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🙈Episode Twenty One. 🙈

“What do you mean she was acting funny???” Belle asked Alexa,the latter didn’t answer but stared blankly at her.Michael stood up.

“You can talk to her, they are all my friends” Michael said.

“Okay, she was acting funny in the sense that she wanted us to talk, she asked about our mom, she was asking some other questions and her body movement were somehow” Alexa said and they all marveld.

“Yes and Alexa warned us to stop talking to her” Adrian answerd.

“Wow, girl you are so brave, that’s good, what’s your name??” Nick asked obviously surprised at Alexa.

“I am not allowed to say my name…” Alexa said while they chuckled.

“That’s true but godfather just said they are his friends” Adrian replied looking at Michael’s friends.

“Baby, its fine, you can tell them your names, no problem” Michael said. They all introduced themselves.

“Where is George???” Daniel asked.

“We have been trying to reach him too but it wasn’t going through” Adrian answerd.

“Shit!!!, what to do????” Michael asked no one in particular. “Darlings, can you guys go sit in the car and wait for us, you should rest” Michael said, the kids nodded, they went to the car with their bags, including that of Ashley, they sat down in the car which was from distance away from Michael.

“Am not sure the kidnapper has called yet” Daniel said while Nick nodded.

“Am not sure too, but we should be waiting for their call any moment from now” Belle said.

“We should all go to a safe place, I think our base will be okay” Michael said and they nodded, they went to the car, entered and Daniel drove off.

George was through for the day and decided to go out with Brian, they were sitting in a restaurant talking, his phone which was with him but it was on flight mode, he actually forgot to turn it off, after finishing his work which he had said needed no distractions. The waiter severed them their orders.

“Am so happy you agreed to come here with me” Brian said smiling.

“No problem, it’s actually for a little while before I go get my kids from school and probably Michael from the airport” George said as he sipped his drink oblivion of his time and his phone.

“Oooh okay, no problem, speaking of Michael, have you heard from him” Brian asked tying to cover his curiosity which George didn’t take note of.

“No, and that’s what bothers me, well am sure he is okay” George answerd.

“Yeah, so have you heard from Anthony” Brian asked.

“Yeah, we spoke yesterday am not really sure, but we spoke, I was surprised how he got my private number but it was so good to hear from him, what about you???” George asked smiling at Brian.

“Ooooh, we haven’t really talked though but we will soon” Brian answered.

“Oooh okay” George answered “I have really missed everything and everyone” George added smiling.

“Yeah, daddy won’t let you live your life…” George cut Brian short laughing.

“Men, you gotta stop calling Michael my daddy” George said smiling, Brian faked a smile.

“Whatever….” As Brian was about to continue whatever he was about to say his phone rang, he checked the caller, it was Andy his friend “Excuse me” He said to George who nodded and continued to eat, Brian moved away from George and picked his call.

“Hey, we have bad and good news, which one do you wanna hear first man”Andy said immediately Brian picked up.

“The bad news??” Brian said as he looked over George who was eating.

“Michael escaped and is now in the country” Andy replied.

“Well, that’s bad news” Brian said as he tried to control the rising anger in him. “The good news??” He asked as he smiled to George who looked at him.

“We aren’t only the ones after Michael’s life and it’s likely someone else’s kills him before us” Andy said, this made Brian anger that he almost shouted at Andy.

“Screw you! Is that what you call a good news, Andy just wait till I get to see you and kill you with my bare hands” Brian said with anger that was about to explode.

“Chill, okay, we talk later” Andy said and before he ended the call Brian did. “Stupid fool” Brian cursed before walking to meet George, who he smiled at and sat down.

“So…..” George was saying when he stopped suddenly, looking in front of him, he saw two kids laughing, the scene rang a bell in his head. He looked again, Brian followed his eyes.

“Wonderful and cute kids, just like yours” Brian said and that was it, he remembered his kids.

“What’s the time???”George asked, he brought out his phone hurriedly checked the time and screamed, he later put himself in check and removed his phone from flight mood. “I have to go” he said immediately.

“Is everything alright???” Brian asked as he was confused.

“My kids….” Before he completed his sentence a call entered his phone he picked it up and immediately he screamed.

“What… What happened???” Brain asked.

“My daughter has been kidnapped” George said and dashed out of the restaurant.

“What??? Kidnapped??? Oh no someone is really ahead of me” Brian said as he picked his phone and call someone.

“Hello, yeah….. Leak this to the media….. George Darlington’s daughter has been kidnapped” Brian said and nodded, he ended the call, walked out of the restaurant and drove off.

Michael and others got to the base, they sat down in a room.

“Belle, please get some one to get my kids some food and clothes and after that take them to the safe room for them to rest” Michael said to Belle.

“Okay” She answerd brought out her phone and made a call few minutes, a lady came in.

“But godfather….” Alexa said.

“Baby, don’t worry, we can trust them, they are my very good friends and we will get Ashley soon, you guys should just relax,some people will be assigned to stay with you”Michael said assuring his goddaughter and son, who nodded “high five” he said and the three high five, the lady took them away.

“Williams is coming up” Daniel announced. Williams entered and was first surprised to see a new face.

“Who is this???” He asked looking at Nick.

