that, do you want me dead or something” Brian said.

“Just leave it to me, I know how I will go about it but I pray it works” Andy said.

“And also pray that I don’t get killed or cheated because if I do, my ghost will hunt you” Brian said while Andy chuckled.

“Well, that will be a nice because I won’t be alone right???”Andy said smiling.

“You are a cracked head”Brian said.

“Well, birds of a feather, they say flock together”Andy said smiling, Brian made to punch his friend.

Michael kept watching the video again and again with the others although the others were doing one thing or the other, and also waiting for the text from the kidnapper. Michael picked his phone and called Adrian and Alexa’s room.

“Hello, I wanna speak to them, yes and place it on loudspeaker too” Michael said rocking his chair and paused the video he has been watching over and over.

“Hi godfather” Adrian and Alexa said together.

“How are you????, have you guys eaten and you settled” He asked.

“Yeah, we are OK, have you heard from Ashley??” They asked.

“Yeah, I have” Michael said and immediately the kids became curious.

“Really???, is she fine???” Alexa asked.

“Yeah, she is but I wanna ask you guys something” Michael asked and his colleagues looked at him…….


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