THE BAD GIRLS BOY … (18+) … Part 1

I sit at the back seat of dad’s car humming to the music on my headset. Dad was driving slowly, cause he hates fast driving. We were moving out again as usual, from South Africa to NYC ( New York City).
I was so annoyed. Dad’s new job was trash. Always moving from one county to another and now he’s moving from one continent to another. I was always running college transfer exams. I was really tired, transferring from one college to another cause of dad’s new job. I hum to the new music as dad begin a conversation.

” Aaliyah, believe me new york is gonna be fun” Dad said . I pretended to not hear him.
” Aaliyah” He called.
I was really paranoid. I removed my headset and looked at him.
” What was that for?” He asked and I sighed.
” Nothing, I didn’t hear you” I lied.
” Look i understand the fact that you don’t like the idea of we always moving, but you just need to try and understand. Everything I’m doing is because of you and you know it” He said.
” Here he goes again with his tuitor” I
whispered slowly.
” What was that?” He asked.
” Nothing, I’m fine” I lied.
” Liyah please be cool with me. You will love NYC” He said and I nodded about placing my headset again.
” And again you have violet. Thank God you’re resuming her college. I helped you with the transfer examination, so it’s gonna be easier for you” He said and I smiled faintly.
Yeah violet was my child hood friend. We kinda attend same highschool. We went to the same college, at first year her parents moved from cape Town to New York. And now I’m about to resume in her school.
Dad phone rang as he picked the call and place it on loud speaker.
” Hey momma” Dad said. Guess it was granny.
I lowered my music as I pay attention to their discussion.
” Hey son, how’s Aaliyah?” She asked.
” She’s fine. She’s okay” Dad replied.
” Well, I know she isn’t happy with your relocation again” Granny said on the phone.
” Well, she is. She’s only nervous as usual” Dad said chuckling as he turned to look at me, I quickly focused on my phone.

” Hmm. Son Aaliyah has gone through a lot lately. Your migration is always affecting her. Always moving from one college to another. I hope this one is final” Granny said
” Well, I think yeah” Dad replied.
” And also, please try and get a wife. I need you to be happy again. Since you lost Skyler you’ve been really stressed out” granny said as dad sighed. He refused to say a word.
” I’ll talk to you later, just be careful and please call me when you get to your new apartment” Granny said.
” Alright mom” Dad replied and she ended the call.
” I’m really stressed out” Dad said as he made a turn. I guess we where arriving at our new apartment.
Skyler was my mom. She died few years ago, I was so hurt. But dad has been the best dad ever. He was always reliable and most times I see him as my big brother. After mom’s death Dad has tried several relationship but it didn’t work. There’s always one problem or the other.
Dad packed at the garrage as we come down unpacking our luggage. Well our new house was cool just as NYC. Dad opened the door as we staggered in, I was exhausted. I located my room and arranged myself on the bed. I was really tired.
” Liyah, don’t you wanna eat?” That was dad.
” I’m fine” I said.
I didn’t get a reply. My phone popped up, it was VI calling .
” Sup vi” I said.
” Liyah, guess you’ve arrived?” Violet said.
” Yeah. New york is stressed out” I said as she laughed.
” You gonna love it. Including your school” She said.
“Yeah, looking like a high school student amidst a bunch of American kids” I said as I sighed.
” Liyah chill” Violet said.
” Piedmont is different. It’s the best college in school. ” She said as I nodded.
” Sounds like a used high school” I said as violet laughed.
” How’s your dad?” She asked.
” He’s fine and your parents?” I asked.
” They are fine. How’s home?” Violet asked.
” Home is great” I replied.
” There’s no place like home ” She added.
” We’ll talk later.” I said as vi ended the call.
I yawned and fall on my bed. First day at every new college is worst than high school.
” Liyah you wanna take a tour” Dad chorused.
” Dad I’m fine. I’m really tired” I said.
” Okay. Have a nice nap” He said.
I took off my clothes to shower and returned to relax.


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