“Hunter” Michael answered.

“You gotta be kidding me” Williams said shocked as he looked at Nick who smiled at him “okay should we be preparing for a gun fight???” Williams asked not really sure why Hunter of all people appeared out of nowhere.

“Not all, I am Wheels’ friend” Nick answered smiling, Williams looked from Daniel to Belle to Michael and then finally Nick “Wow,Michael wasn’t joking after all, well that’s good since we are on good sides” He said and smiled “Am so sorry about the little girl” Williams said as he beckons to them to follow him, which they did, they follow him to a room, before entering, its tag reads “ICT” entering into the room, it was filled with TVs, which was displaying several places in the city.

“Can someone give me George’s present location?????” Michael said, and two workers started to work on the request. “Daniel, can I get this phone to on, I really need to see a picture, it was sent to him some hours ago, please do print it out for me and also repair the phone if possible” Michael said, giving Daniel his phone, which Daniel collected and walked out of the room.

“Found him” Belle announced, she was besides one of the workers. They all looked in their direction.

“Wait… Isn’t that Brian???” Nick asked as the picture of both George and Brian in a restaurant were zoomed.

“Oh my goodness!!!!, I thought we have both talked about this, why is George like this, why???!!!!!” Michael shouted angrily and thumped his foot on the floor.

“You got to come down, relax okay” Belle said.

Someone should get the darn phone and call him right now!!!!!” Michael shouted angrily, Nick was surprised because this will be the first time, he did see Michael anger both Belle and Williams signed, Williams got George’s number from the angry Michael and called George.

“It isn’t going through” Williams announced.

“He might have put his phone on flight mode, oh!!” Michael said looking at the images of both George and Brian.

“You” Belle pointed at someone “go get someone that can lip read and tell us what they are talking about now” She said, the person went out.

“I will keep trying to” Williams said. Immediately two people came in. A man who should be in his fifties entered and stood before Belle, she gave him an instruction, he sat down behind the table, looking at the images of both George and Brian in a restaurant talking, he looked at it over and over again.

“It’s ringing” Williams said, Michael made to collect the phone but was stopped by Nick.

“Wheels, you can’t talk to George now, you are about to explode, let your boss talk to him instead” Nick said stopping Michael, Michael sighed and stopped.

“Hi…… Mr George….. You have to come to the location that will be texted to your because your daughter has been kidnapped, and don’t call the police” Williams said as soon as George picked, Belle almost chuckled seeing George’s reaction on the CCTV. Williams texted a place to him. “Wheels, I hope you understand, I can’t let anyone here” Williams said looking at Michael.

“Of course I know” Michael answered, Williams smiled. Daniel entered with a picture, walked to Michael, gave it to him.

“Here, you were correct, the tattoo was on Clara and now on the cook, am sure Kelvin did this”Daniel said to Michael who was looking at the picture. Nick came over including Williams, they looked at the picture.

“If she came to post as cook, as we are saying then how did she know George needed a cook???” Nick asked.

“That true, how did she know???? How did Kelvin know, we are missing something” Michael said.

“Guys” Belle called and they turned to her “Brian was one of those after Michael’s life and he is an enemy to George, and also he has release the information of the girl’s kidnap to the media” Belle said and immediately Daniel held Michael hands because they knew Michael’s anger is always voracious and destructive, that why he often stay quiet.

“Dan, am fine now”Michael said, Daniel left his hands.

“Someone will meet up with George” Williams informed, one of the workers tuning to various live news and it turned out that, they have all heard about the kidnap.

“I hope my baby is safe” Michael said.

“Can’t we check other days in the restaurant, we might find something about both Brian and George” Nick said, as he sat down.

“Of course we should, we literally have people everywhere” Belle answered and went in working on a laptop. “Guys, see this” She showed them a video of Brian and George, the suspicious people that were secretly taking video of them, and also someone placing something in George’s phone holder that was in his car.

“That answers all our questions”Nick said.

“I wish he had listened to me” Michael said painfully. “I wish the kidnapper will call anytime soon, please call” Michael said to him self. A phone rang but it was that of Nick.

“Yes boss, he escaped……. Yes….. And we aren’t the only one after his life…… Yes boss, okay” Nick said and hung up.

“Frederick right???” Michael asked, Nick nodded. Nick’s phone rang again and this time he smiled before picking, Michael shook his head. Nick placed the call on loudspeaker.

“Hi Nick” A tiny voice spoke that made Daniel and Belle to turn and look at Nick, Williams was doing something on a laptop, he was busy.

“Piper, hi” Nick said smiling.

“There is this lady that comes to boss’ office and when she came to me asking about boss, I saw on her chest her company’s ID, it’s the Darlingtons”Piper said, and they all looked at each other.

“Hmmmm….. Really???” Nick asked.

“Yeah, I will send her picture” Piper said.

“Thanks love” Nick said and they all heard Piper giggles, the call ended.

“If only she knew, that she was dealing with Hunter” Daniel said and they laughed. A message popped on Nick’s phone, he opened it and saw a picture “do you know this person????” He asked, they looked at the picture.

“oh my goodness!!!!” Michael said hitting his hand on his fore head after seeing the picture…..


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