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“Actually…I didn’t see where the bullet was coming from not to speak of who shot us. If it’s a woman or a man, I have no idea” Minnie replied and I was relieved.

Bryan didn’t say anything else but went upstairs.
Am safe.

🍭Amanda’s pov🍭
I opened my eyes slowly.
I feel so weak and some part of my abdomen hurts.
I looked at my right and found Royce staring at me.
I flinched.

“Hey” he said in a hoarse voice.
I couldn’t say anything but just sit up leaning on the pillows.

“Hi” I mumbled.
“You’ve been unconscious for two days. You survived the bullets” he said.

I can’t believe am actually alive.

“Where are we?” I asked.
“At a hotel. I wanted you to be conscious before we go home, that’s if you want to” he said and I shook my head.

“I don’t want to…” I mumbled.
“Oh, what of Bryan? Does he know am here and alive?”

“No. Nobody knows” he replied and my face dropped.
I really want to see him.
“So, do you have any enemy? Do you have any idea who would hurt you like this, anyone who would want you dead?”
Royce asked.

I bit my thumb nervously.
“No one at all. Ashley and Brittany are just students. They can’t be this cruel” I said.

“Hmph. Can you remember the man’s face?” Royce asked.

I remembered everything.
The man’s evil face and the rough details.
I nodded and he smiled.
“That’ll be great” he said and I nodded.

Bryan’s pov🍓🍓
I stood by the window drinking scotch.
My eyes were heavy but sadness filled my soul.

I couldn’t go to school and neither could I read mom’s stupid script. I’ve been in my room for the past four days drinking my self to stupor.

The door opened and Ashley came in.
The b-tch that hurt Amanda.
How dare she show her face here?

“Bryan, you’ve been out of school for a while now and I just had to drop by. I heard The new girl Is dead, so unfortunate” she said behind me.

I dropped the bottle and walked close to her with my hands in my pocket.

“Are you trying to be sensitive now,? Seriously Ashley, are you human or are you a heartless zombie in a thin ugly human clothing?” I asked and her jaw dropped.

“B…Bryan???” She stuttered.

“You had the guts to lay your hand on Amanda and tear her clothes, together with your b-tchy friend? You still had the guts to step into my room. Tell me, how do I punish you?”

“Am sorry Bryan” she said with her eyes glued to the floor.

“So easy to say right? What of the innocent girl you undressed. Do you have any idea how hard it was for her to get home? Well now they say she’s dead but I don’t believe it. And if I find out you have something to do with that sh*t, I’ll f–king kill you with my bare hands!”

She shuddered looking more scared than ever.

“Bryan please…” She cried with a crumpled look while I left the room.

🍃Royce’s pov: 🍃
I watched Amanda sleep while the drip was going into her body.
She wants a Bryan.
I can see it in her face.

I have to tell Bryan so he can stop sulking and come meet his heart throb.
So they can both be happy in each other’s arms.
Though we aren’t in good terms but at least I have to pity Amanda.

I took my car keys and left the room. I pulled down my hoodie and locked The door before leaving.

🍁Bryan’s pov🍁
I was on my bed staring into nothing.
Am nobody without her…💔

The door opened and I sat up ready to unleash my anger to whoever just barged in.
It was Royce.
What does this rascal want?

“Get out” I blurted.
“Hear me out first” he cooed.
“F-ck you!!!”

He sighed.
“Stop letting your anger get the best of you” he said coming close to me.

Are you kidding me?
I stood up ready to tear him apart.

“Calm down, I just want to tell you something about Amanda” he whispered and I paused.

“She’s at my place” he added.

Whaat? 😕


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