Amanda’s pov:

I sneaked into the house and put on some clothes.

Thank goodness not even a soul saw me.

I was under my duvet shaking and sobbing as the event replayed through my mind. I want to go back to the orphanage.

Am tired of this place.

♨Mrs Carol’s pov♨

I saw it all…

Amanda coming out from Royce’s car and running into the house. What’s this girl up to?

Is she trying to have a thing with my son?

Or Perharps Royce is sleeping with her…

Dang it!

I should have payed attention to her when she arrived at the house. I just got distracted with work.

I went to meet Royce in his room.

“Hi mom. What can I do for you?” He asked.

“What’s going on between you and that girl? Why are you giving her a ride? Do you want to date her?!” I rapsed…..

He scoffed.

“Stop thinking too far mom. Besides, what I feel about her is none of your business” he said coldly moving into his room fully while I walked behind him.

“Am telling you now Royce. Stay away from that girl” I cautioned.

“What if I say no?” He asked and I gasped.

Royce can be stubborn to anyone but not me…how can he talk to me this way?

Just because of a girl?

I need to get rid of Amanda fast and coming up with a plan bit by bit.

I watched Royce walk away flinging his car keys.

The witch’s daughter must go!

💐Bryan’s pov💐

I was very mad at Amanda. She didn’t return to class.

Where is she?

After school, on my way home I called the school board to fire the principal. They were acting stubborn but I bribed them well enough.

That’s what she gets for suffering Amanda.

I got home to meet her by the living room cleaning the table with a clothe.

She saw me and our eyes locked.

I rolled my eyes and left going to my room.

She’s so annoying.

Why did she go he without me and where was she during classes.


Amanda’s pov🔛

Bryan didn’t come down for dinner.

I used the opportunity I got and carried his food upstairs.

He didn’t reply so I went in.

He was sitting on his bed with his laptop on his lap…shirtless!

I dropped the food on the table.

I returned to stand beside him.

He didn’t even spare me a glance.

“Bryan..I brought you your dinner” I said with the most polite voice.

“Whatever , just leave” he said ruefully.

Oh no, he’s mad at me…

“Bryan, am sorry. Something happened and I had to go home…I couldn’t face you” I said almost breaking down.

“What exactly, huh? You stood me up!” He said and shut his laptop angrily.

“Something clothe got torn so i–”

“Your clothe got torn?” He asked like he didn’t believe me.

“I was bullied” I muttered.

“By who?” He asked.

“No Bry–”

“Just a name” he said.

“Ashley and…Brittany” I finally said.

He smirked and dropped his laptop by his side then he pulled close and kissed my hair.


He hugged me fully before planting a kiss on my lips.

“I was damn worried about you. Next time, call on me first. I’ll be there for you, hunn?” He asked and I nodded.

He kissed me again and I reciprocated doing my best trying not to bite him.

He bit me softly and his tongue rolled around my mouth.

How sweet.

“Got any plans for tomorrow?” He asked when we laid on the bed; my head on his chest.

“Yes. Minnie invited me to a singing team tomorrow at Fraser valley” I replied remembering she told me before dinner.

“I plan on taking you out for picnic” he said.

I shook my head playfully.

“Nor uh. Minnie came first” I said.

He smiled.

“Then let’s go for dinner tomorrow night when you’re back. Don’t worry about the dress and other stuff. Just come to my room once it’s six” he said.


“We’re going on a date?!” I gasped.

“Yes bae. And we’re going to have the best time there. The most expensive and sumptuous hotel in New York” he said rubbing my hair.

“I can’t wait” I beamed and kissed him with my hands wrapped around his neck.

We kissed for a long time before I left the room.


Standing before me was mrs Carol carrying a big pieces of papers.

She saw me leave….

Am finished!

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